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A Question for the Aristocratic Culture

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Upon observations of the patrician class, lavish balls held in celebration of cause or individual appear always in the Orenian culture. The pageantry and politicking reserved for the high nobility at such occasions is to be expected, though it is upon observation, the effect this has had on the individuality of the men and women of the realm. To what extent is the individuality of the man and woman lost within the contemporary culture of ballroom and pageantry? GOD created every man and woman to be wholly individual and unique, as to never be replicated. As sons and daughters of GOD, individuals are expected to retain the identities given unto them by their Creator, and, concerned, is the disposition of this thesis, that by striving to be the auspicious archetype, the nobles of upper Oren are conforming at large. 



One might argue that a primary purpose of balls and such is for men and women to court and seek out potential suitors, and though that is warranted, the fear is that women are rendered one-dimensional and both sexes trim themselves to be something they are not. The finances thrown at the personal mantles of vanity and physical displays of prestige are troubling, for surely, that is not the summation of the Orenian person. The aristocracy must look inward, to examine the culture they cultivate, and remind all attendees that it is the value of celebration that such events are to be held on the basis of, and not in adjacent to. One can enter a ball and see women in, for lack of better word, desperate attempt to replicate the woman beside them, and whilst role models are critical for a bettered community, individuality is lost at this occasion. Displaying themselves like stock, by the mantles of their dressage, when rather their kindness, charity and wit could be the primary emphasis. This issue is nuanced; for I do not propose formality and tradition is dismissed, rather I urge the culture to be introspective and understand that having their partakers become copies of one another, for the sake of a betrothal or suitor, is not what GOD intended for us. 



Remedies observed for shifting emphasis on values of charity and celebration are through donations and awards at such occasions, though still, one notices the swaths of same-faced men and women jostling without true contentment. One hopes that there will come such a time when men and women may convene, dressed formal still, though not stressing their purses for the sake of impressing one another, but respecting themselves and the occasion. Men and women are multi-dimensional beings, created and ordained by GOD, and so for them to suppress their many colours, is a tragedy being witnessed today. 



The aristocracy may do as they please, yet I urge them to remember the humanity and individuality within each man and woman, and that one is encouraged to lean into such, for upon doing so, they will be closer to GOD, as long as it is in alignment with GOD’s plan of creation. Another man’s path is not yours, for yours is distinctly authentic, and may not be replicated or shared, not wholly. And thus, in a culture of ballroom assimilation, stress not your purse for the sake of looking like the Mary or John beside you, but adorn the colours of your own individuality, for that is you. Threading these occasions with emphasis on community or individual celebration of merit, charity and the virtues of the Holy Scrolls, events shall be as virtuous as they are glorious. By doing this, our pageants will be a mosaic of true Oren, and not an archetype that only befits the few.




Sister Madeleine of Kaedrin






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The Secretariat of the Canonist Church, Anya, upon glossing over the epistle and mulling over its content, reclined into a lacklustre seat within a dim chamber of the Holy See. Poising her pen, the cadaverous minister sought to return a letter of inquiry to the wizened sister.


”To Sister Margaret, 


Your piety and humility is admirable, and your thoughts well-articulated. I have yearned to speak with a fellow sister of the Mother Church with a similar ardor for truth, introspection, and virtue as I. In due time, should you be in agreement, I’d enjoy a rendezvous in the Abbey of Saint Thomas of Gaekrin, within your demesne of Owynsburg.




Anabel Vladimirovna, Secretariat of the Holy Mother Church.



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James II remarks to his Secretariat, “I was just considering this question recently. It is questionable to what extent ‘individuality’ plays a part in God’s expectations of us. But certainly it is emphasized in the Scrolls that each of us has particular gifts and a station assigned to us. Sister Madelaine is correct that sometimes courtly culture strays too far, making what ought to be individuals into mere characters on a stage.”

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Pascual would read over the missive,


”She would have made a great ONP member-speaking her word against the noble pig-i give her my blessing.”

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The Lieutenant-Governor, Lorena Helvets, seemed rather forlon as she read the essay between piles of treasury ledgers she had been tasked to mill over. She had just thrown her own debutante ball to revel in how far she had come, but perhaps it had been an unnecessary extravagance. She’d brood on this for the rest of her afternoon.

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