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By The Seaside - Storm Elementalism

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As the ages pass in front of the War lord's eyes he'd be born into young age surviving upon the battlefield that drew him away from the Hunt. He sits perked upon a cliffs edge in a meditative state reflecting on the burdens hes carried through the years, watching the drops of rain fall from an oncoming storm over the sea. As the heavy rains approached faster and closer, the Orc rises embracing the winds and concentrating through the distractions of his surrounding. The winds whipped and the rain pelted but still the Orc pursued his call for the Spirit that lingered with the Storms eventually greeting the spirit amidst his presence as the storm of the realm clouded his vision. They spoke to a great extent while training together attempting to draw upon the element of the storm to cast lightning through the skies.


"Greetings Mortal, how have you recovered since you made your pact?" The Spirit booms through the Storms as a large beast wades behind the dense clouds


"My chest is still scorched a bit and left an imprint of the bolt, but it's been healing. I have considered tattooing over the bruise as a reminder of my rebirth." The Shaman replies revealing the bruise upon his chest to the Spirit as the wind blows against him


"An interesting concept I must say. When you were reborn by my element you were changed into someone beyond warfare, beyond your brothers, beyond comprehension of most people. The day you died is the day you chose to serve and bond with me."


"I wish to do serve my people the best I can with you and other spirits guiding me. As much as doubt can overwhelm my brothers, I wish to help them in their times of strife as you and other Spirits do for mine. I am at peace of my conflicts when I am in this Realm."

The Storm brews within the Realm as lightning cracks through the Mortal and Spirit Realm intimidating the Shaman as the clouds grew darker "Do not forget your promises to me, Orc. Only will your servitude bring you my knowledge of the world. As you have died in this realm Zlash departed and through the second strike of my mighty lightning, you were reborn into someone new. Someone born into understanding and knowledge... someone born from influence, loyalty, and strength."


"I do not understand what you seek from me, Spirit. If I have already been reborn then what more must I undergo to be accepted by you?"


"It is not a trial, Orc. The only reason I have approached you is you have a natural charm of influence that projects before your soul. It is rather something that you must change, kill the cub and let the man be born.


From this day forth you will renounce your birth name as you have already fell into death after birth. From this day forth Zlash is no longer existent and fell in the days of Axios but through him, Falum, was born."





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        Elphaba had watched her student die before her. A moment of doubt, of dread washing over her as she lost another so close to her. Aside zlashs dead body she cried and pleaded for the spirits to allow him to live. She could not bear lose another so dear to her heart. There were already to many graves, memorials she wept at.

       It was a faint sound, but the sound of hope, a beating hear and the breath of air as Falum woke, burnt, marked by the bolt that took his life. But he lived. Elphabas heart stopped for a moment as her hope returned.

        Here he was, the son of one of her best students, vorgos child had stepped up to the spirit, taken the trial without giving into the hesitation or fear. Vorgos spirit had truly been with his son that day, as Falum got up to his feet there was something different In him elphaba noticed. A maturity, appreciaton for life perhaps, she couldn't tell for sure but she smiled, smiled at the man he was becoming, seeing the potential that drew her to teach him. He was no novice, not after this.

       Looking up to the sky she smiled "vorgo, I know you see him, I am proud, as proud of him as I was of you. I miss you dear friend, I wish you were here, with us to witness this" she said to herself in a small prayer as she helped wrap and tend to falums wounds, she nodding to him as he seemed to come to.

    "I hope the conversation went well" she beamed after her own heart settled "I'm proud of you, very proud..." looking at him once more she knew her student was destined for greatness, that he had much to offer to the orcs, and the spirits. She looked forward to the many adventures to come 

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