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The Story Team: How/When/Why

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The Story Team: How, When, and Why

The Story Team takes on some of the aspects of the ET, LT, and WT, but builds them up in a different manner with a different focus from before. This is not just a merger where we fuse all these teams together. If you were an ET and make it onto the story team, you will not be suddenly reviewing lore or working on the wiki. While we do have a goal to try and break down the boundaries presented by the sects, this will not occur for a handful of months (explained more below in the “Why” section).



I’ll break down the 3 major things that the Story Team will revolve around and how they will be changing, along with the team and its structure.



The primary focus of the Story Team event-wise is to provide eventlines that have more quality and depth to them, rather than focusing on quantity and fulfilling quota. In order to make this a reality, the system behind these eventlines will serve as a support to the members who are leading the eventline. Rather than the old system that put most of the weight on one or two ET, the Story Team will work more like a unit, ranging from having writers assist in planning to having actors on standby. On top of ensuring that the eventline head doesn’t crumble under the weight, it will help ensure that eventlines don’t fall apart the moment their head goes on hiatus or quits, and instead can be continued so the enjoyment of the players isn’t suddenly halted.


We will also be taking a different approach to item rewards, encouraging a less is more mentality rather than peppering the community with items at every chance given. We will be writing up some guidelines for items to ensure that people are creating rewards that are not problematic and don’t cause issues down the line if the ET is no longer around to explain the item.


Quota is being changed (and will likely be tweaked some more depending on how the first few months go). Overall it will be lower than normal, with 2 small OR 1 big event a month required. This is to encourage a quality > quantity environment as we’ve noticed a number of people pushing out lower quality events in order to meet quota. Event logs will be reviewed at the end of the month and if your event is not up to par (e.g. if it’s just a quick talking animal event with no substance), it won’t be counted towards your quota.



The primary focus of the Story Team lore-wise is to provide and moderate lore that actively impacts day to day RP on the server. This means having a focus that shifts away from background pieces and instead aim our attention at things like world lore, things that people can interact with regularly. The issue here is that this goal is not possible at the moment, as lore is still a mess. Steps have been taken to combat this by the LT and this will continue on in the hands of the story team. Our first step will be to implement the standardization of lore that is talked about here: LT Announcement Pt. 8


As we apply this to existing lore, we’ll be able to easily see what stuff remaining needs fixing and what doesn’t. Once this process is over (it’ll probably take a month or two), looking over lore to see what is and isn’t possible will be way easier than it is now. This will lessen the burden on moderating topics and also lessen the need for specialists.


There have been other things which I’ve wanted to overhaul but haven’t really had the opportunity to. Application and loremag time is something that we’ve had on the backburner to focus on other projects, but with the formation of the team we will be implementing things to optimize these two processes and hopefully speed things up so people won’t be waiting long periods of time for their apps or lore to be reviewed.



The primary focus of the Story team wiki-wise is to ensure that everyone accessing the wiki is able to easily find content that is relevant to the map at hand, whether that be world lore or information on the latest warclaim. The focus will no longer be on trying to catch up on information that occurred maps ago, as that is no longer relevant and only eats away at time. The cycle where the team focused on history during one map and then in the next map they realized they never got the previous map’s information as well as they should have so they have to repeat and focus on history again is ending now.


Similar to the process we are undergoing for the lore side of things, once we have gotten further in patching up the wiki, the need for a larger wiki team will be lessened greatly. Maintenance requirements will be overall lower than it is now and we will be able to break up the duties for the wiki and distribute it amongst the Story Team members.


The Team

We realize that expecting people’s mindsets of their old teams (ET/LT/WT) is not going to fade quickly and as such, have segmented the team into respective counterparts. As mentioned at the beginning, a potential goal that we want to pursue will be getting rid of this though. The final goal of the Story Team is to eventually have a team that primarily provides content that will actively impact the server’s day to day RP.


After we complete certain projects, maintenance requirements for both lore and the wiki will be significantly lowered, allowing for the team to be slimmed down and the duties of the older roles to be broken up and shifted around to different story team members.


However, this transition will take about 4-8 months to fully realize and I recognize that things change and this might not be a feasible goal to pursue later on down the line. It is not something that we are going to force if it becomes apparent that it won’t work, but it will be something that we will at least try and pursue.



Story Admin - The person who leads the Story Team and makes sure that it is on track direction-wise.


Story Team Manager - The Story Team’s management. They are responsible for overseeing the team with the Lead and help carry out the bigger tasks.


Story Team Trainer - The Story Team’s trainers. They are responsible for training people on the team, while also helping manage day to day tasks to help things run more efficiently.


Story Team - The bulk of the Story Team. For now, each sect will have a title (e.g. ET -> ST [Name to be determined]. 3 sects, 1 for the lore people, 1 for the event people, 1 for the wiki people.


  • ST [Lore Name TBD]. This will be where the LT get transitioned to. As you may notice, there is a lack of a moderator vs master vs lore librarians. We are going to be merging duties in order to help ease the workload that is going on at the moment. Moderators and Masters will be merged into one and lore librarians will be joining the wiki sect.

  • ST [Event Name TBD]. This will be where the ET actors get transitioned to (read the FAQ for the builder situation). Their duties aren’t going to be much different from as they are now as ET, but as described in the “Event” section, their focus will be different.

  • ST [Wiki Name TBD]. This will be where the Lore Librarians and Wiki team get transitioned to. With the return of the Lore Librarians to the wiki’s fold, we will once again be having lore handled by this sect of the wiki.



We will be reviewing both work ethic and attitude of the current staff members who wish to join the Story Team over the course of the next week or so. Then we’ll be solidifying our roster over the course of another week. All in all it’ll probably take roughly 2ish weeks to get the team formed and a bit longer than that to launch the team.


It’ll likely take a good chunk of the year to fully integrate the team into the final state, however. We are not in a rush to make this happen and I personally believe letting things slowly set into place over time is a fine way to approach the situation. I can’t force people’s mindsets to change, so rather than trying to have everything done at once, it’d make more sense to go with the flow and let people see the benefits of the changes over time.



There have been a number of issues that each team faced, ranging from inactivity to severe bloating earlier in the year. There was also a distinct lack of teamwork/unity between the teams, which made the environment rather divided and also encouraged inefficiency. With the current staff reformations going on, it was decided that this would be the direction that we take the Content aspect of things in order to combat some of these issues.


As mentioned earlier, after we complete certain projects, maintenance requirements for both lore and the wiki will be significantly lowered. The focus that was one fully on repairing lore and the wiki can be diverted to fulfilling story team duties such as aiding in storylines. For instance, someone who focused almost entirely on repairing the wiki can then pair up with a group doing a storyline and make sure that all the big events get recorded on the wiki for new players to see. Or a writer can focus on creating lore that is easily implementable and sees a lot of use on the server.


I realize that it is something that will take some time, but overall I believe the team will be a lot more efficient when it comes to providing content once we have reached a point where all the maintenance is no longer needed.



Q) I don’t see the mention of builders here, will they be part of the Story Team too?

A) No, the builders are going to be apart of the Development team. This will be explained later on in another thread by one of the other admins. Essentially, they will still be focusing on staff build requests, but will be aiding staff as a whole rather than just the Story Team.


Q) Recruitment has been halted for a while, is that going to resume soon?

A) We will start reviewing applications after we have gone through the existing ET/WT/LT and have solidified a roster to determine how many more people we need (if any).


Q) Why is there a sudden shift towards wanting teamwork in regards to events? Wasn’t it working fine how it was before?

A) If you are joining the team in order to bring the community content, whether it be via lore, events, or information on the wiki, the main priority should be ensuring you’re doing it in a manner that benefits the playerbase and the server as a whole.


I would say it was not working fine before, as we’ve had a number of larger eventlines crumble due to people burning out trying to manage everything on their own. In addition, we have found that a number of events have caused issues in the past and having a solid support system behind these going into the future should help prevent both burn out and issues with the events themselves.


Q) Why do you need to merge the teams instead of just leaving them separate and fixing their issues that way?

A) The short answer to this is Unity. The three separate groups as current are divided with a lot of issues that over the years really didn't get solved at all. Each one is apart of a whole that is the Lore of this server. When the separate teams aren't on the same page, it shows. Whether the wiki isn't updated, an event isn't properly following lore, or lore is vague to where it needs to be fixed, this functioning is crucial for the server as a whole. While yes, one could attempt to leave each team separate and try to patch up their issues, that team is then left with no reason to be separate from the other. Barriers in communication and cooperation are finally breaking down with this decision, and hopefully will work out better for everyone going forward.

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