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Medical teachers needed

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Clinic & Hospice of Curonia


Overlooking the Ursurian Barracks and found just beside the Blessed Cathedral of Saint Johannes is the Clinic & Hospice of Curonia, proudly serving and healing since 1650.


Up to recent times the Clinic & Hospice of Curonia thrived on community service, having no official personnel or management until 1700, in which time Eric ‘of Curon’, a medically inclined Ursurian soldier, stepped up by taking the organization and running of the Clinic and a medical unit of Ursus into his own hands.

With great success in Eric’s actions fatality from injury and illness in Curonia plummeted, hitting a new low.


If you should be a doctor or someone with medical experience the people of Curonia implore you to seek employment from Eric as a practitioner and teacher of medicine within the clinic, or to seek enlisting into the Ursus Order as a Combat Medic.

If you should be an aspiring medic, still learning the fundamentals or starting off with medicine, the people implore you to seek Eric as to become a student of the clinic, or to enlist in the Ursus for on the field training.


Application Process:

Applying to the Hospice & Clinic of Curonia is simple. You, as an aspirant, will copy the below two portions and paste them into a reply to this forum page, filling out each part with your own information. After posting, you will await a reply from @Panda_Bear either stating your acceptance or Denial.

If you are applying to become a combat medic, you will apply on the following page, stating your desire to be a combat medic under Eric’s command.[Link]


OOC Portion:

Knowledge of Medical lore(1-10):
Knowledge of Alchemical lore(1-10):


IC Portion:
Race, age, gender:
Practitioner or Student:

Letter to Eric requesting admittance:

Finally: @Panda_Bear

Edited by panda_bear

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OOC Portion:

IGN: TorkoalTom
Knowledge of Medical lore(1-10): 10
Knowledge of Alchemical lore(1-10): 8


IC Portion:
Name: Quillian Csarathaire
Race, age, gender: Mali’ame, 187, female. 
Practitioner or Student: practitioner 

Letter to Eric requesting admittance: “To whom it may concern. I have served the medical field for as long as I can recall. If you still seek a medic do let me know.”

Finally: @Panda_Bear

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OOC Portion:

IGN:   Tigergiri 
Knowledge of Medical lore(1-10): 6
Knowledge of Alchemical lore(1-10): 3


IC Portion:
Name: Lotte Rosendale
Race, age, gender:Female 24 human/heartlander
Practitioner or Student: student

Letter to Eric requesting admittance: “Dear medic O’Hara i would be honoured to learn under your hand and knowledge, to be able to help all those in need. Sinceraly Lotte Rosendale.”


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