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  1. Happy 12th of December!

  2. I hope you have a nice and wonderful day full of joy

  3. Have a nice day and night!

    1. Phylarch



    2. Demotheus
  4. Have a wonderful and active day!

  5. Anyone in need of a male “adult” wood elven family member?

  6. Where should one go on the map, who’s been gone for a very long time?

  7. Veldryn earns one of these brain commercials once again, where he sees another dark elven thing. With such confusion he just swoosh talks away: “Oh, the Onyx Sanctum, the Onyx Hotel, the Onyx guard, can’t you just name it something else, maybe the Onyx Hole in a mountain or the Onyx butt?” With such common oddity, he just accepts it nevertheless and does a massively overpowered thumbs up, that nobody saw.
  8. → Add some life thru historic/ruins things, something a player could enter from time to time and explore, such a thing would also be a good prebuild spot for future event purposes etc. (Everything can be explained with lore, give the characters a possible motivation to build up a myth and so on.) → Add some life thru small life spending objects, such as a odd broken or abondened house in a bland forest or a monster nest/cave etc. → Add some life thru possible after war battlefield scenes, the server has war and that never changes, communicate between the factions on which possible spot would be nice to have a limited timed built of a battle long over. (Much immersion) → Add some life thru reoccuring events which might happen from time to time on Arcas, such as a meteor shower on the night sky, something only on Arcas happens because of it’s history, the return of some extreme rare creature to nom. etc.
  9. Time to float

    1. Wrynn



      lil joke for all my comp sci’s

  10. Creepy clown music as ambience is my immersion whenever I log into the server.
  11. You wrote this to date Boogie Man don’t you? I mean it’s obvious, nobody can reject a handsome scarecrow. The harsh and odd body structure, the amazingly large and disturbing grin, the non existing eyes and the smell of carrots. It’s quite the romantic potential. Call me
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