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St. Julia's Day Sermon

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((Transcript of IG event follows)


The sun beams happily upon Helena as festivities for St. Julia’s day take place. Men gift their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters trinkets and fruits, and throughout the realm sermons are dedicated to St. Julia, the wife of the first prophet. In the Basilica of the Final Revelation, High Pontiff James II addresses his congregation.”


Dearly beloved,


It is an honor to address you on this St. Julia’s Day. Rarely do I have occasion to address such a gathering of the faithful outside of ceremonial occasions. I will take the opportunity to elaborate on today’s namesake, who I hope you will find as impressive as I do.


Our Lady is a woman of high repute: she is the first woman mentioned by name in the Holy Scrolls, the wife of Exalted Horen, the first woman to be married, and the first mortal to perform an exorcism, thereby casting Iblees out of her husband’s camp.


St. Julia bore Exalted Horen three sons of flesh, who were Harren, Godwin, and Joren. However, the Gospel also tells us she would bear him three sons of spirit: the Exalted Owyn, Godfrey, and Siegmund.


This is a unique and significant doctrine. St. Julia was not merely a vessel for Exalted Horen’s worldly heirs: she is the spiritual mother of the three prophets following him, and therefore the spiritual mother of the Church. This is why she is called “Our Lady”. She is, in a very real sense, the mother of the Church.


St. Julia, then, speaks to the higher purpose of women in the Church and the world. Too often, I see some who relegate women to an inferior role. Our faith does not agree with this. 


Our Lady’s role, though not identical to her husband’s, was equal and complimentary. God created the first man and woman together; we are the same substance, each designed to support the other in different ways. Our Lady represents the greatest realization of her gender’s complementary role. While Horen fasted and received the Virtue, St. Julia cast Iblees from their camp. When, by deceit, Iblees invaded the camp with the reprobate Saul, the holiness of Horen and Julia’s marital tabernacle protected their children.


This is to say, while St. Julia’s power derived from Exalted Horen’s authority, it also justified it. Authority must extend “over” something, in order for it to be rightly called authority. By obeying her husband’s command, by bravely defending her children and her people, St. Julia both ennobled herself and glorified the authority which God gave to Exalted Horen and to her.


St. Julia is the patron of mothers, marriage, and exorcism. Some may find this portfolio eclectic. Upon further examination, however, one sees that exorcism reflects the virtue St. Julia most represented. By obedience to God through Exalted Horen, she manifested great strength and cast out evil. The same is possible for us, as we show obedience to God through St. Julia’s spiritual children, the Exalted Owyn, Godfrey, and Siegmund.


There are further examples of feminine manifestations of virtue: St. Tara, who loved her husband and did not flee when Harren attacked their party; St. Emma, who took up the sword and shield in the defense of the Church; St. Judith, who established the tradition of female monasticism in our faith.


On this St. Julia’s day I hope you will consider the women in your life who, because of their devoted and constant presence, you may have overlooked. Men, thank your wives and mothers. Women, thank your sisters and daughters. Gratitude is the command of God.


Now, let us conclude with a prayer.”


After the mass, the parishioners gather before the Immaculate Throne, speaking with James II. He professes that St. Julia is one saint he calls on often in his prayers, due to her unique role in the faith.

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