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Thesis on Poverty

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Thesis on Poverty


Poverty is something shunned by those of higher class than the common man, something that even the poorest refuse to admit to for fear of ridicule. When traveling to the various human cities in search of the poor and needy I do rarely find anyone in need. I do often wonder if poverty no longer existed amongst our people but then I encountered a poor beggar on the main road to Helena. He told me about the many poor people who live in squalid conditions, often without food, he informed me why I found it so hard to find those in need and it was most troubling. Those who live in poverty often try to hide this for fear of being targetted or publicly ridiculed. This I find, not acceptable! We should not target or make fun of those who did not grow up into a wealthy family and we should provide more aid to those who actually need it instead of building more mansions for the wealthy. I often find the poorest of our society are the most pius for they truly know what it is like to live a life contempt with little. They have no need for large feasts and can survive off scraps or berries from the bushes.


Before I was ordained I started my tenure as a monk serving in town of Rubern. The chapel there had no accommodation for myself as it was rather small so I slept in the stables, something I was often ridiculed for as I was unable to afford shoes or clean water.  However I was contempt with the life I had lived, it allowed me to further connect with GOD for a clergyman adorned in expensive silks and jewelry does not truly know of the plight of those who struggle to survive on a daily basis. After hearing my story, Emperor Alexander offered me a room within the palace as he did not like the idea of a clergyman living in such conditions. I must admit I was tempted by the offer of a better life but eventually declined for I found this way of living helped me learn and focus on only GOD and his faithful. I believe that no main who is truly faithful to the almighty will live their lives in palaces with fancy silks on their backs, they will force themselves to live a life of poverty and misfortune in order to truly appreciate GOD’s teachings. Clergymen should not adorn themselves in special and fancy silks in order to stand out, they should reduce themselves to wrags, any money they gain should go towards those less fortunate than themselves. They should hold no palaces or manors but should sleep on hay or in a hovel.


The poorest of our society should not be shunned from it, they should be embraced for they know what it means to live a life of piety without material possessions to attach themselves to. Those more wealthy amongst in humanity should be ashamed of yourselves. You pride yourselves with how full you can fill your coffers, how large your mansion is and the fancy silks on your back. If you were truly pius men you will live a life of simplicity and give up your riches in favour of piety. Alas, sadly this will never come for the rich and wealthy cling onto anything they can get their hands on, never willing to give it up for they are greedy and riddled with price. I also would urge those who are poor or live in poverty, not to despair and hide yourself for fear of what people might think of you. Make yourself known so that the good canonist might provide you aid and assistance.


Brother Boniface

10th of Sigismund’s End 1742




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