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  1. Harold loosened up his arms and legs, deep woodlike creaks and groans emminating from the joints as he turned to the sky. "Ready ter rumble."
  2. In the afternoon sun a sticky toad man neared providence whilst tugging along their usual cart of rock salt and other dubious wares before falling dead in their tracks as the news of another fallen wonk came to the holes on the sides of it's head. "Another one of my kind gone.. how many are left... how many of us are left that have not been robbed of their eggs by the Humies." Phillipé then bellowed out a low croak as they set their cart on the side of the road and leaned against it. turning their head towards the ground.
  3. "Agent P. is a valued member O' the secret order of druids. UUuuh ah mean Oh NO!!! I hope they find the Pla'ypus soon"
  4. "Whack." Harold stated as he read through the invitation, the wooden halfling folding it up and storing it in his satchel to hopefully not forget.
  5. Vortex took my wife and kids
  6. @Quavinir_TwicebornYou can't just make cute little mushroom people and not make them tameable/befriendable. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sorcerio


      I mean Im willing to cut off halfling toes to make my potions so these are much easier

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      protect da mushroom people!

    4. Mordhaund


      just take the entire specimen

  7. Still can't believe I roleplayed Boletius before it was considered cool with the kids. Good knock-off with actual lore 10/10
  8. Highly considering making a female high elf now
  9. Harold consumes the bread, paper included "Best source O' news 'n now nutri'ion aswell?! This buck lad' s a genius!"
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