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Staff Conduct

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Staff Conduct

Our Principles as a Team | March 16th, 2018



Welcome to the Staff. You are the caretakers of the finest Minecraft roleplay server, Lord of the Craft. Every day, every moment: something crumbles, someone has a question, a request, or a dire need—something or someone needs attention and we need a frontier of eager and competent people to fulfill this duty. That’s you. And without you, there can be no server.


At some point, you decided that something on this server is meaningful to you. Meaningful enough, that you take on responsibility to keep it alive and thriving. We, the administration are, as is your community, truly grateful that you accept this responsibility upon yourself to improve and preserve our favourite roleplay server.


This post is designed to help you become familiar with your widened responsibility and likewise the staff structure.



  • To know, preserve, and follow staff conduct.
  • To fulfill your roles as defined by your superiors.
  • To be an active, communicating participant of the staff.



In return for your promise to fulfill your role we grant you elevated powers. We trust you to use your powers only for staff purposes—it is true that we have greater authority but do not mistake that for superiority over our community.


We call for you to know your tools, and to become competent with your toolset during your tenure. Know what is dangerous, and exercise caution to avoid unintended consequences.


If your powers are inadequate for your role, please report this to your director. It is their duty to consider this with the administration, and if necessary, to add permissions.


Finally, report any misuse. You are required to report malpractice to your team director. You can simply leave them a message.



In return for access to staff channels and staff recognition, we expect that you act appropriately and politely. This means adjusting your professionalism accordingly to the circumstance. Aim to be objective and composed. By and large, we support targeting the issues—not the individuals.


We expect that you avoid being impulsive and control yourself. Mock your community at your own risk. We absolutely forbid misinformation/speculation, dissemination of confidential matters, or instigating drama.


You are free to, and even should, offer corrections to your fellow staff. However, we expect that you will restrain yourself from public contradiction (i.e. the forums, public Discord, etc.), which often aims to humiliate or discredit (in practice, people are unlikely to admit that is what they’re doing). Find them, or their superiors, and discuss the issue.


Finally, we comprise a staff of over 90, and typically only a few administrators. For this reason, we ask that you direct your concerns and comments to your nearest superior, either manager/director whichever comes first. If they can’t help you, they will find someone who can.



If you are going away for a period over 3 days, you must notify your teams. If your teams have no procedure for hiatus, report your absence to your superiors.


If you leave for an extended period then team management may dismiss your role, especially in favour of an active candidate.


Soliciting Community Feedback

If you require wide-scale community feedback, you must coordinate this with your director. Topics that risk controversy require explicit admin approval.


You must collect information from the greatest possible selection of those affected. e.g. feedback regarding managers must be open to the entire team. Access to polling results should be provided to your director beforehand, and to any requesting administrators.


Do your best to remain objective. Be prepared to have your initial stance contradicted. If you must comment on the matter, do so in a reply to the original post to show that it is an opinion.


Once you have completed the polling, you must produce a legible, sound document—with sources and graphics where possible. Present using a medium that is straightforward and cover any relevant details.


The poll results must be maximally available as possible to those who participated. Inside polling (e.g. staff) is confidential.

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Upon request, and in the interest of transparency, we are opening the staff conduct to be seen by the wider community.

This document was originally intended to be in the staff forum.

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In the tradition of transparency, we also open the Team Director Guidelines for community viewing. In this document we explain what we look for from our directors and what it takes.


You may access the guidelines at this link.

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