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Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth

The Josephite Platform of 1774

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The Josephite Party of 1774

For a Better Tomorrow








    The “Big Three”

Other Policies







Our platform details the main policies and issues that we’ll seek to deal with during this term in office. 


The “Big Three”

Our “Big Three” are the three core issues that we will address while in office; these issues are near and dear to not only our philosophy as Josephites, but as citizens looking to better our Empire.


- Defining Provincial Rights

The relationship between the Imperial government and the provincial governments, along with the rights afforded to the provinces, leaves much room for interpretation. We will set out clearly in law what powers the provincial governments are afforded.


- Balancing the Imperial Budget

The current expenditures by the Imperial government are far too high. Critical funds need to be redistributed to other offices and spending in general needs to be cut to prevent higher taxes being levied.


- Creating New Service Programs

In order to bring fulfilling, useful jobs centered around helping better the Empire, we will create several service programs designed to bring about both employment and aid to our nation.


Other Policies


- Aiding Haense in recovering from the Scyfling War

- Establishing an exploration office in honor of the late Juan de Lyons’s dream

- Creating a forestry reserve

- Creating a housing placement program for low-income and immigrant citizens



Although changes to the election system means that voting is done for candidates, rather than parties, there are still a number of old and new Josephites running for office this year. Each properly registered citizen can vote for three candidates. The list below details which Josephite sponsored candidates are running in which jurisdictions. If you live in Owynsburg, I implore you to vote for the Owynsburg group, and so on for Helena and Reza. This shall secure the Josephite majority for the upcoming session of the Diet.


Owynsburg Candidates:

- Jonah Stahl-Elendil

- Padraig O'Rourke 

- Oisin O'Rourke


Reza Candidates:

- Angelika Bykov

- Konstantin Wick

- Lukas Rakoczy


Helena Candidates:

- Edward Napier

- George Galbraith

- Viktorya Pruvia-Albarosa

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