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Dwarf v Orcs War Rules

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Dwarves – Orc War of Honor


For the duration of this war, these raid rules and respective updates to them will be in effect for the participating factions. If you have a question about the validity of a raid target being eligible under this conflict, contact moderation. These rules are prone to updates as moderation views the conflict play out.


With both sides agreeing to war, the terms of the conflict are the following

1. Best 2/3 Skrimishes is the Winner

2. No Allies, Alts or Mercenaries
3. Dwarf Victory: 45k and the Orc Targoth
4. Orc Victory: 35k and New Dwarf Snaga


The Raid Terms:

For the participating factions:

  1. ) 3-6 – 1 day Settlement Raid Cooldowon
    2.) 7
    -10 person– 2 day Settlement Raid Cooldowon (Numbers may be subject to change pending victory of first official skirm)


The Raid Process:

Before commencing a raid you must:


  1. Place a modreq, stating where you are raiding from and where you intend to raid and state your number of participating raiders.

  2. If your raid has 10 ore more people you must wait for moderator response to oversee the raid, ignoring this will see your raid nullified once moderation is alerted.

  3. Assemble your entire rally at the rally location stated in the modreq and travel together to the raid location, do not pick up extra raiders along the travel route.

  4. Raiders must provide legitimate rp preluding PvP, actions taken to incite PvP in nonsensical manner will have the raid nullified.

  5. A moderator overseeing a 10+ person raid must approve a shift to pvp mechanics, and are permitted to override the 10+ PvP default rule until sufficient rp is carried out.

  6. Ignoring these rules or overseeing moderators will be treated as violating raid rules.


Raid Rules:


  1. Once PvP begins, a raid has 30 minutes to conclude or at moderation call.


  1. Prior to PvP, raiders must proceed to their raid target directly and make their raid known to the defenders via rp, thereafter defenders have defender default.


  1. If raiders depart the local area / tile using “kiting’ tactics, the raid is resolved, you may not retreat and return constantly.


  1. If defenders pursue attackers outside the local area / tile, PvP has 10 minutes to resolve.


  1. A defender must be statused to operate a gate during a raid.


  1. All attempts to /breakdown - or a similar method - LWC mid raid must be emoted in #rp, before or during PvP.


  1. “Spectating” a raid / PvP is strictly disallowed aside from non combatant defenders.


  1. To rally to defend against a raid, 3 emotes at a bell / alerting device is required prior to calling to discord or other communication mediums.


Raid Cooldowns:

Terms and Use:

  1. After you have been raided, /modreq to ensure that a raid cooldown is placed, no matter the tier of war raid used, a raid cooldown stops all 3 tiers of war raiding for its duration.


  1. You may not depart to raid a settlement on raid CD, until that raid CD has already expired.


  1. Raid CD signs / Region greetings will be listed in DD/MM/YYYY cooldown expiration format with the placing moderator having locked the sign.


  1. If you have questions about an active raid CD, contact moderation via /modreq

  2. Occupying the road to a raid CD city with excessive numbers / time is disallowed while on CD. Contact moderation for clarification if you are concerned with your actions.

Some examples of actions disallowed due to raid CD:

  1. Hostile action within the tile of the cooldown region
  2. Hostile action on the sole roadway to a region


Wartime Roadways

  1.  Hostile action with numbers of  5+ in the surrounding roadways for excessive duration (~ 1 + hours ) of a given region, raid CD or not, will be viewed as excessive and dispersed. Includes checkpoints / patrols / scouting / etc.
  2. Raiders on a ongoing raid (have /modreq’d and departed their rally location) must circumvent regions with a raid CD ongoing or directly pass through along a roadway without issue.



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1.) All battles are considered to be OOC similar to the Non-Staff scheduled battles and skirms. Battles of course will be Icly during Official Skirm/Siege/etc dates. If a large battle happens and both sides wish for it to be IC a post may go up from either or both sides detailing their side and/or victory.
2.) Bases may be invaded during Moderated PvP Events, Scheduled Skirms that count towards the war goal, etc. For general and random skirms it is not allowed. If turtling becomes a problem this will be revisited. (less both sides agree to full invasion 24/7)
3.) Players must have war gear equipped when they go in. Players may not go in naked with no or poor weaponry.
4.) If players are told to leave an enemy base or return to their base by moderation they must do so swiftly.
5.) If a Player or a group chooses to do duels, small 2v2 and similar battles. Do not interfere and follow proper PvP rules as per the server rules.
6.) Any rule breaking, toxicity, etc in the war zone or during one of its events will at the least result in a 5th tier infraction.

7.) Those who are partaking must have an Active Dwarf/Orc Persona and/or Honorary Dwarf/Orc that can be proven to have their honorary titles. To prevent the PvP alts both sides have spoken they do not want. Moderation will be checking the creation time of persona’s raised in question as well as how many hours are on them and how many recent hours are added. If it found to be insufficient player will be ejected and punished if they return w/o Moderation Approval.

Game Mode Warzone Rules: Capture the Flag, Rescue Hostage

1.) To Capture the enemy flag you must bring it and place it ontop of your flag while yours is hanging there.
2.) To win a round you must capture the flag / Return Hostage to Base Alive. If one team kills them the other wins by default.
3.) 2 out of three rounds will be the winners.
4.) You may not join while a round has started.
5.) You may swap out people when a new round starts.
6.) To help prevent turtling matches will be 15mins long. Whoever has more at the end of the match will be declared that matches Victor
7.) At the 5min and 10min Intervals one gate will be locked by Moderation as a ‘jammed’ gate at random. (Being tested.)

Game Mode Warzone Rules: Point Capture

1.) There will be a total of 4 Capture Points, both sides will have 15mins (WIP) to fight over said points.

2.) You may capture a point by placing your sides colored flag onto to Point Marker. If the other teams flag is there it must be removed.

3.) Whoever controls the most points at the end of the Time Limit is the Victor.
4.) You may not join while a round has started.

Moderated Mini War Event Rules:
1.) All will be Capped at varying Numbers 25v25, 30v30, 50v50 etc. Each size having its own varying sized rewards being War Supplies. (Iron/Food/Arrows/Etc), Mina Credits, Rp Items related to the war and War Claim boons
2.) If both sides reached the assigned Cap and still have members on both sides willing to fight, cap will be raised until both sides can no longer be evenly matched.
3.) If a Match has been scheduled and no one shows, other side wins by default, although prize will be slightly smaller.


Note: Please keep in mind these War Moderated Mini Events are something new to the team and players. So things will be changed and altered quiet often, sometimes on the spot. Either it be rules, rewards, etc. At the end of the War I will be gathering feedback from both sides on what can be done to improve.

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