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  1. For how to interact with this singing tree please follow this guide bellow. You must be at the tree in order to access this forum post. If you do not have an index knowing all the information within the singing tree is meta-gaming. Screenshots of interactions without an index may be requested by an ST for proof of proper roleplay. This forum post will serve as an outline for future posts for singing trees. This post will also be edited as more information is added or removed from the tree. For more information please contact Faewilds in game. 1)
  2. IGN: Faewilds Characters Name: Eryn Sirame Which game(s) are you signing up for: Agility Precision
  3. Eryn, resting within his home would suddenly stop what he was doing as he felt the pain within nature around him. Leaning on the wall he would pause as he sat there unsure of what had just happened. It wasn't long before the letter made it to him as he read it and slowly sank to the ground with every passing word. Finishing the letter he would slowly stand up and make his way to his room opening a small chest and pulling out a well worn box before slowly making his way outside of his house. It was sunny on this particular day, slightly cooler than the others, but the weather didn't bother t
  4. THE BALLOT MC name: Faewilds Name: Alrin Sul'Sumana Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( ) Maeve Elibar'acal (XX) Aestenia Aevaris
  5. I’m scared to even ask you, what pokemon am I.
  6. Singing Trees Druids of an ancient order approaching a singing tree as they seek the knowledge placed within it. Background/Origin During the reign of Malin, a singular Druidic Order was formed. This Order went about upholding the balance all across the lands. Sending Druii to distant shores in order to maintain the balance and rectify anything that had gone astray. One such order was the Vanfari Circle, a group of Druii sent to Arcas to investigate an imbalance that had been sensed by many of this great Order. Upon arriving they began by growing themselv
  7. [!] A letter would be delivered to 2 Silver Jubilee in Helena. The letter itself would be carried to the woman by a small, foot tall, clay Sorvian that would emit happy, and joyful noises all the while doing this.
  8. ((MC name:Faewilds )) Name:Elwenn Visaj Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Anethra Uradir ( xx) Eredael Rhenaer
  9. An Elven man passing by on his daily walks would notice the flyer. Thinking for a moment he would pull it away from the board before tucking it into his pocket. “I fit two of the positions needed. I think” The man would comment idly to himself before continuing off.
  10. An elven man would sit in front of his fireplace reading the invitation in his hand. Letting out a soft sigh he would carefully place it down on the table and then think back. “You’ve grown quiet a bit in such a short time oem’ii” he would mutter out with a soft chuckle as he shook his head. A sad look on his face as he thought of some present that he might be able to send his daughter in his absence from the ceremony.
  11. A man just leaving Farrador would pause as he took the notice looking it over before busting out laughing “Not even gone ten minutes from this place and what I told them was true.” the druid would fold the paper up as he continued on his way.
  12. I’d also request as this art uses my own character in it that it be changed. Honestly that’s all I have to ask at this moment.
  13. In the year of 1776 join us for the Blessed union of Alrin Sul’Sumana and Rosalynn Al’Abass In the Silver city of Healun’or The wedding will be held in the Eternal Library and led by Tam Terin. All citizens of Lareh'thilln and members of the Clericical order are invited to attend the ceremony and following after party in the Tavern. Several invitations are sent out to different individuals all across Arcas. (OOC Sunday July 19th 7pm EST)
  14. [!] A letter makes its way across the realms, carried by mechanical birds, to find its way to all those Clerics of Tahariae lost in the years. The note was sealed by the symbol of a silver stag. [!] OOC Note: This letter is going out to the disconnected Clerics of Tahariae, if you are not one of these individuals do not respond. “To all those of Tahariae’s grace, Those of faith have dwindled in recent years. A failure I find among those who once swore to be the stalwart defenders of Descendants, against threat internal and external. Regardless, I make prayer that m
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