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[World Lore] - Voidal Monoliths

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“C' mgep nilgh'riyar existed, ng uthm c' nilgh'riyar y'hem.” 

(We have always existed, and thus we always will.) 

— Whispers of the Monoliths



Voidal Monoliths are pillars that have come to being before the world was created, traces of an existence before creation.  They have always existed, and so they always will. They do no wear, they do not crack; impervious to all: — to empire, to stone, to time.  Only one thing is universally known: the monolith’s exist as an antithesis of creation, fragments of a passed empire of a passed reality.



Voidal Monoliths are towering obelisks of lightless black.  They exist solely in a single shade of darkness to all who look upon them, though scholars theorize that it is not color at all but the absence of its existence, much like the cosmos of the Void.  Shaped as towering rectangular prisms, they seem to be as smooth as obsidian, though when touched they are inexplicably rough and unpleasant to the skin. 


Every documented Voidal Monolith is the same dimension in size, bearing no distinguishing marks or traits from any other obelisk.  The pillars cannot be moved in any fashion, nor do they scratch, scorch, or bend. They are as hard as metal and impervious to any attacks.  Mana-based spells that are launched at the pillars are siphoned into the obelisks without a trace, while any other type of magic causes a violent concussive force, known to call grievous injury if close enough.



Unworldly phenomena take place around these pillars, each taking its own shape and nature as if it contained a unique personality.  These pillars are at the heart of all Heaths, seeming to fuel their inherent entropy. It is even theorized by magical scholars that the Voidal Monoliths exist scattered across many planes and realities, such as the realms of the Aengudaemons, the Spirit World, impervious to their cosmic influence.


Those who are attuned to the void — voidal mages, cognants, voidal horrors trapped in the material world — can hear maddening whispers in incoherent moonspeak through them.  Gazing at these obelisks for too long is said to inspire lunacy and madness, often driving many a mage to the hands of voidal cults. While many mages have made it their life’s work to find all of the pillars and uncover the heart of their mystery, those of a weak mind have often been found suffering permanent catatonic psychosis.


Touching a pillar drains an individual of their mana nearly instantaneously.  In return (and depending on the power of the mage), they receive a vision related to the void unique to that Monolith.  These are often tellings of calamity and a potential existence without the Veil to some, though some individuals have reported experiencing a lucid dream.  



For their uncanny connection to the void, the Voidal Monoliths became an object of reverence to voidal cultists.  Self-proclaimed Harbingers and Prophets of the Void believe that these monoliths contain the instructions to sunder the Veil which separates creation and anti-creation, the void.  They believe that all planes are an abhorrent affront to the natural entropy of the Void, and that it is their duty to return existence to its natural chaos.

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