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The Dark Carnival

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The Dark Carnival



From the Office of Elokarir’Hiylun

10th of the Amber Cold, 1790


As the days grow longer, the howl of the bitter winds begin to grow, the pumpkins ripe and round in their patches. Hallow’s Eve grows ever nearer and Haelun’or has chosen to celebrate amidst the victories of the descendants against the Inferi. Be you halfling, orc, or man, the High Elves invite you to mask yourselves as something entirely else- within reason, of course.



There will be games and treats and merriment enough for all who enter the Silver Bastion to join in our “Dark Carnival”, where the monsters run amok with candy and wine rather than frightful screams. Lareh’thilln plays host to this event and invites her allies and more to join in the revelry of the season, donning costumes or not is up to those who come. 



A brief list of events to occur through the evening...


Assorted Festival Games 

[Apple Bobbing, Strongman Game, other games to be added]

The Pumpkin Carving Contest

Witches’ Brew Drinking Contest

The Costume Contest

[Group and Single]

Assorted Booths



A gentle reminder; this list of events is not complete, there is possibility for more events and activities through the night as citizens of Haelun’or join in on the festivities. We ask you not to bring genuine weapons to the event and ask that masks be briefly removed when entering the gate processing period.


[OOC: Event will be taking place on October 25th, starting at 4pm EST.]

 [Contact Delila#0510 if you have questions.]


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