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Llahir (Daemon)

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Llahir - Daemon of Trickery, Thievery, and Luck

Credits to Freema5/Carl for originally writing Llahir and approving me adding more to the Daemon/unshelving it.


Depiction of Llahir (credits to Freema)


“Don’t be a fool.
That’s my job.”


Sigil: An open lock, a feather on the wind, a helix with an eye in between it.


Origin Lore

Llahir, as he is actually named, is known as ‘The Lost Daemon’ due to his odd predicament. Even other Aengudaemons are unaware of what happened to him, but one thing they do know, is that he got too invested in his own games. Most think he perished in his mortal form as the fool he let them believe he be. He wanders the lands, taking many faces, but unsure of which one is him. He’s been countless people and animals, a figure at many events, but one thing that has remained true across all this, is he tends to trick people for a laugh. His intents are more often then not actually to push them towards a good goal, to teach a lesson, or even help them through a harsh time, but he still does it just to toy with people sometimes.


Regardless, what can be said is he is by no means a malicious or evil Daemon. Taking a life is practically against his dogma due to his own disposition on it, but don’t let this make you believe he is not a formidable foe and that he does not advocate it at times when someone is truly unredeemable or it is for a greater cause.

However, he is still but a wandering figure that has appeared from time to time in history, but has left no mark at all. However, one thing he did leave were notes, books, scrolls, and different scraps of paper that held his past. He himself does not even realize it any longer, but he is drawn towards these pieces due to them being imbued with his power. This power is truly nothing considerable, simply that he created the paper, ink, and quill within the world of his own abilities and used them.


This Lost Daemon is simply one that remained mortal too long and as is the curse of his form, he began to lose his memories. So many people he had been, his entirely unaware of his would-be divinity. If only he could remember, his path may be more drawn against Iblees, but simply put, the pieces of his past are too scattered. However, with the coming of an army of Aengudaemons upon this world, even he himself begins to stir to attention. Something familiar about them, but so far away. However, even they do not recognize he as one of them.

His power had far too long remained in a locked, mortal state for them to even realize he had any.


Trompe L'oeil

Llahir's realm is not akin to that of the Aspects or Eshtael, those of which have predetermined settings. The realm itself is fully capable of being warped and shaped by Llahir during his visits, himself being able to bring mortals in for a short amount of time if he wanted to toy with them during one of his larger schemes. As such, it is impossible to predict what Llahir's realm will look like. The only section that could be defined as stable would be the area for his followers. For those who perish under his servitude would find themselves in a large casino, fully equipped with various gambling games and other amenities. Illusionary people created by Llahir inhabit this area in addition to his devout followers, spending the rest of their days playing games and testing their abilities/luck against each other to their heart’s content. On occasion, Llahir may call upon these followers to gamble against himself or to aid in helping him with a scheme he may be conducting within his realm.

Present Day

Disappearing without a trace, anyone familiar with the Daemon failed to locate the being. Those who were aware of him figured he had gotten caught up in a scheme too large for himself and perished. However, this was not the case, as while Llahir loved being amongst the Descendants, he realized that he could pull off even grander tricks and cons should he reclaim his Immortal Realm. Spending half a decade rediscovering his powers, the ancient being eventually snuck back to the Seven Skies and went off in search of a realm he was familiar with.


The realm of Llahir’s was old and unused, forgotten by his kin due to the fact he had spent so much time hiding in the mortal realm. Upon arrival, he spent a short amount of time regaining his powers, turning his gaze back towards the Mortal Realm a while later. Unable to rid himself of his addiction while also understanding he had to be careful to carry out his next plans, he simply observed for a while. Eventually, he found what he was looking for, a man who was as cunning as the Daemon. Sending a vision down to the man, he began to toy with the mortal until he eventually tricked him into allowing himself to be used as vessel for Llahir, a conduit for his schemes. Llahir once again dived into the mortal realm, using this man as a proxy to fulfill his schemes.



Llahir, while relatively unknown to a vast majority of the realm, has a small cult following made up of the Izkuthii and those who follow in their steps. These followers are meant to follow a small creed of his, known by them as the Trickster's Code. The Code is a moral code that they must stick to, on par with Tahariae's Tenets or Yeu Rthulu's Strictures.

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