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  1. MC-Name: FactButt Character Name: Veldryn Uuthlini Age: Over 300 Race: Dark Elf Hometown: None Possible Goals to achieve: Assistance Wanted Role/Job: Medic Discord: DoctorLalveFactButt#0064
  2. This actually looks really interesting and could give the players a oppurtunity to “augment” their characters in other fashionable ways beside the current Druidism and Golemancy things. I personally see no problem with magical creations that have no combat purpose and are purely fashion based and of course it gives a “Cyberpunk” feeling, but that is not relevant as the progression of magical possibilities on this server has to go forward somehow.
  3. Veldryn has no idea what’s going on because he has no clue about anything spiritual beside his daily bathroom routine.
  4. The chat is confusing me

  5. A new note is pinned under the note. “Sold! I’ll contact you some day soon.”
  6. The Boogie Man is my most unrelateable, sarcastic son of a giraffe who has no reason for existence beside being a annoyance that managed to destroy too many important things and that because he just was bored and wanted some fun. It’s a character who I always can come back to because of the option of having no actual goal to follow and just enjoying the roleplay that happens with his Sheogorath alike attitude.
  7. A very peculiar fellow slaps a note underneath that note. I like your name, maybe I slap you as my commander. Give me a reason to show up and I shall show up. Love, Boogie A very amazing note is underneath the note. Give me a reason to be with you and I shall be with you. Love, Boogie A not so amazing note is under the note. Do you have cheese and carrots? Other than that, do you have another reason for me to be with you? So many people to choose from. Love, Boogie
  8. Once more, another unforunate paper comes across a tree and maybe a town this time but who knows what this paper is about. Don’t look at it or look at it. You look at it and it is very unfortunate as it’s written in the style of a newspaper. Boogie Times Vol. 2 I’m totally a very normal and very gentleman alike person and I am offering my extremely skilled service for something different and that is being a butler. That’s something like a slave but with more style and fashion and who you pay. But I am totally not a ordinary butler who wears black and is always the murder suspect, no. I am a different kind of butler. Ever wanted to creep and spook your friends with a sidekick who is serving you tea and looks like it will eat the soul of your enemies? Then I am your spookness. I’m not only looking like a Scarecrow, I am a Scarecrow. Get your personal Scarecrow Butler today for the price of only one humanoid soul. (Negotiable) I already wear my own costume. I am always smiling. I tell bad jokes. Just write your offer below and maybe we get into contact. I am reading everything. Love, Boogie
  9. I must say, I am very impressed by the current dwarven city. Very well done!

    1. Inferno_Ougi


      yeah, mynebor’s looking good

    2. Fimlin


      Thanks mayn

  10. Are dwarves active small folk?

    1. ThatGuy_777


      They’re pretty active from my understanding

  11. The brain gave itself it’s name.

  12. There is no time, only clocks.

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