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My Character's Backstory and Biography

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Hello! I just joined today and I felt like writing, so I did a backstory for my character. I already need to post the biography for my character and link it for my character card, and thought this was a good spot to do so.

Backstory :
My parents bore me underground, and I hated the dark from birth. They dispised the sun. The cave was covered by a boulder, that I could not move, and my parents could only move together. There was one part of the cave we lived in that had a small beam of light that seemed impossibly far above the ceiling, and I would spend hours every day with it. It was my friend. I named it Sunbeam. Aspired at the age of seventeen, I decided I wanted to be free, and I told my parents. They reacted badly, and were scared that they would lose me. So, what did they do? They shut me in a corner of the cave, pushing a boulder in front so I could only come out when THEY wanted. They gave me food and water, but it was hard to choke down. Every day, they would ask me if I had changed my mind, and I would say no. Five months later, they finally let me out. I was resentful, but I pretended to be happy and I told them I wasn’t so sure I liked the sunlight anymore. They believed me. They never knew I actually wanted to leave the cave and enter into the real world. This was when I decided I was going to escape. Whenever my parents went to bed, I built my strength. Pushups, crunches, running, you name it. A month later, I felt prepared. I waited until four in the morning and approached the boulder. The thing looked the globe, blotting out any trace of moonlight, towering above me. I took a deep breathe, and pushed. And pushed. And pushed. . . . I barely felt a tremor in it. I screamed in anger, and started ramming my shoulder into it. Again and again and again I hit that boulder. It was my darkest thoughts, my deepest fears, and I failed. I fell to the ground, exhuasted, and then heard my parents cold voice. 

        ”So, this is what you truly think. Very well, son.”

        They put me back in the corner and shut me in with the boulder. I had nothing to do, no friends, and no will. I could not even see my friend Sunbeam. The first few weeks were hard, and I didn’t do anything. I was broken. Then, slowly, I started to change. I no longer felt any love for my parents, I just felt anger and resentment. I resolved to escape my prision. They gave me food and water daily, but it tasted like failure, so I rarely finished it. I started to eat it all, and I would spent the entire day excersising. I was going to escape this hell. Then, three months later, my wish came true.

        It was the 98th day of my imprisionment. I waited until four hours had past after they delivered my evening meal. Then, I was ready. I calmed my beating heart, and pushed against my boulder. It moved far easy than I expected, and I quitely pushed it to the side. I breathed. Fresher air. It was incredible. Then, I turned my eyes to the other boulder. I made my way over, and this time I couldn’t control my beating heart. I put my back against it, closed my eyes, and I threw everything into that boulder. And it moved. A slight nude, a tremor, and then, it was gone. I felt heat on my body, and I opened my eyes. The sunlight was blinding, and it was everything I could have hoped for and more. I looked back at my Sunbeam, and then at the sun, and my mind could not fathom the difference. Panting in excitement, I gave one last look at my prision, and I left. I made my way to Llyria by chance, and here I am. I hope to never go near a mountain ever again!

Biography :

My name is Ozoth. I’m a forest dwarf, with a passion for nature, a passion for hating the dark, a passion for the sun, and a passion for reading (although it is quite different with my awful eyesight). I was born to Orgario (Orag-rio) and Grirve (Grear-ve). I lived in a cave until I was eighteen. I try to be understanding, but even though I’m a slow thinker, I can say the wrong thing. I cut people off when I want to talk (I need to get my words in!), and I can have random bursts of anger. I know how to survive on my own, but my education is somewhat lacking. I’m very strong, but I’m not always a brawns over brains guy. I try my best, but I often fall short. My hair is in a flame shape, and it starts at the top of my neck, and goes a good foot above my head, so I like to think I’m 5’0” instead of 4’0”. I’m a little shy in a large group, but in small groups you better watch out! I have a slight Irish accent1.

1 I hope! It’ll probably be an awful mess of words but please bear with me 😄

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