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  1. Excellent lore, Swgr. I would love to be around to see it in action, but... RIP.
  2. As I stated in the cognatism chat, I fully support this and will gladly remove my 'artificial mind' lore for this to take its place!
  3. Hey there! As is the norm with me, I have a few question to ask about your lore that will help me determine my position on it (and, ideally, help the other players and LMs). Hope you don't mind answering them! What exactly is the 'spirit'? Is it the same spirit that all descendants have, that allows them to use shamanism? If so, does this mean the spirit is essentially the soul of the user of this magic? If the previous statement is true, does this magic essentially allow for the self-manipulation of one's soul? If this magic is indeed the manipulation of the sha
  4. Thank you for the criticism, and I completely understand your point. I'd like to say, however, that this ability is not intended to be a player-only thing. Already, several ET (and normal players) have approached me asking if they could use this lore to make events with realms and this ability, inhabitants of realms or even make lore for those realms. Multiple ideas have been brought up, such as old scholars who have researched realms extensively and have come up with odd symbols as the only result (Realm Rune), and I believe that the spreading of this type of RP could create some neat little
  5. Exactly! And there are a tonne of other realms made that nothing inhabits, plus a large collection of realms that some less-known Aengudaemons/Primordials/other beings may have made eons ago. It's really up to the LT, the Blood Mage(s) and creativity.
  6. A creature can come through them, but rifts do not replace summoning rituals. And yeah, if the creatures are hostile or unfriendly, I'm sure they'd want to rip an intruder to shreds! It all depends on the realm the Blood Mage finds and decides to open a rift into!
  7. I have quite a few things planned for this, and I really hope it can be used for some cool events in the future! And I believe I did this on my own. The idea was conceptualised a while ago but I don't recall getting any feedback about it from anyone other than Tsuyose... If I did, I have forgotten. Either way, I wrote it, so merci :) This allows for travel to undiscovered realms, and for the study of said realms, too. That said, I would love to see the planar dictate being used to travel between locations in these new realms! On that note, I need to add a section that say
  8. -= The Rifts of Blood Magic =- Blood Magic Lore Addition History ~ Blood Mages have long since been able to summon creatures and beings from all manner of planes. They tear portals into these planes - be it the void, the spirit realm or the other, countless planes of existence - and link these tears to the realm of the descendants, allowing the beings of those planes a manner of entry. Whether these creatures serve their intended purpose or not is entirely beyond the control of the dark mage that summons them. In fact, it is completely up to luck if a Blood Mage
  9. I really like this! Got a few questions to ask, if you don't mind :) "act as either poisonous deadly weapons to their enemies" does this mean the blades are akin to darkstalker blades? Or are they coated with some sort of poison? You say a wraith 'may' adorn aesthetic armour. Can they choose not to? What will happen to the current wraiths older than eight months old? Do they become elder wraiths? If so, does any wraith older than three months become an elder wraith or must they be chosen by the person who currently RPs Mordring? On the above note
  10. At the moment, I think the biggest issue that people have with this lore is the immense amount of things it is trying to do and the lacking coherency in the explanations of how it is able to do these things. I personally have little issue with the idea of the lore itself, other than the fact that it could ostensibly usurp anti-magic (Fi) in use and usefulness. The issues that do arise, however, are ones from a LM and MT Lead point of view. Currently, you explain the abilities poorly (with the aforementioned point of view in mind) and spend a large amount of time explaining other things. This c
  11. Wow. Well, I've read through your lore (very briefly) and I have a few things to point out and a few questions to ask. First off, I notice how you say active mana 'returns to the void' and passive mana 'comes from the void' (or something of the sort, I won't scroll all the way back to find the exact wording). I'd just like to point out that active mana simply burns away into aura, and passive mana originates from the soul. If you were referring to how wards affect spells (and thus the mana in them) then you would be right in terms of your description of active mana.
  12. What makes this a voidal ability? I realise you say 'voidal feeling' but it really just seems like it would work for anything non-voidal, too. Can this be learned by any type of Mage?
  13. Now that the changes I suggested were made, I can totally get behind this lore. I just hope it is spread, and doesn't stay for just a few people to use.
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