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[✗] Whitelist Application

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What’s your Minecraft account name?: Feng_Vu


What timezone are you in?: Mountain Timezone (US, TX)


How old are you?: 16


Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes, I do. 


Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes, I have.


What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Staying civil and staying in character. 


Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): N/A


How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: There were skins on planet minecraft and I found that they mentioned this server (they were role play specific skins) , so it aroused my curiosity so I decided to check it out.  


Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): ???


Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Yes, I have. 


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Do not fear! This is not the end! This simply means the requirements that were assigned to the application were not completely fulfilled. The following reasons will be listed below. You may reapply after 1 hour, if you apply sooner than 1 hour you will face denial. Please take your time to correct and improve on the your application before re-applying to LoTC, as we will only review up to 5 applications in the calendar month. Thank you.


If you are in need of any assistance or simply have general questions about the server, please reach out to me via Forum Pms. You can do this by clicking onto my username or picture to get to my profile, and then select the “message” button.

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This application has been denied.


Moved to the Denied Applications forum.

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