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  1. PetrusRomanus

    The Disunited States of America

  2. PetrusRomanus

    The Disunited States of America (OOC)

    Discord Name;João#4069 Desired State; Minnesota History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; Minnesota’s first European contact began with the French fur trades who encounters many tribes such as the Sioux and the Ojibwe. Later, the Minnesota territory became part of the greater Louisiana territory until said territory was bought by the United States. After the Louisiana Purchase, the North West Company established Fort Charlotte on Lake Superior this led to a growing attraction of settlers to the Minnesota Territory, most of them from New England. These migrants came for the lumber work and to establish farming homesteads. Near Fort Snelling a group of lumber workers, squatters, farmers and government officials settled, when the army forced them away they moved down river, establishing St. Paul. Relations between the natives and the European settlers aren’t good. The current Governor, turned president, Alexander Ramsey is known to have said: "The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state." While he supported the potential presidency of Lincoln and the potential freedom of the Blacks he saw the natives as little else than pests. Minnesota’s economy is primarily dependent on lumber, having numerous sawmills in its river systems. Agriculture, especially of grains, also makes a rather large percentage of the State’s production. Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Alexander Ramsey is the President of the Minnesota Whigs. Anti-slavery but also anti-native American, President Ramsey wishes to expand Minnesota’s economy, especially by acquiring more land from the now federal-less territories in the west. The Legislature is overwhelmingly made up of representatives from the Minnesotan Whig Party, a federalist party with agrarian leanings. Heavily anti-native with some anti-catholic leanings as well, they view that the only way that Minnesota can thrive is through its natural resources. The only opposition the party has are from some independents from St Paul, but even then they mostly vote in favor of Whig policies. Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power); Frederik Steinback, 24, a migrant of Scandinavian origin. After his father’s passing in Norway, Steinback used his inheritance to buy a sawmill near St Paul. A hardworking man, poised to make a great fortune.
  3. PetrusRomanus

    Ascension to Pontiff

  4. Looking for a good skinner, pm me. Will pay big bucks.

  5. PetrusRomanus

    Those Exalted, Sanctified, and Blessed

    ((this is why scotland should've voted leave
  6. PetrusRomanus

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1947)

    社会主义国民党 Shèhuì zhuyì guómíndang Leftist Kuomintang Party flag of the Leftist Kuomintang 主席 Zhuxi President Madame Soong Ching-Ling Exiled but not gone: Chiang Kai Shek might’ve slaughtered much of his opposition but he has not snuffed it out. The fire of Chinese Revolution still shines in Ulaanbaatar, though not as bright as before. When the Shanghai Massacre occurred, and Chiang defended the slaving merchants over the oppressed workers many in the Kuomintang knew that a new wave of feudal repression was headed towards China. When the venerable Wang Jingwei, who now is with his ancestors, split with the vile capitalist regime all of China suffered Chiang’s repressions. Thousands of our ardent comrades were slaughtered, many more died whilst fleeing across the border. The party carried the Will of Heaven with it, however, and found refuge within the Mongol step, thirty-three thousand made, and thirty-three thousand voted. The ballots spoke true, Madame Soong Ching-Ling was the next President of China. Known as Madame Sun Yat-sen, due to being his third wife, Soong knew that her nation needed to be free from feudal repression; but she also knew that it needed to return to its roots. The President quickly consolidated the splinter party’s ideology, combining State Confucianism, Marxist-Leninism, and Libertarian Socialism into the “宋主席语录” or “Quotations of President Soong”. The manifesto was distributed throughout the Leftist Kuomintang followers, it preached collectivism, spirituality, nationalism and decentralized governance. It quickly became known as the “Little Red Book”. With stable footing and a solid ideology, the Socialist Kuomintang now was poised to retake China and claim the mandate of the people! To unite all people under Heaven and to break the chains of the worker! Solidarity between the workers: Soong knew that whilst her current militia was hardened and moralized, 30.000 men would not suffice. Many in her staff, like the trustworthy Captain Lei Feng, knew that they would never amass enough soldiers to wage conventional warfare against Kai Shek, but right now they needed to bolster their numbers. Soong began meeting with the Prime Minister of Mongolia, Khorloogiin Choibalsan, she hoped to sweeten relations between the splinter party and the Mongolian State. [Mod] Attempts at recruiting some Mongolian volunteers are made, promising them future homes in the region of Inner Mongolia if they help free China from slavery to capital. [Mod] Eating at the foundation: Attempts are made at creating leftists cells within China. Illegal printing presses are set up, the Little Red Book is distributed, all in hopes of spreading the ideology of Red Confucianism to the workers. Rice farmers are promised collective ownership of the rice fields, industrial workers are promised democratic representation within their factory. Everyone is promised an egalitarian and equal society, based upon socialistic and democratic values. [Mod] The Crane and the Bear: Overtures are made to the Soviet Union. The Socialist Kuomintang asks the Kremlin to give help both financially and in terms of equipment. Soong requested enough equipment to outfit her militia of 30.000 men, and, with the approval of Stalin, that was accomplished, strengthening the power of solidarity between the workers! [SOVIET UNION APPROVED!] Partisan Activities: Across the border of Mongolia several raids would occur. They would be focused on infrastructures like Railways. Rails would be blown up and trains boarded. Whatever the militia gathered from the train would be re-distributed to the poor in the region in order to foster relations with the locals. [Mod]
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    (please delete this topic)

    "Who are you?" Asks a synod member of the Canonist Church.
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    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1947)

    Magyar Királyság Kingdom of Hungary Király King Ottó II István von Habsburg Heir: Archduke Felix (Brother) Queen: Unmarried Kancellár Chancellor Miklós Horthy Miniszterelnök Prime Minister Count Pál Teleki de Szék “Do you, Ottó István Ignatius Pius von Habsburg, swear, until your dying breath, to keep and protect the Hungarian constitution?” Droned Miklós within the House of Magnates in the Parliament. “I do.” Came a quick response from the lips of Otto, his brow sweating under the heat that the lights inflicted upon his Germanic pale flesh. “Do you, Ottó István Ignatius Pius von Habsburg, swear, until your dying breath, to protect and cherish the Hungarian homeland of which you are considered Apostolic King?” “I do.” “Do you, Ottó István Ignatius Pius von Habsburg, swear, until your dying breath, to uphold the Sacred Faith that unites the Hungarian people under the worship of God?” “I do.” With those final words the representatives within the House stand up, clapping, some more enthusiastic than others as Otto, officially, becomes the Apostolic King of Hungary. Economy: With the price of grain rather low because of the Great Depression and the Market Crash, Teleki looked for ways to improve its situation. Free trade deals with France and Britain, for cheap grain products, are sent out. This move is hoped to be particularly popular within the Smallholder’s faction in the Party of Unity. Money ceases to be printed so that inflation stops rising. The government hopes that the Pengö’s value will stabilize. [Mod] Special economic zones nearby Budapest, Debrecen, and Pécs are created. Therein certain laws that might restrict factories and industry from popping up are waved. Teleki hopes for a quick re-industrialization of the country to alleviate the growing poverty rates within the cities. [Mod] Additionally, members of the wealthy Krupp family are invited to come to Hungary. Since Germany turned communist Hungary hoped to capitalize off this and offer the Krupp a stately house as well as large plots within those economic zones to re-setup their companies within Hungarian soil. [Mod] Military: Horthy recognizes that the current situation that Hungary is in is precarious. To the north two great behemoths of Communism. The Royal Hungarian Army only numbers at around 87.000 men, which, Horthy and Ottó, considered lacking. New incentives to make the unemployed (~28%) join the army are made, this would eliminate unemployed men causing crime and bolster the army. [Mod] Hungary would request to buy around 300 Renault R35 tanks from France in order to modernize its armored divisions. Constitution: With the ascension of Otto to the throne, the current constitution would replace the Regent (Horthy) with the King. The military, of course, wouldn’t be happy with this, thus a constitutional amendment was made. Horthy would assume the title of Chancellor (as well as Duke of Kenderes), and while the King’s word could override Horthy’s it was clear to Ottó that doing so would likely mean losing his throne for the second time. Besides this, not much else changed and the Status Quo was maintained, for the time being at least. Diplomacy: Closer relations with Poland and France are sought after, but Poland especially. State visits would be planned and general gestures of friendship are given from Budapest to Warsaw. [Mod] Budapest wishes to reinstate its power over the Balkans and the Crown of Stephen. Pro-Hungarian rhetoric would be passed to the Hungarians living under Romanian and Czechoslovakian domination. [Mod]
  9. PetrusRomanus

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Publius

    Publius is the most toxic person in LoTC it would be, erroneous, idiotic and down right MORONIC to grant him ANY position of power. Dare I say that if he does, somehow, succeed in gaining a position within ANY staff team it is a clear sign of how this server has gone to the dogs and how far it has fallen since the days of old!
  10. PetrusRomanus

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Icarnus

    Kingcarnus is my daddy so +1
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    [Your View] Freebuild

    I think that currently it's bad. If you want freebuild place it on a area away from eyesight and not by the roads.
  12. PetrusRomanus

    [✗] [Lore Submission] The All Father's Gift

    If this **** gets accepted but Canonist magic doesn't I will, officially, be very mad.
  13. Also, Lodenlanders are dutch, don't let the batavians fool you they're fake news.
  14. Italian is Illatian Turkish are the Turkins Greek is Akritian Spanish is Cordobonese I believe