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  1. Music for comfortable reading stuff Zelak's last tea party Zelak moved towards the steps and up the large stage of the theatre. A live performance was choosen by the people and so he had to act out! „What's the difference between a pineapple and a apple? The one has needles while the other is smooth as skin!“ The crowd cheered at the bad joke, laughing out in delight as he told multiple bad jokes and puns everybody loved. The night was long, yet the light always was spot on, on him alone. „You believe, it's time to get off the stage? The people are tired of
  2. Music for Athmosphere! Long ago, in a distant land, Anthos to be specific, there was a Scarecrow man named the Boogie Man. He first appeard in a random city in human lands, annoying the citizens and cursing badly about. He was just a simple annoyance but over the years, turned into a real villainous figure over the lands of Anthos and beyond! Calling people bad names, cursing them with unspeakable terror! The Boogie Man was just a real funny guy, who loved to be as villainous as possible. The lands crumbled, new appeard out of nowhere. The Boogie Man always
  3. IGN: FactButt Category: Building Artwork: A sad and tragic scene ~ Mother and Father dragon, love till the end of time
  4. Most pointed out some obvious issues within roleplay itself. I personally only hear about "Tavern Roleplay" and that's totally correct, even if it's not a tavern, players just sit around in a spot and talk with each other doing "slice of life roleplay". As a new player, I sure would expect some magical things to happen on something, that should actually be focused on the fantasy element. Some players might like that kind of roleplay and it can be relaxing to just be casual for a while. It's completely amazing to have multiple options of roleplay, be it combat or cooking etc.
  5. Does that make me your second favorite builder? I know I didn't build anything for years since I left the ET. I stalk you on discord.
  6. Merry Christmas

    1. Sorcerio


      Merry Christmas!

  7. Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

  8. Congratulations to all that participated!
  9. I don't know people, scars are hot.
  10. Good work on all, that worked on the new map. I personally believe it is the prettiest.

  11. Took quite long to have a change, it's a good different style.
  12. Now start making animations
  13. I hope you 'member me, but Holy frick, you've grown up from your drawing style! The Boogie Man:
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