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  1. The Fact Core


    Have more gay message:
  2. Name(s): Zelak Xayarath Race: Dark Elf What Dish will you be preparing?: Peacock a’la Sunrise
  3. Scarecrow looking for job

  4. Stay safe, stay home

  5. The Misfortune Teller Pants, just pants with flowers on them. Just pants with red flowers as a nice little painting. Just pants laid on the road, without a owner to be around. It's quite the oddity to see lonely pants, so clean and so nicely made alone on the road. The empty road and only pants in the center of the road, waiting to be grabbed and stolen by a new owner. But a bandit would never be able to just take the amazing pants from the lonely road. The pants just moved aside once a hand reached for them in order to take them with a tight grip. A sword and a bow, nothing helps, the pants kept moving aside to avoid being stolen. Are the pants alive, can they talk? They are capable of moving aside, they don't want or like to be stolen, maybe they already have a owner? But who might have living pants? One can say, that this is quite the misfortune situation at the current moment, just pants on the road. The pants kept moving and they started to jump up and down, side to side as they stood on their so called legs, standing on the middle of the road like a living being with actual legs. A colorful looking figure stood right next on the road, next to the living pants, was he always there to begin with? It was a odd view, a odd person in humanoid shape, but with clothes like a rainbow itself, he does wear a rainbow, maybe he stole the rainbow from the sky and turned it into a well made suit? Even the hat was a odd view, it was not just a hat, just like the living pants, it was quite the misfortune sight. The top hat had a face, not a human face, it had a long mouth and two button rainbow changing colored eyes. He had sunglasses, but then again he had none at the same time, too small or too big, nothing matters while looking at the odd person on the center of the road. Gray long hair moved down his shoulders, a young face or a old face, it was also the same as the sunglasses, something seems not right about the face, he seems to be everything at once but also nothing at the same time. A normal person can't just describe the face of the odd person, it was like a misfortunate event. „Dojo Jojo Mojo Ma Rojo“, the only words coming from the odd person on the center of the road in the middle of nowhere while holding pants in his cane hand. The road was no more and the pants were gone, the person stood alone in the center of nowhere but also everywhere. The world was another plane, a plane of universe of existance, it was not the madness, it was just misfortunate to be in this situation of change. He was just not only one person but many at the same time, he was everything we always wanted, he was and is the misfortune part of life itself. A god among others, but also not one of them, he was disgusted by others and that's because he was unable to see the future without it's events that have no misfortune to begin with. He is the Misfortune Teller. Not a person, or a woman or a man, he was just the Teller, the Misfortune Teller. „Dojo Jojo Mojo Ma Rojo“, when you believe that the day is misfortunate for you and your life. Look around next time and maybe the road has a pair of pants for you to pick up, or not. The Misfortune Teller, the one who is many at the same time but also not at all. (I thought it would be neat to write about all the strange, odd and bad guys I created over Lotc as events and my own creations)
  6. A spooky scary scarecrow, that sometimes looks into places because of curiousity says: “I feel the force is in balance.”
  7. “But who could’ve forgotten the underground of Vaerhaven, the wicked and corrupted dungeon from far darker origin than the dwarves could’ve ever imagined? A nice and warm home for a lone puppet.” A Scarecrow from somewhere whispers in the darkness of the abyss from the void and stuff.
  8. Good boy Zarsies, have a wonderful time and I welcome you to reality!
  9. Happy 12th of December!

  10. I hope you have a nice and wonderful day full of joy

  11. Have a nice day and night!

    1. Scuba



    2. Demotheus
  12. Have a wonderful and active day!

  13. Anyone in need of a male “adult” wood elven family member?

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