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Keralis' Trading Post

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[!] This is/will be posted to a wall in the shop itself.

Welcome to Keralis’ Trading Post!

Our goal is to provide the what everyone needs at everyone prices! Please see our tools and gear on the shelves for items that even the youngest dwed can afford! Forget your pickaxe on your way to the mines? We are conveniently located outside the B Dwellings so you don’t have to turn around!



Tools and Gear


From filling food to simple tools like the pickaxe, we aim to stock the supplies you need to get your start in the city or resupply for a honest day’s work.

Slow Day Supply


Are you a store owner or crafter who hates the grind of finding or transporting supplies? I am more than happy to assist! From delivering to acquiring, I am more than willing to bring you what you need while you are doing more important things!




For a few minas a stone week, I will hang an advertisement for your trades! Are you looking for a hard to find item? I’ll post an ad for you in my store!





We hope to offer a few storage barrels for rent so that visitors to the city have a place of security for their wares, or for traders to place overstock! Once we get this in place, we’ll update this advertisement!

Questions? Concerns? Want to place an order or leave a message? Drop off a message in our mailbox or send a bird!


((OOC Notes: My discord is Nakis#6810. Slow Day Supply: I tend to be online when most other dwarves are offline or busy, so this is “let me do stuff for you at night so you can log in and spend more time selling/crafting. If this advert needs to be changed, please let me know!

My hours of activity are 8:30-10pm Pacific time))

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Dorimnur Goldhand looks upon his kinsmen’s work as a Goldhand with pride.

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