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Anatomicorum Legis, Vol. I & II

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Anatomicorum Legis is a medical journal written by the Hansetian-born monk, healer, and writer Kristoff von Herrick (Naumarian: Kristoff van Herrik). Kristoff, despite his blood, was a soldier for the Canonist League in the Schismatic War, serving most of the time as a crusader in the Order of Saint Amyas. During his time, he took positions as chief doctor and healer, and being one of the first non-magick experts and researchers in mundane healing. Anatomicorum Legis is his greatest work, in which he does a full study on the human anatomy, bone structure, and organ examination.


(OOC: Full credit to @PetrusRomanus who wrote this, posting it here for easier access. Link to his original below:




















1st of Malin’s Welcome, after a skirmish against heathens, I Kristoff von Herrick man-at-arms of the Sacred Order of Saint Amyas discovered a skeleton near their camp. I asked the current chaplain if I could study the skeleton, he said yes as long as I did not harm the skeleton itself. So I  studied the skeleton, I always liked the human body, not in a macabre way but in a fascinating view. Why did our Lord gives us this, or that? That is what I attempt to answer.


I started from the top down, first the skull. I found that the skull divides itself into many different sections. Making me believe that the skull forms from separate parts in the womb and then joins together, molding itself into shape.


After I got from the skull I went down, to the jaw. I saw a joint, it allows us to move our jaws up and down, not much there. I expected such.


I moved down to the neck I inspected it thoroughly, I expected to find a joint, but I did not. After some more inspection I uncovered the mystery, the bone connecting to the skull bends allowing us to move, the same bone come down until it hits the “nether” regions, making us able to bend our back and be more agile.


After that I moved to the ribs, nothing too special, it seems it is used to keep something protected like armor, perhaps it keeps both physical and spiritual harm from the heart? After all, the heart is where we keep the Lord.


Then the limbs. I looked around there, more joints. Although the upper joint in the shoulder is free moving, the second join is much like door hinges. Oddly enough the the bone of the lower arm splits into two, this puzzles me. Then the hand, they have many little bones for mobility, and a free moving joint in the wrist.


Then we move down to the spine, it bends and it needs a strong muscular support for it to stand. The backbone can bend permanently though creating a hunch, like Wyl the hunchback, an old man that got his backbone deformed, how the bone itself is able to deform and not get into the previous position, I do not know.


Then we enter the whips, the nearest point of the “nether” regions. They attach the legs to the rest of the body, having a free moving joint. Then in the knee a hinge joint and in ankle a joint very much like the wrist. Oddly enough the arms and legs resemble each other very closely, even having the lower bone split.




2nd of Grand Harvest, today while going on my patrol around Adrianople, I found a man that had been mauled by a bear, may he find his peace. My curiosity took the better of me, so I kneeled and did a quick sketch,


There I found the heart, a lung, a small sack that had a weird liquid in it-the bear torn it open- and what I believe are the kidneys. Of course immediately after I did my inspection, I fetched a priest for a proper burial.


From my quick research I found that the heart moved around the blood, I knew it had to do with something related to blood, but know I know what it is. The blood circles around the body, perhaps spreading small chewed bits of food to the body? This is all a theory, I would only know if I actually disturbed the body, and that is sin.


I then took a look of what I presumed that was the lung. I only saw one. It was attached to a canal that separated itself into two, so maybe the bear got the other lung. That canal merged with another and went towards the oral cavity and the nose I believe. So the lungs may be used in breathing. I also saw that the lungs were heavily connected to the heart, so the blood may also bring air to the body. So that is why we die when we hold our breath.


I then looked at the sack below the lung and heart. It was connected to the mouth by a canal that merges with the breathing canal that then creates a single canal. I believe it is used for eating? There was this liquid oozing from it, I took a small sample.


I moved down to what I believed it was the kidneys. I have no clue what they do, but they also are connected to the heart with many branches connecting it to the place where we keep our love for the Lord. So it is an important place.


I looked down and had a glimpse of what we call “gut”, I could not study it, the wound did not go that far down, and I did not want to open the body more, it is sin to do so.





Slashing wounds:


When one is wounded in the limbs the best thing to do is to is amputate, although everyone knows that I doubt that they know how to do it correctly.


Step I, stop blood flow.

This one is simple, but necessary, a  rope will do this job just fine, you tie it around the arm, leg, wrist whatever.This will stop blood flow and make the job less messy.


Step II, use a clean cutting tool.

This one is important, use a rust free and dirt free and blood free tool, this will reduce the risks of infection.


Step III, amputate it quickly.

This needs to be done quickly, although don’t cut what you don’t need to cut.


Step IV, stop the bleeding.

If you don’t stop the bleeding the injured will die. First clean your hands from dirt or any impurity. Then apply pressure with a clean cloth until the bleeding stops. If blood soaks through the cloth use two cloths or just a really thick one.


Step V, use a bandage.

You’ll need a bandage to close the wound and to prevent things to get in.Wrap it around it tight so that there’s no more bleeding and dirt doesn’t get in, change the bandage from time to time.


Step VI, pray.

Pray to the Almighty Creator asking that the man or woman may survive.



For chest or not too dangerous legs/arms wounds:


Step I, stop the bleeding,

Same step as Step IV.


Step II, take out dead flesh,

After the bleeding as stop, apply maggots, they eat the dead and rotting meat, thus reducing infection risk.


Step III, close the wound.

For that you use a needle and thread. Remember to clean needle either by placing it in a open flame or on boiling water. You then sew the wound with clean thread. If the wounds isn’t too deep you can simply press a hot iron against it, it will hurt the injured but it’s effective.


Step IV, bandage up.

Again, pick up a clean bandage and wrap it around the wounded area.


Step VI, pray.

May the Almighty Creator let the man live.

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