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Kelric Atmorice

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❆ Kelric Leodan Atmorice ❆





~General Information~



A Descendent of the Atmorice Bloodline



Kel / Keli / Leo / Leodan









13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1645



5’7” ft.



145 lbs.


~Place of Residency~

Princedom of Fenn



~Further Information~


~Languages Spoken~


Common - Primary Language

Ancient Elven - Second Language






~Philosophy of Life~


“Life is but a reality to be experienced.”

Leo wants to live life to the best of his ability. He always tries to find the good in everything and wants to do as much as he can before it is too late. He also strives to be the best that he can be, whether that is a talent of his or himself as a person. Leodan knows that there will always be those dark and tough moments in his life, but really he likes to think of them as challenges for him to overcome.




Leodan displays a cold exterior and appears to be pretty distant at first. but once one takes the time to get to know him, he is actually a sensitive, loyal, and caring person. Though, his work is a huge priority for him and he will spend most of his days honing his abilities and improving his talents. 


Of course, he loves to take time to socialize with others like his close friends or family. Family is also an important aspect in his family and he will willingly risk his life for his loved ones. This also applies to his friends and snow elven kin as well.


Leo is gifted at hiding his anger. Even though he is a pretty calm person, he never forgets when others wrong him. it will take quite a lot to enrage him.




 No matter what he does, he feels it’s never good enough. He cannot help but see it in his victories, little defeats, and failures. If he were stronger, faster, smarter, or more powerful, maybe he could be better. However, stuck in the mind and body he has, he feels he‘s destined to never be the best that he wishes he could be. Because of this, he will often overwork himself.




Performing - Leo has always loved performing but often gets self-conscious over his ability to dance well. In particular, he specializes in contemporary dance.


Figure-Skating - If he ever comes across a frozen body of water, he will always take up the chance to skate if given the chance. It is a sport that he values greatly and he spends most of his free time practicing on his skates.


Horseback Riding - Leodan loves horses and animals for that matter and makes a great cavalryman.


Lance Wielding - His bloodline specializes in wielding lances, spears, bows, and swords. He has decided to focus on fighting with the lance and has proven to be rather skilled.


Knife Throwing - Other than lances, he also took an interest in throwing knives. He is training to be much more accurate with his throws, but is nonetheless a pretty decent knife thrower.



~Physical Attributes~




He exhibits a more thinner stature, but does have some muscle. 




Long, pale blond hair.




Very fair skin that is cold to the touch.




Icy blue








~Further Information~




    Liked Beverages: Most Teas

    Liked Foods: Most Stews

    Liked Colours: Light Blue & Purple

    Liked Flora: Athin & Frost Vine

    Liked Fauna: Snow Wolf & Horse

Other Likes: Dance, Arcane Magics, Reading & Ice Skating


Disliked Beverages: Grape Juice

    Disliked Foods: Mushrooms

    Disliked Colours: Bright Yellow

    Disliked Flora: Elrow Berries

    Disliked Fauna: Cave Cow

    Other Dislikes: Heartlessness, Laziness






Name: Arnaris Atmorice

Relationship: Mother

Details: -


Name: Lothric Atmorice

Relationship: Father

Details: -


Name: Antelyeun Atmorice

Nickname: ’Ante’

Relationship: Twin Brother

Details: They are identical twins and have grown up together. Despite being side by side for nearly their whole lives, they can’t be any more different. As almost all siblings do, they tend to fight sometimes due to their opposing views and differences, but in the end they always make up. Leo is often the one getting Ante out of trouble.


Name: Chrom’ilvya Atmorice

Nickname: ’Chrom’

Relationship: Older Sister

Details: -


Name: Jakir Atmorice

Relationship: Older Brother

Details: -


Name: Eldrin Atmorice

Relationship: Eldest Brother

Details: -


Name: Tinuviel Atmorice

Relationship: Eldest Sister

Details: -




~Romantic Relationship(s)~


He has never been in a romantic relationship before but is interested in starting a relationship one day.













Leo wishes to study the Arcane Magics and someday become a Master Arcanist.


He also longs for the ability to influence the world around him, whether that’s as small as a village or as large as a plane of reality. 



[[If bio setup is used please credit me, please! -TheLilNewt]]

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