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[Event] Fiends of the Dunes

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A few wide-eyed men make it across the various settlements of Atlas, namely taverns and similar places of refuge and merriment. They share brief stories of the things that dwelled in the deserts due east.
"Bugs, insects, fiends! They're spreadin', makin' more hives, a menace!" One of the handful declare, downing some more of his drink. Some wrote if off as little more than a madman's ramblings, some otherwise.   




((Credit to kelvintse))


"We've found the hive sir, an abandoned encampment lies near."


"Have the men garrison it at once, Decanus, get them battle-ready."

Another voice broke out in regards to the first.



"Go go go, down the hill, sappers - plant the flasks at the base!"
Men aimed downrange, pressing onto their mechanisms to fire off bolts towards the daunting display of many-legged creatures. Some hesitated following the order, though eventually discarding their mechanisms in favor of polearms, spears, bardiches, pikes, anything lengthy. 


Even with their experience in dealing with these kinds of unsightly fiends they would struggle to surmount them; sharp appendages swung forth to cleave, maiming and dismembering some of the combatants. Near all sense of command was lost within the chaotic fray, some frightened souls turned tail, rushing off into the vasts dunes.


The sands went quiet.


OOC: First event/line that I’m working on since returning to the ET, if you find the site and would like to interact PM me ingame - Skylez1.

Alternatively you can add me via Discord if you find the site but I’m not online - Skylez#7187

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