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[Legend] Lady Eldecia, the Forth Triumvirate

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Lady Eldecia has been sent Eastward, for her bounty must blossom if we are to survive the curse of Iblees. I have hidden this tome for its contents must not reach the eyes of the unkind. Our new home will be fertile and rich, she whispers. I just hope we live long enough to walk alongside her. - Wilven Adonan

What you see before you is that of ‘Emerald’. Twice as rare as diamond and said to harbor magical properties. This very emerald was sent back to the sanctuary in a small boat from Lady Eldecia as a reminder of her quest.


Arwen Eldecia did not come to be one of the Celestial Triumvirate in the same way that the others did. She knew Keldrith, Rellenia, and Tariel only through respect, as she was a follower of the ways of the three. However, she was much more familiar with a certain Abbot. Wilven Adonan.

The two were close friends in fact, however, both could feel something was wrong with Asulon from the moment they stepped foot in it, a curse from Iblees still lingered. They knew that the people of Aegis would not last long there, that, maybe a century or two later, but eventually, they would have to depart. Still, Arwen lingered. She, like Wilven, wished to repair and bring to glory the Temple of the Triumvirate.


Through two years’ toil, they managed to cut down the vines, remove the wood rot, and whatever else needed to be done, and people began to join them in the haven. However,throughout this time, Wilven was pressuring her to depart, encouraging her to find a new home for the people of Aegis before Asulon fell. Swiftly would come a time when Asulon would pour her people out of the borders, and so, bidding Wilven and the Temple farewell, she departed.


Taking a ship, she set sail. The supplies were aplenty, and she brought along with her none. It took six months to set ground in a new land, and by that time, supplies were running low. The ship had simply been floating freely after getting ravished by the ocean, and it was by chance that she found the land.

Arwen departed from the ship, for the whims of the sea would do naught against one with the blessings of the Triumvirate. This land was lush, fertile for all who would one day arrive. So she set to work. Tirelessly, for ten years, she constructed a new temple. At the end of these years, she decided for the first time, to depart the aura of safety that surrounded the location.


When the races of Asulon arrived in Anthos, Arwen was no where to be seen, however, her story remained, and some of the more ancient monks were privy to it. Some even worshiped her on a level similar to the Triumvirate, and to their shock, there was reciprocation: gifts similar to that of the Moon, Sun, and Stars. Naturally, there was only one location left to embody her: the Earth below. Thus an emerald spire was erected in the center of Anthos and the Triumvirate was now four. They kept their name to further protect her for even now, there is a chance she may be alive.


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