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  1. "Freygoth is pre''y alrigh'." A wooden halfling would speak out as he payed a visit to the newly erected shrine in Brandybrook. "Wish the bloke wasn't so mad at druii for ''stealin' '' their worshippers, cause 'n my eyes ye can be both perfectly fine." The Halfling would let out a low hum as he planted some seeds around the shrine and moved off.
  2. "Oh that may also be true Brother." The wooden halfling nodded towards the Tall Elf before his gaze shifted towards the window "And how long have you been listening to us Sister? Get out here and enjoy the sunlight while we discuss this missive!"
  3. "I do believe I've heard my Dryophite dedicant mention they were called an Epiphyte, but what even does the Epi part mean except for being some confusing word instead of Dryophite which accurately describes how they are essentially a mix of a bryohpite and a Dryad." The wooden halfking cackled before his eyes shifted over to the wood skinned epiphyte "oh and hello Brother."
  4. "I'd love to meet this snake honestly." The wooden halfling hummed out merrily as he gave an acknowledging nod towards the Old Easterner "And for all I know It's the one I already know and miss and that'd make me rather happy."
  5. "Atleast they won't have to bother with Valean if Deities and Daemons aren't allowed citizenship." The wooden halfling would scratch the side of the head "Does paint a funny painting in my noggin' of a deific entity descending from the sky looking for residence and the Suticans outright refusing."
  6. "That defenitely won't spark joy for Joy and their currently unnamed metal sibling." The wooden halfling furrowed their brows once again. "Hopefully they get added to the list sooner than later."
  7. "I'm sure the Suticans wouldn't mind 6 meter TALL snakes slithering through their city." The wooden halfling man chuckled out merrily "Or maybe they do and it's the reason why dragons aren't on the list either."
  8. "I'd like to say that is false but then I also remember I didn't warn Roddy to stop shouting in the grove that one time. " The wooden halfling mused "This missive sure is interesting and I can't wait to see what will get added in the future. Maybe dragons?"
  9. "Aye why even make a list if you allow things if they're nice? sounds like they's be better off just updating their city laws with more behavioral guidelines." The wooden halfling man nodded their head "But I guess Bigg'uns never fail to surprise me."
  10. "Being against soup is one of the highest crimes in halfling society, I hope this won't badly influence the shogging war that has been going on." The wooden halfling furrowed their brows "They've got some weird little nitpicks in this missive for things they allow and don't huh."
  11. "They're called Gnomes Brother, and there is no mention of Threequarterlings either." The wooden halfling man nodded their head sagely "Also I wonder if it is the Diamondback that used to frequent the grove, no way in the nether it died and it must be somewhere."
  12. "It was nice of them to allow us to swarm their city and hunt down one of our KOS shuns. Anyways back to nitpicking on this missive, it's gotten quite fun." The wooden halfling grinned up to the tall elf "Why do they only allow sentient animals but make an exception for snakes? seems odd."
  13. "Glad to hear it Brother!" The wooden half man spoke out with an upbeat tone "This entire missive is just dumb though, If they're basically going to let anyone in anyways why not make a list of criteria to refuse folks entry, like being an arse, or actively secreetin' harmful substances without control over such."
  14. "I'm goin' ter write an angry letter towards the sutican council, this is just getting sillier and sillier!" The wooden man furrowed their brows as they looked back over the missive "And Golems without imperas are welcome but what about the Golems WITH imperas?! Poor Glothir."
  15. "ASPECTS SAKE! BOLETIUS OUR BROTHER IS RIGHT!" The wooden halfling buldered out towards the mushroom growing on the side of their head before turning back towards the tall elf "This is outrageous!"
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