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Our Priorities to You:

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Building the big society: We will use the power of the state to stimulate social action and community responsibility, including a new focus on cooperative enterprises where workers have a say in their organisations. We will legislate to call on, train, and pay community organisers empire-wide.


Making Oren family-friendly: We will support Oren in becoming the most family-friendly nation on the continent, supporting families and giving them more control over their lives. We will support, through our Provincial Development Administrations, disadvantaged and dysfunctional families across the empire.


Fighting back against crime: We must fight back against crime and incivility in Oren by combatting the causes of crime as well as anti-social behaviour across our communities. By pushing for family-friendly policies, we will tackle those causes which include poverty and dysfunctional families. 


Repealing defunct laws: One-third of the Acts of the Senate are now defunct and redundant, leading to complex regulations which confuse Orenians and authorities on the law. We will repeal or revise all of these acts and bring them into modernity.


Reforming the Criminal Justice System: We will put more policing authorities on the streets, with a tough crackdown on anti-social behaviour and incivility on the streets. We will take tougher measures on sentencing to ensure that criminals do not offend again. We will relax the burden on the ISA, HRA, and the Constabulary by speeding up trials by introducing criminal summary judgements.







The Everardines will fight back against crime and anti-social activity on our streets, this has been our promise since the start of our last term and we successfully got the Fixed Penalty Act into law, giving the ISA, HRA and the Constabulary the authority to issue on-the-spot fines.


Violent crime in Oren is just as prevalent as ever. The policing authorities keep order in many cases, however trials are prolonged and inefficient. We must streamline the process of justice which supports our ISA and our judiciary.


We will rebuild confidence in our judicial system so that Oren stays on the side of the victims of crimes, rather than pandering to anti-social repeat offenders on our streets. Law-abiding Orenian citizens should never have to witness a crime nor interact with a violent criminal in our cities and towns. We will give more power to policing authorities so that they can make important choices in any situation rather than ticking boxes.


Targeted measures on crime:

  • establish mandatory minimum sentences and punishments to standardise our judicial process;
  • establish a three-strike policy for repeat offenders, banishing them from the nation on the third;
  • expand constabulary locations in a productive way;
  • give lawmen further powers to investigate crimes at their professional discretion;
  • introduce incivility behaviour orders (IBOs) to combat anti-social behaviour likely to cause distress.


We will introduce both civil and criminal summary judgements so that misdemeanors can be heard quickly by a single justice in one sitting without the need for juries.  We will set out this consolidated procedure by which the court can decide certain criminal issues without trial. We will expand what you can be sentenced to in a summary judgement, so no man faces a punishment too heavy.


The Everardines will expand the rights and authority of our policing bodies as well as take an extremely radical new approach to how we approach our criminal justice system. With this in mind, the Everardines offer real change, with real policies.

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