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[✓] [Druidic Feat] Singing Trees

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Singing Trees


Druids of an ancient order approaching a singing tree as they seek the knowledge placed within it.




During the reign of Malin, a singular Druidic Order was formed. This Order went about upholding the balance all across the lands. Sending Druii to distant shores in order to maintain the balance and rectify anything that had gone astray. One such order was the Vanfari Circle, a group of Druii sent to Arcas to investigate an imbalance that had been sensed by many of this great Order. Upon arriving they began by growing themselves a grove, hidden away within a secret forest, safe from those who might do them harm while they sought to complete their mission. 


Not worrying themselves with the conflicts of Krug, Horen, and Urguan’s descendants they quickly set out in search of what had caused this great disturbance in the balance. In doing so they discovered an ancient enemy, one they thought had long been lost to time and the Great War. Fearing the loss of many Druii to this enemy they began to experiment with their gifts in an effort to fight against this foe. One such advancement resulted in the Singing Trees. These curious trees were scattered across the land at points where the Druii could reach them, and only the Druii could understand the messages stored within their leaves.


These crystalline trees were used as a means of passing along messages, warnings, and more importantly knowledge that the Druii had discovered while confronting their enemy.  As the Vannfari Circle warred against this nameless enemy, they soon succumbed to them. Their numbers depleted to none and the ancient secrets of the Singing Tree died with them. This knowledge, like their foe, was lost to time and only remaining trees were discovered upon the arrival of Druii from Atlas. Unable to understand how to navigate the vast knowledge left within the trees, they studied and documented what they could.  Eventually the aid of the Nature Dragaar Taynei'Hiylu was called upon to retrieve this lost knowledge and grant it back to the surviving present-day Druid Circles. This knowledge was intended to be used to allow for future generations to benefit from it, allowing for the voices of elder Druii and Druids who have passed to still be heard by the younger generations that would follow.




Magic Explanation


The ability to create and navigate a Singing Tree is a Druidic Feat. This ability is powered through a mix of Communion and Druidic Infusion. A Druid is able to learn this Feat from someone who knows not only how to create the Singing Trees, but how to create an Index which allows for a Druid to navigate through the memories and voices that have been left within the tree. In order to learn this ability, a Druid must know Communion and have been taught Infusion. With these two abilities, a Druid may create the Singing Tree, as well as an Index to navigate through the tree, and other Singing Trees that may exist.  This ability requires a feat application to use and an accepted TA of the feat in order to teach this ability as well.






Singing Tree



A tree which holds a large amount of crystalline leaves upon it.  The bark of the tree itself is mundane along with its branches. Through Communion and Druidic Infusion a Druid can create such a tree, at first bare with no leaves upon it. After time a Druid can add memories to this tree allowing for their own voice to tell stories or lessons. They can also bring other Druids to do the same, by either using Powersharing with them, or using an Index to add their own memories and stories. For every story and message left, a new crystal-like leaf shall grow containing these memories. The leaf will take on the color of the aura of the Druids who created it, no matter who places the information within the tree.



A Druid may create one of these trees outside of combat.  The process of creating a Singing Tree takes time and focus, upon doing so a Druid will find themselves unable to use their gifts aside from passive Communion since this requires the use of Druidic Infusion. A Druid must spend a great deal of time in growing this Singing Tree with a minimum of six (6) multi line emotes being used in the creation process.  These trees can only be fully navigated by using an index, or power sharing with someone who has access to an index.  


Much like any natural tree, they can be chopped down with mundane tools and burned with regular fire, though one might find it takes a little longer for the wood of the tree to catch fire.  Should someone reach up and pluck a leaf from the tree they will find that it will instantly reduce to ash in their hands, the memory held within it destroyed forever. Should a branch be plucked off instead, the leaves will be sustained so long as a steady flow of druidic energy is introduced into the wood, should no energy be introduced into the wood then within three Elven days (3 irl days) the leaves will turn to ash and the memories will be lost. A Sing Tree's branch may only hold up to Five memories in total.


It is possible for these trees to be moved by using the Communion ability Ungrowing.  By doing so a Singing Tree can be moved should a location become too inhospitable for it. In doing so a Druid will un-grow the tree and store it within a small crystalline seed, which contains the entirety of the memories and stories the tree possessed. During this time these memories and stories may not be accessed, and the tree should be replanted within an elven week (1irl week)  or the seed will crumble to dust much like if you plucked a leaf from its branches. Keeping a steady flow of druidic energy into the seed will keep it alive until it can be replanted and will extend the week timer on how long the seed will live..


The information stored within the tree can only be fully accessed by someone who has an Index. Anyone else who Communes with the tree won’t be able to pinpoint anything they are looking for and can get any random assortment of knowledge. This knowledge should be kept within a form, or document of some kind given to those who have access to an index. Each tree requires that an ST either oversee the creation of the tree, or be given screenshots of its creation so that they can place a locked sign validating its existence. The tree should also have contact information for the creator so that anyone may interact with the tree.


The tree itself will fully grow between six meters, to ten meters tall (min 6 blocks to 10 block build height). The bark of the Sing Tree will always take up the properties of an oak tree. Maintaining the same consistencies and properties as an oak tree apart from the color as it may vary simply from a light colored bark, to a dark colored bark. This process will take up to three elven days to achieve the full height of the tree.  Once the Seed has bee planted it must be exposed to the sky, and have direct sunlight for it to grow.  Normal animals will steer away from this tree to not disturb the memories within the leaves, these animals sensing the druidic energy within the tree.  


Upon Communing with a singing tree without an index one would find the sounds of many different voices talking at once, unable to pick out  anything directly at a glance. Focusing in on a voice will clarify it to the point that a Druii is able to listen to a memory. This memory would be heard within the Druids mind as if the person who placed it there was speaking directly to them. Should you have an index then you can navigate through the voices finding specific memories that you might be looking for.


Red Lines:

  • A Singing Tree can only be created by someone who has an accepted Feat Application

  • You must have an accepted TA in this Feat to teach it to others.

  • To place knowledge into a Tree you must either possess an index, or Powershare with someone who has an index.

  • A Singing Tree is a flavorful way of storing, books, stories, and lessons and can not be used in combat.

  • Players cannot use a Singing Tree to allow for Self Teaching of Druidism or any of the abilities that are associated with Druidism.

  • Players cannot use a Singing Tree to teach any ability that requires a MA, or FA application.

  • A player may only add knowledge to a Singing Tree while not in combat, and not near-death.

  • Players may not use a Singing Tree to store the names/identifies of an individual or group in the process of killing them, or otherwise storing knowledge which will violate death/resurrection rules.

  • All Druidic Infusion guidelines, and redlines must be followed.

  • Ungrowing a Singing Tree requires that a sign be left indicating that the tree has been moved, or no longer there.

  • The above rule follows for if a Singing Tree is cut down or destroyed.

  • Removing a leaf causes instant destruction of a random memory.

  • Removing a branch keeps the memories alive, but the branch can not be returned to the tree through any means. The branch can only survive 3 irl days without a flow of Druidic energy. If this is not provided, the branch goes dormant.

  • A singing tree branch cannot be replanted to grow a new singing tree. If the Singing Tree Branch goes dormant, the memories are lost.

  • A Singing Tree can only survive for one irl week after being turned into a seed.

  • Should the seed maintain druidic energy it can survive indefinitely so long as it receives a steady supply of this energy.

  • A singing tree must be built between 6 to 10 blocks in height.

  • A singing tree must be exposed to the open sky and have access to direct sunlight 

  • A Singing Tree's branch may only hold a maximum of Five memories.

  • The bark of a Singing Tree maintains the properties of a normal Oak tree, it may be lighter or dark to allow for creativity when building the mc representation.



Singing Tree Index



A simple item that is infused with the knowledge needed to navigate the vast library of a Singing Tree. This item can be anything that can be held by the Druid so long as it has been Infused with the knowledge.  The Index itself allows for a Druid to not only navigate the Singing Tree itself, but to add new memories and stories to the tree.



A Singing Tree Index is used to simply access a Singing Tree. Much like reading a book a Druid can use this index to travel through the vast library of knowledge that may be stored within the tree itself.  This allows for a Druid to connect to the Index in one emote, and then to the tree in a second emote. To do this a Druid may not be in combat or conflict of any kind as this requires their full attention. With another two emotes a Druid may add a memory of their own to the tree through the index itself. This item must be created prior to accessing the tree itself. So long as the item is created using Druidic Infusion and has an ST signature then it can be anything that may be held within the Druids grasp. The index must be placed within something that can be held within the hand such as a crystal that can then be implanted into another item.


Red Lines:

  • An Index requires an ST Signed item that was created through Druidic Infusion.
  • “Singing Tree Index” essentially acts as an enchantment for Druidic Infusion in Communion lore.
  • You may not use this item to access a Singing Tree during Combat or Conflict.
  • You may use this item along with Powersharing to show someone else memories in the tree.
  • The Index can be destroyed like any other item.
  • Indexes are compatible with any Singing Tree
  • One may not use the Index on anything other than a Singing Tree.
  • An Index may not store memories from the Singing Tree at all, it is simply a relay to add and view the memories of the tree.
  • Requires that you Commune through the Index to use it.
  • With an Index you can seek out and find the location of a particular piece of information within a leaf.
  • The index must be placed into nothing larger than a hand sized crystal.

Singing Tree Interaction

(OOC Mechanic Information)

Google Doc Interaction

To interact with a Singing Tree's Google Document you must contact the owner of the tree. Should you have an index than you may freely browse the information upon the document and keep a copy of it. If you add information or remove information from the tree, the owner of the document must be notified and the document then updated. If a player does not have an index than then the creator will roll out of however many memories there are within the tree. An example would be if there are 50 memories you would do /roll 50. The creator would then give the person interacting with the tree what ever memory that corresponded with the number rolled. Should the tree be destroyed, then the document should be updated so that it indicates the information upon the list had been destroyed, or the document is to be deleted.


Forum Post Interaction

To interact with a Singing Tree's Google Document, one must first find the tree that the forum post corresponds to. Upon interaction if an individual has an index then they may freely browse the information that is within the tree. If the individual does not have an index then they must roll out of however many memories are within the tree. An example of this would be if there are 100 memories you would do /roll 100. The corresponding number that you get is what memory is given to you at that time. A player may not simply stand there to continue to randomly look through memories to learn them all as they do not know how many are within the tree. On the forum post it must be stated that you need an index to fully access the information. That you may not meta the information within the tree, or the creator of the tree through the post. That you must also follow Singing Tree Red lines when interacting or using the tree. If you are adding or removing memories from the tree, you must contact the creator to inform them of the memory added, or removed from the Tree.


Memory Removal

Much like a druid can add a memory, they may indeed also remove a memory. As stated above a druid who has an index may indeed find and remove specific memories within a Singing Tree. Upon doing so they must inform the creator of the memories removed, so that the Document or the Forum post may be updated accordingly. If a player does not have an index than random memories can be removed from the tree instead. This is done by doing a roll out of however many memories are within the tree. An example would be if there are 35 memories you would do /roll 35 and if you got 12 than memory number 12 would be removed. Upon removing these memories the owner and an st should be notified. The post should then be updated to reflect the removal of that memory. Should a whole branch be removed than five rolls should be done, and the above steps should be followed as well.  If the whole tree is destroyed then the creator and the st must be notified, the forum post hidden and the google document either deleted, or edited to reflect such an event has occurred.


Generalized Red Lines




This Feat requires that you known Druidic Infusion and Communion in order to learn it.

This Feat requires an approved application to perform.

This Feat requires an approved TA application in order to teach.

All Singing Trees require an ST to oversee its creation, or approve its creations.

All Singing Trees require an ST locked sign to approve them.

OOC Contact information of the creator must be left visible on the tree somewhere for interaction.

If you have an Index you do not need to contact the Creator to interact with a Singing Tree.

Removing or destroying the tree requires that a sign be left in its place stating the tree is no longer there.

These trees may not be used in combat in any way shape or form.

A Google Doc is to be created to contain all the knowledge left within the tree.

A Forum post is to also be created containing all the Knowledge of the tree. Should the tree be destroyed the forum post is to be hidden.

A sign with a link to the Forum post is to be left on the tree.

Removing the leaves causes them to instantly turn to ash and a random memory to be deleted from the Document or Forum post.

These Trees may not be accessed during combat or conflict of any kind.

These Trees are simply flavorful ways for Druids to keep a library of knowledge from Elder Druids.

These Trees can not be used to self teach Druidism, Blight Healing, Herblore, Shapeshifting, Driudic Transcendence, or any other Druidic abilities that may exist.

Only a Druid with Communion may use a Singing Tree.

An index can only be used by an attuned Druid.

A Soul Tree, epiphyte, or Treant may not use a Singing Tree as a tree.

All interaction methods with the Singing Tree must be followed. If memory removal is preformed, screenshots of the rp must be taken to confirm that the rp actually occurred should the st request to see the rp.




Purpose OOC:


This Feat is being introduced after the knowledge was found in an event. This format is being created to allow for monitoring, guidelines, and a way to track Singing Trees that are created. This is simply a flavorful way for Druids to store knowledge, lessons, stories, and possibly warnings for future generations of Druids to access. This is a feat magic, and does require that you know Druidic Infusion as this is an enchantment for Druidism. 


A big thanks to Xarkly for running the event that gave us the knowledge of these trees, and a big thanks to A_Keefy for helping to get this rolling as well. Also giving thanks to Wytchlings and Nivndil, Auric_Saint, and Delmodan for looking over this lore and giving me feedback on it. I hope you all enjoy this lore and I look forward to constructive criticism to help me with future posts. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Faewilds Author

A_Keefy Consultant

Wytchlings Consultant/editing

Nivndil Consultant/editing 



Edit Log.

Small grammar, and spelling edit [11/21/2020]

Formatting Edit [11/24/2020]

Added in a red line to prevent teaching of other magics [1/10/2021]

Added red line and lore clarification that you must have Druidic Communion and Druidic Infusion to learn this feat [1/10/2021]

Added in Clarification, and red line on how many memories a Singing Tree Branch Can have. [1/10/20201]

Added in a section on Singing Tree Interaction for OOC Mechanics [1/10/20201]

Added in a red line for Singing Tree Interaction [1/10/20201]

Clarified the appearance of the Singing Tree's Bark [1/10/20201]

Added in a red line for the appearance of the bark of a Singing Tree. [1/10/20201]

Fixed grammatical issues [1/10/20201]

Fixed a red line issue that contradicted with the rest of the lore [1/24/2021]

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So that's how close you were to finishing the lore. Good read and been waiting basically forever for this to exist. +1

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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