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Community Collaboration: TL;DR Magic Guide for non-magic users

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TL;DR Magic Guide for non-magic users

Link for document below



This is a hefty project for a single person but a relatively simple one for a community of our size. We have so many different specializations of magic and I think that we can do ourselves and those who don't RP mages a break. They shouldn't have to  read through an entire lore document to get a basic understanding of what they are RPing with. So this will serve as a reference for times to come and a way for new player and old players alike to get easy to find details on each type of magic, including magical creatures. 


So post below if you have a magic on this list you can write up for! 




Archtype: Alteration, Druidism, Shamanism, etc...

Description/Summary: Keep it below 8 sentences.

What does it do to you: Common effects of the magic

Red Lines: What this magic can’t do

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Yes, I left over Thanksgiving and forgot about this. Mostly to give everyone some breathing room before I start breaking down doors screaming "LET ME IN! I JUST WANT TO MAKE YOU WRITE STUFFFFF!"

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