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  1. Farming Should specific plants grow better in certain biomes? Yes Should there be subspecies of plants (e.g. multiple species of wheat seeds such as millet, barley, or rye)? Sounds like too much effort over nothing Should the time of year influence your harvest yields? No, time is a really strange concept already with how months/years work so it'd just feel weird Should certain races be better at farming than others? I wanna say no but if you decide that you're going to go that far you should inquire different players well-versed in respective race lores (or just ask ST) what kind of subspecies they'd be better at farming at rather than just straight up saying "x race is better than x race". Composting Should different types of compost be available which help with different plants? I think only one type of compost is fine, we don't need a whole complicated compost system Should it be possible to make a generally 'better' bonemeal? I don't see the point Rarity Should different rarities of food ingredients exist, which require more or less effort to acquire? No it doesn't need to be that complicated. Raising Livestock Should older animals provide progressively better ingredients? No, there are lots of reasons why I really don't like the idea of this but I don't want to get into them and just say the simple reason; animal farming is super weird and hard to moderate I'm pretty sure there are lots of places with underground animal farms so it'll just feel like an overcomplicated farming sim for no reason Should certain races be better at raising livestock than others? No, but yes only if different races specialize in different livestock (orcs = chickens, humans = pigs, dwarfs = sheep etc.) Should the feed you provide your animals change what quality ingredients the animal then produces? No Should specific animals grow faster in certain biomes? No Should you be able to brush your animals to make them happier and also produce better quality ingredients? Yes, this is a fun idea Other Food Sources Should berries be altered to reduce their effectiveness? Yes Should the amount of Billybob Taters be reduced? No, just change the item descriptions so that you can actually stack them in one group. Beekeeping Should this exist? Yes Alcohol Should aging alcoholic beverages for longer make them stronger? Yes, that's a really neat and cool idea and gives neat flavor on the item. Cooking Should custom recipes exist for other foods (e.g. spaghetti, sandwiches, haggis)? I think a really cool way to do this would be to have players be able to write their own recipes that they can give to other players to copy and use, instead of just having just a really boring IRL food submission. Should this be restricted to just saturation and hunger bars, or should this also include any or all of: Health Boost Absorption Regeneration Saturation (potion effect) Haste Should it be possible to create entirely custom recipes (ST Admin only)? Yeah Should certain recipes exist that are race-locked? No that's like saying I can't make spaghetti just because I'm not from Italy, if you're gonna do that stat-effectiveness thing just say you can't make it as best as it can be unless you're its unique race. Should you be able to take an arbitrary food item and 'reskin' it into another food item? This would PRESERVE ALL MECHANICAL PROPERTIES of the food item in question, but allow you to then CHANGE ITS APPEARANCE, allowing you to roleplay it however you would like. Yeah of course Cannibalism Should descendants drop a food item when slain (up to a limit per day)? That's funny sure Should this grant additional buffs to undead players? No
  2. how come we're adding a bunch of colors instead of implementing custom colors w/ hex codes?
  3. When asked about the man named as Alicjo Veranna, the one known formerly as the Dark Lord had this to say.. "Alicjo the Wyrmtongue." He thought, placing one leg over the other. "The man has a rigid attitude, but above all else.. expels a flame from his breath more volatile than any dragon's."
  4. keep making these threads they're fun
  5. we are so back.

    1. Juno.


      We are so back

  6. Will you accept, or will you run away? The lone figure asked himself as he paced through a seemingly endless desert, the burning sand below his shoes hissing with each step he took. As he continued off towards the darker side of the sky and his form was briefly shrouded in shadow by the many spires and hills, he let go of the parchment and allowed it to fly past him in the sand-traced winds. When you face an unforeseen self, what will you do? Allow yourself to return home, ruined? He'd ponder, turning back towards the sun he left behind, his form changing the further he walked. No one is made up of one side. With their quirks, comes their opposites. Is it so bad to embrace them, from time to time? Continuing forth, that ancient sage met the burning wind with an unyielding gaze, and his skin refused to crumble to the dry air. It's alright to change.
  7. put me in the ring with the guy who put random berry bushes around the map for five minutes

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    2. ThatFunkyBunch


      Hey wanna help me and @ColonelKuehl1 make the Pesticide MArt that removes all berry bushes from the server?

    3. Smol
    4. Jaelon


      death penalty i think

  8. while i like when its easier to find rp and have trouble finding it sometimes i dont think the general idea of having a lot of nations and realms is a bad thing, i think its cool to see a lot of different playerbases, but unfortunately like a lot of things lotc isnt a place that supports a system for multiple nations imo. at least for a healthy amount of ppl in each community to make a thriving settlement (outside of player events). 

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    2. Islamadon


      is that luffy 

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      @Bonitoput this in fortnite terms please

    4. UnBaed


      shut up dude, i cant hear the best part of war without reason by hakita ultrakill if ur gonna keep talking



  9. Yea I suggested this b4 and some ppl said it might be bad since ppl would just pick bad emote colors to troll but thats honestly gonna happen unless we have like 3 "safe-to-use" emote-colors lol, the pros outweight the cons
  10. i wonder if we can have a plugin where we can make our emotes a custom color w/ a hex code input
  11. Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn Revision OOC Purpose: Overall Changes to Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Zakhrifa Recall Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Additions and amendments to Physical/Mental Changes Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Chameleon Cloak Demi-Djinn: Rivers of Wind Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Regeneration Demi-Djinn: Blades of Blood Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Zakhrifas
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