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Heists Rules

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-=- Heists -=-

What is a heist?

A heist is a roleplay ‘raid’ where the attackers are allowed to lockpick various chests and/or armour stands to steal from their targets This is purely roleplay and any Out of Character usage is frowned upon, including during the planning.


How to start a heist?

To start a heist, you can fill out the application which is located in a post here. If the Heist is approved, a single payment of 1000 Minas per participating heist member must be paid to the Game Moderator for roleplay costs before the heist may occur. This is anywhere from 3000 to 6000 Minas. You may purchase lockpicks and bolt cutters from the various thief shops placed around the map.


Committing a Heist:

On the day of the Heist, at the approved time agreed upon by the Leader of the Heist and the Game Moderator handling it, a member of the heist must make a modreq. Either the Game Moderator who handled the discussions with the Leader of the Heist or another Game Moderator who is informed on the situation will take the modreq and stay with the group in vanish as the heist occurs.


Heist Rules:

  • 3 players are needed for a heist, a maximum of 6 players may participate.
  • Each player is given 5 rolls (/lockpick is not allowed at this time).
  • A roll of 5 or less fails the lock picking session, and if lock picks are used, they will instantly break.
  • Regular roll rules are applied except chests and iron bars are now added:
    • Wood door — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)
    • Iron door — roll 19+(15+ with a lockpick)
    • Locked sign — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)
    • Glass / Window —roll 12+
    • Chest — 16+ (LOCKPICK REQUIRED)
    • Iron bars — roll 15+ (BOLT CUTTERS REQUIRED)
    • Fences — roll 15+ (BOLT CUTTERS REQUIRED)


  • If the heisting group is caught and attacked by anyone from the city, the member of the city will be given Defender Default. Only those around at the time will be allowed to initiate in combat.
  • /trash will not be allowed. Anyone caught trashing extra items from chests will receive a 2 week ban and a Heist blacklist.
  • Heist members are permitted to bring any amount of items or armour with them on the heist. Heist members may only take up to 6 slots of loot from the heist. Anyone caught taking more than 6 slots will be punished.
  • You have 2 hours starting when the Game Moderator overseeing states the Heist is a go. Once that time limit is up, no items may be stolen and you must leave the area.
  • Moderators who come across excessive amounts of doors in a single line will be permitted to destroy all but 4 doors. The use of excessive amounts of doors will not be accepted.
  • Heist groups will be permitted to steal from item frames. With proper RP a moderator will break the item frame and leave a sign, allowing the players to take the item.
  • Heist groups will be permitted to steal up to a single placed item. This item may not be in chests, item frames, or armour stands. Taking the item must make RP sense and will be up to Moderator discretion. These items can vary from crystals, chairs, thrones, tables, anvils, and paintings as a few examples.


Heist Cooldowns:


If Heist is successful for attackers, 4 week cooldown on area.

If Heist is successful for defenders, 6 week cooldown.

Success for the defenders is recognized if the Defenders of the region repel the Heist group. Anything else will be recognized as a victory for the attackers.

Addition of Bolt Cutters:


Price: 12000 minas

Effects: A roll of 15+ allows a hole, large enough for a person to walk through, to be clipped into gates or barred windows. A roll of 5- will cause the Bolt Cutters to break instantly. Anywhere between 6 and 14 will have no effect.


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-=Rule Update=-


Type: Rule clarification


Details: Rule clarified was A roll of 5 or less fails the lock picking session, and if lock picks are used, they will instantly break.

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