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  1. Yea I suggested this b4 and some ppl said it might be bad since ppl would just pick bad emote colors to troll but thats honestly gonna happen unless we have like 3 "safe-to-use" emote-colors lol, the pros outweight the cons
  2. i wonder if we can have a plugin where we can make our emotes a custom color w/ a hex code input
  3. Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn Revision OOC Purpose: Overall Changes to Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Zakhrifa Recall Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Additions and amendments to Physical/Mental Changes Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Chameleon Cloak Demi-Djinn: Rivers of Wind Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Regeneration Demi-Djinn: Blades of Blood Demi-Djinn and Cursed Djinn: Zakhrifas
  4. "As a former NL.." ^ This doesn't matter. Not downplaying the opinion of those who were in the position before, but a PK clause should never be enforced on NLs. The fact of the matter is, I'm sure being the figurehead of any large community can be fun, but it can also be stressful. The NL player is going to have the worry of "if I die here im going to PK" mentality, therefore there will be less large events in the nation, or at least the player will be less active on that character. Some other lame situations like that will happen, I'm sure. That being said, you shouldn't be an NL if you don't roleplay faithfully. I can understand that PKing your monarch can lead to some heavy times in the community, but what I'm trying to say is that this isn't a mechanical issue at all--it's a communtiy one. We should encourage good faith in our community to PK when the time is right for the better overall narrative. And if they don't? Ultimately, it's their choice. This is just a hobby. I know that this is really just to stop things like meticulous planning going into assassinations and for what? The NL to say ' * revives ' after getting 60 guards to log onto the ppl killing them? We should be shaming this behavior rather than trying to force a mechanical compromise that can force the NL to be even more like a job than it already is. Each of us, in our respective communities, should be praising those who do good roleplay to roleplay faithfully, and vise versa. The cons are more heavy than the pros here, I think.
  5. firstpersonmod is objectively terrible but good modpack..
  6. trying to find this stuff but i cant
  7. "I'm dying, Wright." Wright looked up from his drink, which Felix had pressured him into partaking. He remained silent for a long time before saying, "I see." A laugh came from Felix then, and the pair continued to chat. Though all the while, Wright was uneasy, and grew distant all the while. Death was always a thing he did not like to linger on. Though eventually the day came, and when it did, he was quiet and reserved as per usual, skulking about the halls of the palace. His tasks and duties took him past the fellow servants of the King, where he felt sunlight bleed through the slits of his mask. With a hand held over his head, he'd continue out onto the balcony and think on many things. Though inevitably his thoughts always went back to that young farmer he met on that fateful day. An ordinary, shy young man. How he grew, he thought to himself. For many, they could say that they will be catching up to him. That they'd see him again, one day. Though for Wright, that day would most likely never come. So he merely watched the people go by. As he had promised.
  8. A small group of migrants take up their luggage, departing from the lands of Adria seeking a new home in more remote lands. Their search has taken them to a ruined land. A new home. [!] Acre has become an Event Region Zone. To schedule an event, contact Xx_BloodStalk_xX or Werew0lf This land has been populated with the migrants of Adria, suffering from the effects of war. Having left their homeland, they now seek a better life away from it all to make their own home. Though amidst the trees, something evil is lurking. Only your actions can decide the fate of these people. How will you proceed?
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