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[Clan Shrogo] The Evil Sun Sets Again

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The Evil Sun Sets Again

The Shrogos had gathered in force to witness the rise of a new Gobbgoth and, by the Gobbgoth’s mandate, were set upon the task of slaying a great beast. Nuda’Shrogo, one of the Mushobs of the Shrogo clan had been given the task of leading them, and they sat in contemplation. “Okee Bruddaz, gather around. Mi haz the Mad Capz for lat.” The Mushob would say, giving the sacred shrooms of the Shrogos to the gathered to, ideally, empower them for the hunt ahead. However, the hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Shrogos had varying effects on them. Some fell to the ground, their limbs flailing as the mushroom took ahold of their bodies, experiencing shocking visages that caused them fear. Others would not see this, instead feeling invigorated and strong, stronger than regular goblins – despite the fact that they were not, and merely believed to be so. However, once the seizing subsided, they all looked up. "Fullow DUH MOON!” Shiitake’Shrogo shouted, and then above their heads they saw a smiling moon, the symbol of the Shrogos, floating towards their destination. Hollaring and hooting, their minds addled by the mushrooms, they followed the moon in the hopes that it would lead them to their quarry.


After following the moon for some time, they found a cave that had been turned into a cage for a great beast. What ordinarily would’ve appeared to be but an emaciated desert bear  captured in a rusted cage appeared to them as a great beast wreathed in flame, its claws emitting from its cage, the bars shining as if they were blessed by Luara herself. "We must flat this bear and take da cave for Luara!” shouted Nuda as \they readied themselves. Shiitake’Shrogo picked up a rock and threw it at the bear before, enraged by this provocation, broke loose from its bindings and attacked them. Some feeling powerful, others feeling weak, began to attack the flaming beast. However, the bear seemed to gain the upper hand when it pinned Shiitake’Shrogo to the ground, raising its claws to slash at the face of Shiitake before Kordz’Shrogo, a young goblin, shouted "Bite bite... Eat bear!” The Shrogos began to bore into the creature and, as they did so, they saw the flame of the bear dim as it died. When their hallucinations ended, they found themselves having eaten most of the emaciated bear, which some continued to do. Upon realizing their victory, Nuda shouted “Dah Muun prevailz dah Evil Sun!” and the Shrogos rejoiced. To commemorate their victory, Nuda hacked the rib bone of the bear off, keeping it as a memento to their victory over the Evil Sun in the name of Luara.


After this, the cave was seized, and a home was found for the Shrogos, their victory solidifying their faith and reverence for their patron spirit, Luara.

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