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Warclaim Frequency

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Hello everyone,



I must announce a change today to warclaim activity. We enter a difficult time of year for many students—filled with tests, exams, and holidays. We would like to wish everybody a productive test season and a jolly start to the holidays.


In our assessment, no team can be large enough to handle frequent warclaims in their current state. Each event requires substantial preparation, moderation, and negotiation. It wears out and stresses even veteran, brick-wall moderators. The pressure to perform routinely chips away at the quality of the events and the stamina of our staff.


Beginning today, the Game Moderation Team will handle a maximum of one warclaim each weekend. During the Christmas and New Years period we expect minimal warclaim activity as well.


Be safe everyone and take care.



Thank you,


Telanir & the Administration

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