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Where Will The Crow Nest?

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5th of Joma and Umund 339 ES

By Georg Alimar 


The winds of change howl as the gliding crow searches for the branch to nest her young. As this generation marks the day of independence, the unforeseeable became reality. Allegiance now is bound to no one but Godan and to ourselves to live up to the immense calling of this moment. Let us recall this destiny, forged not from miracles but from sacrifice, blood, and duty. Let us also move with conviction to make great on the promise to our posterity that a free Haeseni people will forge a future that shall see their zenith. It is in this promising future that we must continually ask—where will the crow nest?


History tells us that our nest is perched on the branches of risk, knowing that our efforts we will reap are worthy of our courage and determination. When Koeng Petyr I strode through the Greyspine, marching in step with his kin through the snows of the brutal winter, the vision of proud Highlandic men seeking a future of self-determination found the fulfillment of their sacrifice in this historic independence. As Koeng Josef returned to the city, he brought with him the promise of renewal to the Bihiarist values of freedom. The young king stands above us, but yet he is also among us, sharing in the mirth and glee that affords us the opportunity to see what our potential can amount. Standing behind him are those who came before, looking down from the eternal nest to see that a new generation shall consecrate this free land into a new age.

Whether it was battling our adversaries at the Siege of Kraken’s Watch to the humiliation at Vasiland, from the victory at the Greyspine, to the hardships of the War of Two Emperors, and to the casualties of the Scyfling War, Haense endures with a reminder that no one who has died shall have done so in vain. The great families of the North, whose ancient and novel roots alike bind together the fabric of Haeseni honor, have taken to great lengths to renew the cause for sovereignty. The immense sacrifice paid in sweat and blood by Houses Vyronov, Baruch, Amador, Barclay, Kortrevich, Ruthern, Ludovar, Alimar, Stafyr, Wick, Kovachev, Pasquier, Marbrand, and Vanir, that our collective national conscience draws its strength. The valor of all of our people, whose renewed sense of duty to till the fields, to forge steel for our men, who fill our coffers with gold, and heal our sick in their dire need, this day belongs to them. We are reminded of glory and valor, but never forgetting when Haense stood on the precipice of death. Our resilience is our virtue. Our unity is our power. Our history is our inspiration.

Our shared past with that of the Holy Orenian Empire cannot be overlooked. Our destinies maintained a duality inseparable under oath and observance of Horenic virtue. Inasmuch as we find ourselves in the midst of this harmonious separation, the Haeseni acknowledge gratitude for the years of union that have kept humanity whole amidst the resurgence of malevolence. In the spirit of respect and mutual regard in our previous interconnected path, let this independence show nothing but our esteem and cordiality that our people seek to maintain. May the providence of Godan perpetually enjoin our affection as the unified mystical body of the human soul.


Lastly, let us trace back the histories of kingship and the eras that have led this nation. We remember when Koeng Petyr I wore the crown in faithfulness to the sacrifices before him. We remember the passionate Koeng Andrik II in his quest for liberation. We remember the humility in defeat against Courland under Koeng Marus I. We remember the Greyspine when we retook our land and restored its name under Koeng Stefan I. We remember our devotion to the faith under Koeng Otto II. We remember our fight for sovereignty under Koeng Otto III. We remember our prosperity and happiness under Koeng Robert I. We remember the affliction of war and oppression under Koeng Marus II. We remember our glory and unity fostered by the great Koeng Andrik III. We remember the dutiful integrity of Koeng Andrik IV. We remember the steadfast zeal of Koeng Sigismund II. 


We will always remember our independence. 


With hope, 

Georg Alimar





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