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The Miner's Guild

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The Miner’s Guild



An age-old organisation, for those full of avarice and ambiton.


The Miner’s guild was founded by Rythion Soulus, originally an low-born mixed Heartlander child. Arriving in Helena broke and penniless, his ambitious mind began searching for ways to generate substantial income. Upon finding hearty demand from nobles and military men for irons, golds and other valuables, he soon become a personal supplier of bulk iron to many important customers. As his name spread, he soon found the work outpaced his own capabilities alone, and so he began enlisting others, new recruits to help fill contracts and bring these nobles and military men the resources they needed. Today, a whole team of miners, spread across Arcas, works hard for some of the best pay provided by any job, to fill important exclusive contracts and make their own fortune.


Apply either below or through personal message, providing your name ((IC & Roleplay)), address ((Discord)), and home city.


Welcome to the Miner’s Guild.

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The Honorable Company of Mercers, located in Helena, writes to the Miner’s Guild.



Dear faithful Miners,

The mines are Arcas are in pitiful condition, and we thank you for your work to organize them. The honorable company of Mercers shall inform the mining populace of Helena of your recruitment, and asks if you would be interested in a provision of supplies for the safety of your miners, and helping us in our goal of keeping the mines of Arcas as safe as possible. You may find our Guildhall on Rupert’s Row 3 of Helena, marked by our signage. 

Grouch Carrington, Master of Mercers UFz8zOH9QazflGe6Bl9xXzfOljFzK-AYxRJuQWPbftFs8j-jcKQoL78djhqTn77pcj1LjRxSLL4IoIRVsPIQzkcZ9DDChA7pVSN52-YuV3wizYGqF5Jw0pqPdmCLG9_DgBc1VQFF

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