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Within These Decaying Walls

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A young half-orc shaman stood within the newly reconstructed portion of the Goi. His brow and forehead glistened with sweat as he took in a gentle huff of air, his belt was decorated with various construction tools, such as a hammer and some nails within a pouch.  He glanced over his work, smiling at it even. He turned and moved over to one of the tents, dipping under the hanging fabrics, only to make his way to a large barrel of water, he grasped onto one of the bowls that sat nearby, he moved to dip the bowl into the water and allowed it to fill. His arm lifted the bowl upwards, and moved to pour the liquid within over his head, washing away the sweat that had collected within his hair.

The half-orc placed the bowl down, running a hand over his forehead to brush back the few loose strands of his hair. After having cooled himself down some, he moved out of the tented area and headed deeper into the Goi. His eyes scanned over the walls, examining the cracks that crept up the walls, a frown building upon his face as he walked.. He moved deeper and deeper, heading into the less visited areas of the city.  His eyes were met with a sight beyond what he imagined, his gaze scanned over the eroded walls of the city and the fallen stones that littered the ground around him, he froze in place, eyes taking in the sight of the once strong walls reduced to cracked surfaces and tumbling stone.. He shook his head, hand moving downwards to grasp at the hammer upon his hip.

He rushed from the Goi, moving into the housing area of the city, his hammer resting within his hand at his side. He moved to the door of Nurena’Yar, his arm swinging the hammer against the door, denting the wood as he roared out
“Let it bi known, mi challenge latz! Nu Yazgurtan zhuld alluw our Goi to peep lyke zhiz!” He roared, slamming his hammer repeatedly into the door. After a few moments of such he allowed his hand to drop to his side.. Shaking his head slowly as he glanced around at the crowd of orcs that gathered. “Let it bi knuwn, Fauth’Lur challengez Nurena’Yar fur Yazgurtan!”


Some screenshots of the recent updates made within the Goi.



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