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Community Meeting Notes - July 2020

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Community Meeting Notes

~ July 2020 ~





  • 8.0
  • Lore




Questions and Answers

               “How is Curios coming along? (For Telanir)” -Soul#9694

Unfortunately Telanir is not here but I will save the question!

               “What's the situation on cannons, guns, etc.? (For Story)” -AstienGreenhart#7262

Rift: We have I believe two pieces of lore written by the players for cannons. Once we get through the pieces from the lore games, we’re gonna be looking at those. If they’re accepted, people can make cannons. Guns are a techlock thing, that’s for us admins to consider, and I can not give you a definitive answer on that right now. As it stands, guns aren’t a thing.

               “How are the staff doing, both in general and in handling Covid-19/Work/school stress combined with LOTC? (For Administration)” -Nakis#6810

Covid is wild, it gives me twenty more hours a week to work on LotC, so… yay? 

               “What can we expect from 8.0? (For World)” -Soul#9694

In terms like the world itself (builds): Sick map and builds- and we’re working our ass off for quality builds for you guys. 
In terms of the story and how we'll get there (Story): Story team is already working on a bunch of stuff for 8.0, right Rift? (Yeah) We’ve had some ideas for how we can do transition based events for the next few months leading up until map transfer, yeah. We’ve got a custom map coming up, if you guys saw the teaser. We’re  working hard on getting out a rich world to explore and trying to get the best builds on the server. 

In terms of the plugins we'll use (Development): No devs present! I have chatted with llir about plugins and stuff- there are a lot of cool things currently in the works. I don’t know the status of them, but 8.0 we’ll see a lot of changes.

               “When are we moving? (For Administration)” -Sham00e#5026

You guys will know when we announce a date.

               “How will you explain the end of the world? (For Story)” -Its all so tiresome#0066

We had a teaser recently, as I mentioned before we’re planning some stuff out for how the map might end/how we’re getting off. We have things in the works for it.

               “Will blobiverse be early access? (For Telanir)” -Billy Sham#7300

That’s for Telanir, unfortunately I know nothing about that.

               “Will anything be done with the nether next map? (For World and Story)” -RedRiderYT#7752

If you’re referring to Xarley’s event line, but that’s limited to this map. We might have future plans, it depends.

               “If not, will the resources be in the ct pits? Or will those be gone? (For World)” -Bethinwonderland#3240

Find out in the trailer, dude. Going to have to wait and see. There will be alternative ways to getting resources rather than only in CT, I’ll say that.

               “I'm very excited by the possible economy changes, are those still coming along like the last post indicated, or have there been further changes? (For World)” -Nakis#6810

Yeah I mean Hiebe isn’t here right now but they’re working on it. It’s looking interesting so far, yes.

               “When you are performing a heist can you target a shop? (Shop plugin chests) (For Mods)” -Soul#9694

Yes! If it’s in a chest, it’s fair game in a heist. This implies that chests shouldn’t be placed in inaccessible locations- there’s a rule against hidden chests.

               “From the orcish end of the Uzg, when can we expect some approval on the rehauled shamanism lore that was recently finished? (For Story)” -The Hunter#0877

So, everything’s been posted again, we need to get through another few pieces. It might  take a week or two, it depends on how long it takes for the other pieces.

               “When using ST approved herbs to make salves and other medicines, you do not get a new item for the medication that is made from the herbs. Is there any plan for creating separate items for the medication made using ST approved herbs, with a set amount of uses? The raw reagent and the medication being the same item is rather annoying when keeping things organized and it kind of hurts immersion. (For Story)” -Desired#2831

I guess if that’s something you guys want to be done mechanically, that might be something for tech. I know we had stuff being made for the professions plugin, but I’d have to talk to [someone] more about that. From a roleplay POV, that could be done through /sreqs but that might be too much of a hassle.

               “Why is the server soo buggy and clitchy. From crashes to lag to alot of clitches. Such as if u read a book it crashes your game. Is it cause of the covid 19 and is there anything that can be done to at least make it better (For Devs)” -Sharkie#5450

A lot of the book issues stem from minecraft itself. If you find a specific book you’d like to report you can report it on the forums.

               “Will we remain on 1.15 during 8.0 so we don't have a repeat of what happened last time we swapped? (For Devs)” -Evonpire#0044

               “I apologize for double question asking, but is development on 8.0 far enough to know this. Will we be seeing more event lines unfold on 8.0, on a world basis to really make the atmosphere more interesting? (For Story)” -Evonpire#0044

Yeah. There will be more eventlines like this, yep.

               “With the Advent of 8.0, will we be seeing more event sites in general to represent the new and untamed continent? (For Story)” -Salty Alty#7030

Yes, there will be.

               “How big will the 8.0 map be in regards to ease of travel? Will players being pushing forward for 5+ minutes to go from one side of the map to the other? (For Devs, Admin?)” -DisembodiedVoices#7403

It would take more than 5 minutes if you wanted to walk, yeah. It’s still gonna be a large map that you can adventure through. There will be ways to make travel easier.

               “When are you finally releasing. The conflict rule rewrite? It’s been ages and without conflict the server is becoming staler and staler each day (For Mod Admin)” -kipps#1051

Most of the rules are an admin approval, so you’ll see ‘em. They’re not in creation anymore any that’s the plus side.

               “Can we hear 8.0 map name? (For World)”  -TimberBuff#2397

               “Will techlock be changed in any way between this 7.0 and 8.0? How would the Wiki and Lore be affected by these changes, if at all? (For Story)” -Riftiro#9118

Similar to guns, it’s something the admins need to discuss. I don’t think there’s going to be sweeping overhauls again. If we do make adjustments, it’s going to be a small thing saying like ‘oh you can use this piece of technology now’. For the second question, the wiki will be updated to reflect the changes. The wiki is been getting a massive update by Lyonharted, hopefully soon. But everything, every single page will be up to date. 

               “When might we start expecting some end if the map type events? (For Story)” -cobbler#0001

               “Will we be switching to 1.9 pvp finally, the hit delay make pvp really awkward, I feel that 1.9 pvp would solve that problem. I would also assume that in 8.0 there would be weapons that you could adjust the swing rate of, making nexus weapons more varied, making 1.9 more viable for the new map. (For Devs)” -Law Gnome#8558

I will ask Telanir! Highly doubt it will be 1.9.

               “Will we have things like thirst and food going off and things like that again soon? (For Devs)” -AstienGreenhart#7262

Another Tech Team question. We’ll answer when we can!

               “So, when we transfer to 8.0, how are item transfers from this map to the next gonna work? Economy updates? (For World)” -LordScisso#5640

We’re probably gonna do what we did last time and ask you to put items into a vault of some sort. If those items have a lore-approval, we might resign them. If they’re outdated, let’s say for runesmithing for example, we would take those items out. Something like that. As for resources, I doubt we’ll be letting those through.

               “Where is the best place I can find recent and up to date info about things to come and stuff going to be happening soon in regards to the LOTC. Such as plugin development goals, teasers, map change etc.” -Danylwb#5287

The announcements section of the forums as well as the Discord announcements. 

               “Why was runesmithing denied?” -Racker / Lefty#7206

It didn’t fit the criteria of what the ST were looking for.

               “Can those map transitioning items not be affected by text and formatting, as last transition made lots of items look horrible overall & 'signed by flam' (For Admin/Tech)” -nano#0784

We do have access to a command that can remove signatures, so we won’t have to do reformatting on all that- hopefully. 

               “Can the runesmithing question be elaborated on, what exactly did not fit the criteria (For Story)” -Racker / Lefty#7206

That is something I (Rift) am grabbing from one of my managers. 


               “With magic, will self teaching be brought back in any way shape or form? (For Story)” -Luna_Faithful#4247

Self teaching is already a thing.


               “So, on economy updates for next map, what should we expect? Will money be harder to come across than just for voting? (For World)” -LordScisso#5640

Yes, much harder. It’s gonna be more dynamic rather than just getting on each day to get a set amount of mina. You’ll have to start working for your money.


               “Will shop of wonders still be a thing next map? (For World)” -Sliw#0001

I guess that’s up to the economy team.


               “Will there be a magic plugin? (For Devs)” -garentoft#1980
That’s another tech question.


               “Will safety be a thing again? (For Admin)” -Sliw#0001
Safety is still a thing. 


               “Is it possible to get more enchantments for next map, rather than locked to shop of wonders? (For Tech)” -nano#0784
That would be another tech question unfortunately.


               “Will we get more looks at 8.0 before it comes out? like sneak peeks, etc. (For World)” -AstienGreenhart#7262

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