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Secretary of War General Appointments

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Secretary of War General Appointments


From the office of the Secretary of War, Alren DeNurem, 1756


The War Office hereby elects to raise the following individuals to the post of Imperial General


General Darius Sabari
General Darius Sabari has led an exemplary life as a soldier. Ascending to the rank of Colonel of the 1st Regiment granted comrade Sabari the title of Fieldmarshal which inherently elevated him to the rank of a 1 star general. His efforts against the AIS forces as a logistical commander have been invaluable to the overall momentum of the conflict. His work was ultimately recognized by the council of state as being worthy of appointment to Secretary of War. During his time as the archstone of the military, General Sabari penned multiple bills dedicated to improving the living conditions and benefits afforded to the common Imperial soldier. He was beloved by his subordinates and highly respected among his peers. The efforts of General Sabari reflect great honor upon himself and on the Imperial State Army as a whole.


For these reasons, General Sabari will hereby be raised to a 2 star General of the Imperial State Army. He shall further occupy the 2nd General billet acting in subordination to the 1st General billet.


Colonel Alren DeNurem
Colonel Alren DeNurem after assuming control of the 1st Regiment as it’s Colonel at the behest of the Secretary of War- General Sabari- immediately gained the title of Fieldmarshal. As such, Colonel Alren DeNurem became entitled to the 1 star general appointment associated with said title.


For this reason, Colonel DeNurem will hereby be raised to a 1 star General of the Imperial State Army. He shall occupy the 1st General billet placing them in superiority to all other current ISA generals.




Signed and Approved




HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Alren DeNurem, Secretary of War


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