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  1. "Pfff being a Judite monk is way cooler." Comments Father Gideon, OSJ.
  2. “You little ones are cute.” Father Gideon, OSJ, comments jovially.
  3. “Democracy is against GOD’s will. The prophets weren’t chosen by their inferiours, but by their only superiour, GOD Himself.” Comments Father Gideon, OSJ.
  4. Nation applying for: Crimean Khanate BREIF History of your Nation: As the Borjigin mongols drove westerwards they came in contact with turkic kipchaks, mixing quickly began as the Borjigin, led by Bodonchar Munkhang, incorporated various kipchak tribes. This mixture of peoples resulted in the “tatars”. Bodonchar settled in the middle of the scythian steppe, dividing his tribe upon his death, his son receiving parts. One of his sons, Bodonchar Batu, known as Batu Khan, led his host south, moving to the old Kingdom of the Bosporus. The greek colony had been in a long state of decline over the centuries, being subject to countless raids from northern steppe peoples, both of turkic and indo-european extraction. This led to an easy occupation of northern crimea. Whilst cities in the north like Tanais along the Don river had fallen, cities like Kimmerikon, Theodosia and Scythian Neapolis resisted the northern advances of the tribes. A local despot had arisen, Alexandros Gabras, claiming the title of “Basileius of Kimmerikon”, and as a military man he proved to be a competent leader, causing the Tartars many defeats. Seeing that the south would not yield Batu Khan approached Alexandros and a compromise was met: Batu would marry one of Alexandros’ daughters and their progeny will inherit both the Khanate and the greek colonies. Batu married Alexandros’ daughter, Athena, the ceremony being performed in both the hellenic and tengri rites. With the death of the aged Alexandros, Batu placed his son, Aegimon (Ayushiridara in Tatar), as Basileius of Kimmerikon. The aged Batu spent the remainder of his life subjugating surrounding tribes and greek colonies. Passing away, Aegimon ascended as both Basileius to the greeks, and Khan to his father’s people. The fusion of greek and turkic beginning in his reign. To cement this he took the name of Bargion-Garbas (Bargion being the hellenised version of Borjigin). Leader(s): Cassinian II Bargion-Garbas. Discord: João#4069
  5. “Our Pontiff sees himself as a reformer?” Brother Gideon muses, recovering from the bloody flux. “Let us pray that the Holy Light doesn’t illumine him too radically.”

  7. Brother Gideon approves.
  8. Saint Kristoff grimaces as the works of a known iconoclast are published!
  9. APPLICATION Discord Name; João#4069 Nation of Choice (and why?); Vatican Head of State: Pope Benedict XVI, kept alive in his Golden Cathedra Head of Government: Cardinal Peter Hoffman III, Graf von Wiederhausen-Strassbecken und Leinigen-am-Rhein Ideology: RadTrad Catholicism Military statistics: 1.000 Elite Swiss Guard, 2 Battle Cruisers, 5 Cruisers, 20 Destroyers Did you read all the information?; Yes Suggestions or feedback?; N/A
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uR8WBeJIswsnn71il25bInz2RwWXzXbfOAV1mQBQxXA/edit don’t feel like formatting bleh
  11. Application House Name: The High Septon relinquishes all worldly names. But he is known as “the fat one” due to his known gluttony. Holdings: The Great Sept of Baelor. Lord: The 20th High Septon, known as “the fat one”. Who do they bend the knee to?: Technically no one, but since the Faith Militant Uprising, the Faith of the Seven and thus its head has been beholden to the Crown. Religion: The Faith of the Seven. Brief History (1-2 Paragraphs): It is said that the Seven-Faced God first appeared in Essos, in the mountains and valleys of Andalos. Crowning Hugor of the Hill as King of the Andals. From then on the Faith of the Seven has been integral to the Andalosi and later Westerosi people. After pressure from the Valyrian Freehold a great migration of Andalsoccurredd, many adventurers and second sons of lords and kings left their homeland and invaded Westeros. The First Men and their Old Gods were beaten back, many of the First Man converted to the faith of the Seven-Who-Are-One and intermarried with the andals. The first House that was susceptive to the new faith was the House Hightower, so much so that they built the Starry Sept, the home of the first High Septon and the remaining High Septons until Baelor the Blessed built the Great Sept of Baelor. The Faith of the Seven became prominent within the Andal kingdoms in Westeros, having a strong Faith Militant which served as its scourge to punish sin. This changed when Aegon conquered Westeros. Soon, the united Crown and the Faith came into conflict, the Faith was disgusted at the incestuous relation of the old valyrian family, and in turn, the crown feared an organised and armed religion. Soon after Aegon’s death during the reign of Maegor the Cruel a great war erupted, between the Faith Militant and the Crown, peace was only achieved during the reign of Jaehaerys the Conciliator, where the Crown pledged to protect the Faith and in turn, the Faith would disband the Faith Militant. This, whilst bringing peace, weakened the Faith, making it more or less subservient to the Crown, turning the position of High Septon into a position of foul decadence and sin. Discord: You have it.
  12. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rRGXI2QQrSdFHR3CcCJ1JdPUXkOYcumX1OgzzyIfzow/edit
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