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  1. Taking up the quill, an envelope baring the crest of Edenia soon found Mink Vuiller's presence via one exhausted courier. To Mink Vuiller, Greetings and salutations, young maiden. I've partaken in some interest to your request and have a proper solution that will solve both of our problems. I've a friend, you see, one who'll fail to reach out to you due to his default aversion to bold women such as yourself - one Crumena of Kamees - a follower of the Cannonist faith and a proper man if I've ever seen one. While he may not be the human you've asked for, and he may be a tad older than one such as yourself would like, is a man's faith not worth it to make up for that? Seek Crumena of Kamees if you wish to be given a worthy spouse, but hark; for this trial does not come without consequence. Crumena of Kamees is a proud 'aheral, and will settle for no less than a woman of his image. Seek me out for a pair of fake elven ears and a snow white wig, so that you may present yourself to him in your purest form. Until the day you make the right decision, The Dark Lord of Edenia, Dark Dael ((OOC Note: Contact @Heero if you wish to settle an appointment with Crumena! P.S: He is an admin, so staff bias comes with the package))
  2. With a flick of his wrist, the Lord of Edenia went to straighten the papyrus in his hand. Never thought I'd be so engrossed in this when I read the title. He'd ponder to himself, before starting to reread as he leaned back into his chair.
  3. me and the boys using holocrons to metagame the weaknesses and strengths of every magic on the server
  4. Dark Dael sends for a courier to deliver a fruit basket to the future Prince of Savoy. A small note is nestled within. "Congratulations."
  5. who is the main character this who is the lord of the craft that we are all just side characters in the main character's prequel backstory. we are the world build. the main character has not appeared yet.
  6. "Ser Dael." A bright grin soon appeared over his face, the young boy jumping up and down in excitement causing his scarlet cape to flop over his ginger perm. "Ser Dael! Yes! Uh, what my title?" ".. Urgh.." Cyrene's eyes blinked to the side as she thought, and only after a second she spoke once more. "The Great." She'd utter without much care, really only entertaining this annoyance so that he'd go away. "Ser Dael the Great!" He'd quickly salute the 'ame, his fingers slapping against his forehead, causing a red mark. "I'm Ser Dael! I go on patrol now, thanks Grandma!" Soon after, the boy moved his wooden sword away from his belt - running off with a skip in his step. "Stop calling me that! I'm not your grandmother!" She'd yell after the child as he left, moving back to lean against the bench. A happier time - a simpler time for the now Dark Lord. Another face. Another phase. Another loss.
  7. A sudden chill emerged over the Dark Lord's spine; and he truly knew - the Crimson King had fallen. "This.. was not in my 'premonitions'.." With a widened gaze, he fell back upon his throne, a palm concealing his left eye while those crooked teeth of his clenched. "You've no parting words for me, then? No.. your message is loud and clear, Oliver! I know what I must do now." The Lord soon stood, hobbling outside in that heavy limp of his.. leaving where he had remained this whole time - a frozen land burdened by its own machinations, freakishly huge spikes of ice concealing his figure as silver wisps followed his wake.
  8. there cannot be a solution where no bad thing happens imo the current system of birds, in my opinion, are especially flawed however its good because its convenient to everyone and doesnt cost anything (sending an irp missive shouldnt be exclusive to a nation's aviary or should cost anything nor should it have a limit - this idea is exactly the type of thing vortex brought on that stagnated rp for so long) i think entirely relying on a plugin would be bad too bc if the plugin breaks there'd be no way to send birds i think? but a plugin with controlled limitations would be a lot better than the system would be bad too so i think a good middle ground needs to be found but really no matter what decision or solution administration comes up with there will always be metagamers
  9. Dark Dael offered no rebuttal, no words, not even a hint of delight or despair at the news as his seers brought him news of this current event. For he already knew. Everything was going to lead up to this. Yet, a tired gaze wandered off to the side, silver wisps trailing off of his figure. "About any day now," He'd tell them, looking far out the window. "That time is coming. The final piece is in place."
  10. fr thanks a lot for the hard work u guys put into this
  11. -1, think it can be used in tangent with things to come in the future or already-present niches that will lead to incredibly cheesy combos
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