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  1. The Fact Core

    [✗] Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Excuse me if you feel like I argue about something. It doesn't matter what came first and I don't care about it. I am simply pointing out my own view about this lore because I thought Feedback is welcome. I'm just saying that it's a lot of magic to work with, I like the Lore overall and I just hope that the people who choose to roleplay Necromancy can handle the amount of things you can do with it, without Players being angry about the roleplay.
  2. The Fact Core

    [✗] Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    This looks like a lot, like really a lot. It looks nice but it seems like it adds Soul Puppetry into the mix (Some of the Curses pointed out are almost the exact same thing from the Lore itself), combining it with Necromancy makes it look like a subtype magic of Necromancy. I don't care and Puppetry is gone afterall, but I just wanted to point that out because that's a bunch of magic to work with.
  3. The Fact Core

    The Lore Team and a Shelf

    That's actually enough said and my own opinion about the current state of the Lore Team in general. It might look harsh, but harshness is sometimes needed to slap something. This is a Feedback for the Lore Team and perhaps the Admins. This post is actually about the whole "Shelving Apocalypse" that is going on around Lord of the Craft. I understand that some Lore needs to be shelved when it's not used anymore over a long period of time, but from what I heard of multiple people and saw myself being done lately, its not a very good handling of that. Lore that is being actively used by multiple people is being threatened with a gun, forcing to rewrite said Lore or face consequences that seem to only be shelving the Lore and be done with it. Just lock the Lore away and throw the key into a pit of Lava. And what happens to the players using the Lore with their own characters? They either have to kill off their characters because of the roleplay consequences or magically can't do speciifc things anymore because reasons. Variety is amazing and as I already said, shelving Lore that is not used anymore is a good thing to have more space for new stuff. But instead of threatening an entire playerbase, I personally would like to see if there is a problem with the Lore, don't just shoot it away and instead: - Work with the Players together to try and optimize the Lore that has a few problems - If a Lore has problems, allow the Players to write Amendments instead of writing up a whole rewrite that might be completely uneccesary and kills off time for those that write it. Because a whole rewrite takes so much time and as a result, many people can't finish it in time. - Don't threaten them to kill the Lore or with Shelving, especially when a lot of Players have based or grown their own characters around said Lore - Don't act superior because of the power to handle Lore, we are all people enjoying a casual rp experience - Personal hate should never affect the outcome of a Lore. Being a part of a Team means to work together, the people in a Team work inside it without payment and are mostly passionate about it. - Listen Things like these might scare off the players, people quit because they rp'd a character they enjoyed over a long period of time and suddenly have to kill off or don't know what else to do with them. Lord of the Craft is a game, a roleplay server with Lore that expands on the game itself to give Players more variety and things to do with their characters, removing these things removes the variety and creates boredom. It's like a Game with multiple Heros that you can play and enjoy, but suddenly the Developers choose to remove one Hero and the rage is immense. That's why I believe that the Lore Team is like EA, they don't seem to listen to the Players or work with them and I would love to see that changing because I know that they are better than them.
  4. The Fact Core

    The Prince of Mali'Ker

    "Not my prince. We don't need a prince, we are no humans." Said a Blue haired Dark Elf, a black haired Dark Elf and a Wraith with emotional problems.
  5. The Fact Core

    [Denied] [Trial][W] Isilioleth's Game Moderator Application

    I would rather love when you don't add this stressful title for yourself. Yet you are a lovable and friendly character and if you believe that you can do well, You have my assistance.
  6. The Fact Core


    Laran has no words from the experience he witnessed, leaving the scene in complete silence and moving out of the town and out of the lands he lived in without any belongings.. Lost in thoughts and more dead than alive, seeing a person he saw as a friend and perhaps more die before him. Away goes the lone 'ker who is unable to process what happened.
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    1. MadYeAd


      Where is the format?

  8. Ringa Ding Dang Dong

  9. The Fact Core

    [✗] gunpowder lore i guess

    I guess that such lore would only make sense if "gunpowder guns and co." get added into Minecraft itself. Or it only leads to problems, because look into the past and you'll see the world from below.
  10. The Fact Core

    [✓] [Amendment] Chimeras

    Chimera's are a cool idea, yet I would like it to be controlled in some way. Aka Creature apps or something else to not get out of hand. This piece of written amendment makes it truly easier for players to enjoy to play a Chimera without the fear of death in a few days. Nobody likes to die in a game, especially Minecraft. --- I can't believe people are complaining about the sexual parts of things. What happens in FTB, stays in FTB because it means Fade to Black. There are about only two players who play those anyway, both doing a good job. So Ignore such stupid aspect and concentrate on the lore instead because this is the important thing in here. It's a fantasy minecraft roleplay server, people can do what they want.