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  1. Time to float

    1. Wrynn



      lil joke for all my comp sci’s

  2. Creepy clown music as ambience is my immersion whenever I log into the server.
  3. You wrote this to date Boogie Man don’t you? I mean it’s obvious, nobody can reject a handsome scarecrow. The harsh and odd body structure, the amazingly large and disturbing grin, the non existing eyes and the smell of carrots. It’s quite the romantic potential. Call me
  4. I personaly just want to get over the bandit entcounters as quickly as possible because I don’t see any enjoyment from these things since the latest meetings ended with “Items and then die”. Why should I care when I get killed afterall. That of course, hurts the players who want to provide the good kind of bandit roleplay where they actively rp with their victims and do different things beside the usual “Give items and then die”. Villain roleplay is not easy and it has a lot of risks, but players who choose to rp a bandit as example should know these risks because like in all media etc., a bandit has the risk to get caught and get killed. Actual bandits are in need to prepare beforehand and can’t count on brute force all the time.
  5. Mcname: FactButt Category: Building Attach Content:
  6. MC-Name: FactButt Character Name: Veldryn Uuthlini Age: Over 300 Race: Dark Elf Hometown: None Possible Goals to achieve: Assistance Wanted Role/Job: Medic Discord: DoctorLalveFactButt#0064
  7. Veldryn has no idea what’s going on because he has no clue about anything spiritual beside his daily bathroom routine.
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