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Help Wanted at the Selm Estate!

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Help Wanted!


The Palace of Selm has become a place of jubilation! Both rambunctious and elegant, its grounds are home to not only the noble d’Arkents, but other noble guests. It is often visited by aristocrats from across the Empire, from Senators to Kings to Lords and Knights, and the demand for service has grown dramatically.


The Duke of Sunholdt invites all those in keeping with the jovial affair of festival to apply to work for him and his family. The following positions are available:






A servant can take the form of a butler, maid, cook, or otherwise. Must be well mannered.






As Selm’s stables grow, so too does it need someone devoted to the training and care of the fine horses.



Scholars & Tutors




As the Library of Selm grows and it becomes a place of educational growth, there grows a need for those willing to assist with its expansion and institution.



Wages can be discussed at the time of interview.

Contact the following to be considered!



John d’Arkent : TangoIsPointless

Vespira d’Arkent: Marinaemily

Mary d’Arkent : Ivorey

Charlotte d’Arkent : Koander

Daniel d’Arkent : Capace

Alexander d’Arkent : Chaosgamer

Peter d’Arkent : ErikAzog

John d’Arkent : Pancakehz

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The Archchancellor gives public recommendation to any and all seeking gainful country employment in a beautiful estate to find work at Selm!

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