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People's Magazine: no.1 vol 1.

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     A remark by the published: This publication is to highlight the extraordinary lives of the socialites of the Empire of Man. Whether you be born of Dragon, Crow, or a tavern wench, you could appear as a biography among the following editions. This publication was started to fill a void among the written works of the imperial classes. Everyone marching along in happy tune gets dull, and we must be reminded of times that were not so prosperous and peaceful. A big issue we will attempt to tackle is the marginalization of the periphery voices of the Empire. We talk of those who the capital walks past everyday and ignores and those people that only interact on market day. We want to tell interesting and thought provoking life stories, stories of men and women of humanity that lived their lives to the fullest. – Staff of People’s Magazine


Barnabas Basarab



Barnabas, or known to his many friends and enemies as Barney, was born in exile in 1522. According to family historians, his father was chased out of Oren by the Drowned King Olivier due to Barney’s father’s support of the Duke of Adria, Hugh Sarkozic. Many Carrion related houses were forced to go into hiding during the great purge of the Raevir by the evil Savoyards and Lorrainians. As a young boy he was brought to Luciensport where his father soon abandoned him, being taken to the Seven Skies to rest with other Adrian war heros. It is told that Siegmund guards the gates of the Seven Skies and does not allow Savoyards in due to their stench and awful grooming. Have you ever seen their hair-cuts? Barney growing up in Luciensport was exposed to radical religious ideas of the time, witnessing the foundations of Canonism. This was during the formation of the Canonist church by the bridging of the gap between his own ethnically viewed Ruskan Orthodoxy and the other sects of the One True Faith.


Barney speaks of his older cousin Beezlebub and his fondness for the protection he provided to him in his youth. It is important to look after your family. Barney is a humble man and did not want to elaborate personally on is accomplishments, but People’s Magazine dug into the records housed in the Imperial Library and found many documents attached to his name. He signed many charters for the establishment of independent settlements while in exile from the Kingdom of Oren. 


A very fascinating aspect of Barney’s life is his pursuit of education above all else. He received formal education during his time at Johannesburg Imperial Institute. He mentioned a Pathros character that was his mentor and taught him to “love to learn and to learn to love.” Take that for what you will folks, but he recieved a degree in Dwarven Administration after consulting old Imperial Records. It is strange that these traditions of higher education of died out,. Our own Empire could learn something from Barney’s past and focus more on the things that matter.  Here is a quick excerpt about his time at University.



“Pathros the Philosopher, Pathros the Calculator, Pathros the Astronomer.

For he was wise and he was a brigand.

He was my tutor and he stole my wealth.

He made me love to learn and from he is where I learned to love.

After he betrayed me, I went on to study at the Imperial Institute at Johannesburg.

Starting with a mere degree in Dwarven Governance I ended with a Doctorate in Elven Philosophy,

and Doctorate in Dwarven Governance,

and a Doctorate in Imperial Law.”


During his long and storied life, he wanted to point out a few happenings. First, he served in an acting troupe that performed before the Emperor John II. He reports he was the only survivor of the performance. He would say no more about the act, besides that it involved knives and throwing. He also commented on more recent drama involving his time as Maer of Belvitz. He was chased from his post of the first Maer of the city by the Duke’s brother, Edgar Sarkozic. Edgar appeared to wish ill will on the mild mannered man, and forced him into exile once again. 


We will end with some advice from our dear friend Barney. He suggests that in order to live a long life, you must live as ferociously as an orc but be ever mild mannered and polite. You must have no free time, for if it is free, then someone can steal it from you. Blood sausage was also quoted as apart of his recipe for success. He also spends apart of everyday watching nature, something he picked up from a traveling elven druid.


We here at People’s Magazine hope to see more from Doctor Basarab. He has even more days of living ahead of him due to a special condition he could not comment on at present. Fan mail should be directed to him at the keep of Belvitz, the Balt. He is serving in the administration of the current Duke, Ratibor Carrion. Inquiries to People’s Magazine should be addressed to Rubert Carrion, also living within the Balt. They must be first read by his mother, Vesna Carrion. We are searching for others to do issues on, so if you think you are the best next thing since Messy Medieval, let us know. 



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Prince-Prior Alderman Captain Constantine smiles as he reads the first issue of People’s Magazine.

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Fabio would wonder if he could score an interview with one of the magazine’s reporters, in order to push his parliamentary political agenda onto the entirety of the Empire.


This was one time that the proletariat didn’t mind being exploited.

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