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The Hermit Shatters

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The sounds of the river intertwine as mud falls from his hands. The scent of pine permanent upon his nostrils as he trudges towards the whirling noise that lies in front of him. The darkness envelopes his vision, streaks of purple and gold embracing the Abyssal darkness that follows the hermit and his madness. The slick mud squeezes through his fingers as he staggers up the hill towards the whistling vibrations that lie ahead.

The end


The torment and madness of the old figure encapsulates his mind, a few screams exchanged before a sickening crack following through in his mind. Blood spraying across the branches and mud that was his home for many years, returned to the worms. Finally, returned to the worms. The cycles continue, the gears twist, everything happens for a reason. His eyes glance up towards the night skies for a single moment before his passing, the jagged scar of purple twisting through the cosmic expanse. The streaks of gold come from the explosion within the sky, seen within his own mind.


It begins


Nothing. Nothing remains.






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