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  1. Reading this was rather hard due to the unnecessary fluff used in the lore as well as the simple things you outline in your abilities for example. I think someone in the thread already made a good comment on what could be done differently - so all I really have to say is that while I think you did a fair attempt at trying to circumvent powergaming and metagaming, it still is extremely possible. Players will always find new ways to abuse lore in ways you'll never anticipate. (A personal note from me, making everything a bright white text makes it harder to read in my opinion, perhaps using t
  2. For the first time in a long time, a certain Dark Lord smiles, now that Buck has returned. Finally, he'd think to himself, a reliable source of news.
  3. Will the compass also be pointing players to pre-existing Settlements such as Yong Ping in the future? I imagine this won't be the case because I can see how settlements can be hard to manage with plugins.
  4. see you, keep in touch
  5. That's the plan yeah, I'm going to try to make sure that it doesn't become extremely watered down if it gets accepted. Instead subtle and not every RP interaction becoming an Aladdin Fan-fiction.
  6. MC Name: Xx_BloodStalk_xX Current Tier: N/A Desired Tier: A Reason to be Moved: This isn't even my final form.
  7. I'd say yeah, I'll go ahead and add that. Nah this is 100% true and we're aware of it, but not everyone is always active and to play the CA right you need to be willing to be active in multiple communities. The purpose of the Cursed Djinn system is to offer more roleplay to creed-breaking rather than just pking someone outright for not playing the CA right (kind of like how reincarnation doesnt hand your character immortality on a silver platter), so the survivability of it wasn't our main priority - simply of how we can make it as interesting as possible i
  8. @Qctho McAntoine Basically the reason why Kha aren't specified is because Kha cannot become Djinn. This is because Demi-Djinn must be Descendants. Kha, while indeed having greater souls, aren't Descendants.
  9. Art by Karl Simon Demi-Djinn The Beginning The Jinn and the Wiseman Ψ­ΩƒΩŠΩ… ΩˆΨ΄ΩŠΨ·Ψ§Ω† In our realm of magical creatures, sights and oddities- there existed rumors and legends of yore concerning those who have ventured to seek the existence of such spirits. Many tales have been told about these creatures, yet most served as no more than honeyed words for the sake of telling children something to help them sleep at night. They say these spirits had the forms of unholy nature and that their faces were ever-changing; the sign of an avid shifter of forms.
  10. There is actually I reason why I specified Glimmerstone being inedible. So, giving a tl;dr of the lore Glimmerstone can do three main things without the need for heavy player creativity; lighting paths, added detail to player items and murals amongst the dwarven community, as well as its ability to treat rusted metal. I thought since Glimmerstone can do so much stuff already, I might as well make it inedible since I know someone is going to try and put it in their mouths.
  11. Glimmerstone Art by @Spleen Background Found mainly in mines with low maintenance, this material was first recorded to have been found by one dwarven miner who had found a patch of them growing along the walls of his family’s private mine- which had been abandoned for years. The material was dubbed β€˜Glimmerstone’ due to its texture and its likeness to many other minerals. Another quirk that was evident on first contact upon Glimmerstone was that when in complete darkness it proves specks of colored light across its outermost layer. For a good amount of time, not muc
  12. I think it'll be fine so long as you remember how long ago it was you died
  13. will these be enforced to be for actual staff announcements rather than the [REDACTED] team spamming memes
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