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Cernunnos (Aengul)

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(Full credit to Jallentime)


The Aspects:  

The Druidic Aspects are an ancient and powerful trinity of gods whose names are synonymous with Nature itself. Each of the three Aspects maintain their respective domain over the natural world and cooperate to establish true balance, a feat which has been undermined by the efforts of mages and the greedy (Further detailed in the book, ‘The Great War’). Because of this, the Aspects have blessed their divine will upon individuals within the mortal realm, dubbing those chosen as ‘Druids’. The purpose of these individuals was clear: eradicate the unnatural, allow life to prosper, and defend nature against unordained destruction. With this creed in mind, the Druids have propelled themselves into the modern era under the careful supervision of our benefactors. But, who are the Aspects?



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The Great Huntsman, The Green Man, The Horned God

Bestowed Druidic Ability: Control of Nature

Governing Seasons: Summer and Winter


Woe to thee who might seek to prey upon the flock of Lord Cernunnos. Legends speak of arrows being loosed upon the skies in numbers uncountable, raining upon those that seek to disrupt the careful balance of nature. It was he who gave the porcupine it’s quills, the rattlesnake it's fangs, and he who first taught the Elves of ancient times the art of bowmanship. Cernunnos waits patiently at the side of Cerridwen, guarding her peace with the vigil of a hawk and the calm of an evergreen forest.


To experience Cernunnos is to experience true challenge. You must hide yourself amidst the canopy of a great green forest, your body obscured by a cloak of leaves you stitched together with pine needles and sap, your stomach howling for the smallest hint of nourishment, your fingers wrapped tightly around a bowstring as you stalk your prey on the forest floor. You must stand steady and vigilant at world’s end, bloody and broken, and counter the pain with courage and skill.


Rituals and Beliefs


  • To this day, all Elves owe their natural affinity for archery to Cernunnos. It is believed he personally taught the ancient Elven lord, Malin, the art as a means to balance the diplomatic race against more violent beings.


  • In times of war, it is quite common to hear calls of courage and steadiness in the name of the Huntsman.


  • Many of the greatest druids have taken an affinity for Cernunnos, and some believe him to be the leader of the Aspectual Trinity.


  • When Druids have a goal in mind, they often refer to it as a hunt in reference to the Huntsman.


  • The condition of Albinism is often attributed as a blessing from Cernunnos. Creatures with a pure, white coat are predisposed as honorable and majestic beasts.

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