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Over yonder towers of guarding infested walls- the furious cluster of imps and Inferi rushing through the camp, pushing past one-another to rush to the center of such- crude imps with barbed whips being carried by Inferi to the gathering of vile demons all collected to spectate upon a hulking figure of a beast; their leader, their commander, their savior. 
The camp of Last Light would realize that patrols were becoming more frequent- scouting parties commanded by imps almost making themselves known on purpose as they kept their distance from enough to simply spectate the walls of such, not coming close enough to be harmed. Through their attempts to sleeping, they could hear the roaring and howling of unholy beasts and the suffering of descendants- Inferi torturing dwarven slaves in the dead of night to simply allow the populace of the camp to hold their dreams into nightmares- as if warning them of what was to come of them soon. Though throughout this, no direct attacks were held, only simple tactics of the mind to hold an intimidating presence. However, it worked; even those who were not afraid- those who held fear away from their souls- could only awaken, in time, the primal instinct of that unholy image: the frothing mouths of crooked teeth, embedding themselves upon their flesh in their dreams, or rather, nightmares. 

The Inferi camp was held in disarray amongst their leader’s announcement, their large General raising a clenched, azure fist amongst his speech- his listeners held to hundreds of horrid creatures raising their readied weapons upon the sky, readying the camp for a battle.

”For years, we’ve held that unholy threat across the land- because some of you are too inept to do their jobs!” The General exclaimed within a large cackle, the Inferi soldiers pushing and blaming each other in the crowd- before the large Inferi slammed his armored fist upon the camp’s walls- causing flesh-like walls themselves to stir and ripple; “SILENCE, YOU FOOLS!... Soon, the day of reckoning shall be upon them, and we shall pick our teeth with their bones. It comes to me now that we’ve been too easy on them- for they’ve harmed our great wall! I have heeded their call, and I shall answer the lot of you!”

”If I want something right, I must do it myself!”

The General procured his weapons- a half--dead dwarf injected with daggers and arrows bound by thick ropes to a jet black shield, and a golden hammer that brought its shining vessel crashing into the ground below- cracking the stone under his feet. The Inferi army went silent following the loud bellow of the General’s hammer, only to create a large cheer as their commander formed a wicked grin- one full of broken and mangled yellowed teeth.

The General viewed upon his army with arms spread wide, a hearty cackle erupting from him as he murmured, almost to himself;

”It begins.” He said.
”So it begins...” Another voice speaks.

”It has begun.” A third voice says.

The Shattering by *NorseChowder on deviantART

Location: Last Light Camp

9/25 - 9/27

Friday 4 PM EST, Saturday 4 PM EST, Sunday 4 PM EST


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