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  2. Why do they keep riding upon their horses when they are near death? full well knowing the dangers of the bushes of red. It is the negligence and overconfidence of the rider that kills the horse, not the stationary wellspring of nutrition.
  3. If something like this passes I would say that if an archer or mage does a full sprint away they lose the draw on their bow/focus casting a spell, resetting the emote count. But ngl Unwillingly said it best.
  4. The Nevaehlite goblin Gul'ash peered over the missive with a raised brow that soon settled into a frown. "Int-uhr-est-eeng. To mayke such choize een our nayme weethout blahing to dey rezt ub dey Vahle, ohr kall for agh mooht evun to propurli diskuss eet beefohre bring-eeng eet into dey world. Mi do nub ztand for such." The goblin took in a deep breath, calming herself before pondering the missive some time longer. "Dough if dey blah een eet am true deyn mi kan undurztand if doze ub uz dat wehnt do nub wish to go animohre. Mi should ub been deyr to mayke sure nub such theeng happuned... or bohre witnuss to eet agh mayke dey zayme choize az deym. guess mi weehl peep neckst tik."
  5. Wake the **** up, Vexer. We have a city to burn.
  6. The Daemon lore doesn't mention the ''time stop fart'' they did. 4/10

    1. ScreamingDingo


      we tactically retcon things like this 

  7. A goblin in the Vale lands is overjoyed by the return of the best news source in Aevos and giddily starts reading through it. "Nub wae!"
  8. "Veletz Kavalree" A goblin would state with a grin as she looked over the missive seeing a familiar face, followed by a saddened expression as she read through it's contents. "Mi wondur wub dey deed."
  9. Honestly more of this, I've once had to deal with people essentially teleporting underground into the bottom room of a burrow. throwing knives at me while I was still writing my follow up emote when the other person screamed.
  10. Ayo this looks cool. There better be a portable stew pot :)
  11. MC Name: FloralHedgehogRP Name: Gul'ashPersona ID: 71852
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