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The Goldhand Clan


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ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᛟᛚᛞᚺᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛚᚨᚾ




“To be a Goldhand is to be an Opportunist.” -Dorimnur Goldhand


The Goldhand Clan are dwarven merchants at heart. They embody the utilization of greed for dwarves, and the advantage it brings when dealing with others in matters of trade. Quick witted, and always looking for a good deal, they often make up the upper echelon of dwarven society, constituting dwarven aristocrats. 


The Goldhands are devout worshipers of the Merchant Brothers, Armakak, the God of Trade, and Grimdugan, God of Greed. Every aspect of Goldhand affairs are permeated by their faith in the two Merchant Brothers, from the way they conduct business to their weapons and gear. A Goldhand seeks to balance both Armakak and Grimdugan, and over the course of joining the clan they will learn how to do so. For Goldhands, to truly be in the Clan is to combine both aspects of the Merchant Brothers. Balance is an integral part of the Goldhand identity, and is praised.


A true Goldhand believes and acts out the balance between Armakak and Grimdugan. By this they praise and enact The Merchant Brother’s will through their work.


Money makes the world go round. They believe that not might, but MONEY makes right. Anything can be achieved, for the right price.




Greed is not a malign force, not a curse as taught by some. Your greed is a tool, a guide. Let it lead you to prosperity, let it inspire you to do greater. A soul that learns how to utilize greed for the betterment of itself, its kin, its clan and kingdom will become unshakeable.”




Goldhands are a predominantly Cave Dwarf Clan, but those of amber hue and blonde of hair are considered blessed by Armakak, smooth of tongue, and those of black hair and bright of eye are considered blessed by Grimdugan, set to become renowned creators and miners. Goldhands do not limit themselves to just one trade, as opportunity leads to prosperity. Oftentimes Goldhands pursue professions in gem cutting, smithing, artisan works, or even exploration. A Goldhand lusts for opportunity, and the more elaborate their network of Contracts and contacts the better they will see in life. 


Honor has a different lens for Goldhands. Honor is something that is earned, and can be taken away. There is more a focus on respect for one another based on their skill, and respecting the shrewdness of a fellow merchant.


Goldhands get others to do the dirty work for them, they’re rich nobility, and time is money!

Goldhands are NOT charitable. They only make investments based on what they get in return, otherwise they wouldn’t make a profit, which would lead to displeasing Armakak himself.


Of most importance is the contract of a Goldhand. A Goldhand should always be true to his contract, but this does not mean he cannot stretch what his contracts mean. For someone to change the terms of a Goldhand’s contract is a grievous slight against the verity of the Goldhand and his knowledge as a merchant. In the eyes of the brath a Goldhand would be dishonorable if he did not resolve an incomplete deal. If someone did not keep their end of a deal in a bargain, it would be against a Goldhand’s nature to let the other party get away with it. But a Goldhand would not do this themselves, instead they would pay others a hefty amount of minas to do the job for them. 


Their knowledge of goods and market prices is unparalleled. Whether or not they are telling you the correct value of a good or overcharging you is dependent on whether you catch on or not. Goldhands known better than anyone mercantile work is a game of wits. If you outsmart your opponent with an unfair agreement to your benefit, it is their fault for not realizing the wrong. A Goldhand doesn’t shy from taking advantage of their mercantile knowledge, and are masters of negotiation, being silver-tongued. For example, if a Goldhand was dealing with a human, selling a simple sword for an atrociously high price, the Goldhand would deem it the human’s fault for not catching on. After all, the Goldhand took the time to learn the value of things, why should they neglect using their blessing!


A Goldhand would consider any slight to their business practice or their work a grievous slander. For example, if a Goldhand was claimed to be doing unfair business practices, he would find such claims a slight against his name and the clan and would look to enact justice by writing it in the Book of Grudges, even goins as far as hiring an Ireheart to resolve the issue. However, should a Goldhand receive a personal insult rather than one against their business, their response would be more tame.


A Goldhand puts on a persona when they are trading. Whether or not they are boisterous and jovial in private times, a Goldhand in the marketplace or conducting a deal should act the part. Sometimes a Goldhand goes as far to take on a merchant title, one that they take on the persona of while they trade, giving people an easy name to remember. Goldhand relationships are usually superficial and on a strict business level. Outside of that, Goldhands are hard friends to make, as by nature of them being Cave Dwarves are untrusting of others, especially those of another race, and being in business they know others are superficial just as they are when they work. 

Goldhands can be the life of the tavern or they can be quiet in the seats. It depends on how they view the business they conduct. The boisterous Goldhand is fluent in tongue and happy to use his ease of words in a normal conversation, being easy to talk to. on the other hand, a Goldhand might be reserved outside of Business, feeling as if all others want of them is their coin, and not realizing the persona they put on for when they trade.


Goldhands aren’t afraid of unorthodox methods of getting deals done, with Female goldhands using their womanly charms to get great deals in the marketplace, only for it to be a farce to coerce a hopeful merchant into less-than-ideal terms. A Goldhand must come to terms with their greed. They will get nowhere in the business world if they resist the urge to earn money, as there is only one life to live and it is best lived pursuing riches to enjoy what the moral world has to offer.


It is of utmost importance to look the part when trading! A Goldhand’s most expensive clothing should be that which they wear when they trade, and better if it has gold in it to flaunt your wealth. Young Goldhands are taught to haggle and trade from the beginning of their membership in the clan, setting them along the upright path of praise towards the Merchant Brothers, and immeasurable coin.




"The truly blessed are those whose enterprise and zeal bring both wealth and good luck. Work hard, be clever, seek the best bargain and the Merchant Father will shower you with gold. Treat others with respect, but shirk not your responsibility to try and strike a better deal for you and from them."


The Goldhand Patrons are Armakak and Grimdugan, the Merchant Brothers. A Goldhand is not looked down upon for neglect of worship for the rest of the Brathmordakin, but the Merchant Brothers permeate every aspect of a Goldhand’s life. Armakak is praised in the officiation of a deal, stating that it is fair in the eyes of Armakak, and Grimdugan is praised by the keeping of the Hoard, a Goldhand’s private stash honoring the Lord of Shadows.


To quote from the Da Kirkja Dverga’s teachings of Grimdugan and Armakak: “Grimdugan is the god of greed. He is patron to treasure, all riches and valuables, and also to miners, merchants, and anyone who uses greed to retrieve it. He firmly encourages his followers to seek riches, whether it be in the depths of a mine or through a shrewd deal made at the marketplace. While the greed bestowed by Grimdugan fuels the hearts of the living, it is he who acts as the guiding hand of those who walk in the darkness.” And for Armakak: “Armakak is the god of trade, of bartering and of smooth-tongued dwarves. The patron of wealth, luck, and opportunities. He looks over the merchants, travelers, and entrepreneurs, encouraging them to acquire wealth through cleverness and hard work. The Merchant Father will shower with gold those who seek the best bargain and respect their fellow merchants, striking deals that are fair for both parties.”


As a Goldhand grows in their journey they learn the two things about commerce, represented by each patron: There is nobility in the trade of things, (Armakak) and there is more than one way of going about it (Grimdugan) 


Armakak is to be honest, Grimdugan is to stretch the truth and give as little info as needed. If you have too much zeal for Armakak, you get exploited and become poor, bringing shame to your clan and self. Too much for Grimdugan and you start to steal from dwarves and are too difficult to deal with no one gives you trades and you become an outcast, bringing shame to self, clan, and kingdom.


Darkness is to be embraced. Goldhands who accept this use it to their advantage in everyday life, letting others know as little as possible: Information pays! Dealing in the shadows also honors Grimdugan, as in the darkness lie the greatest treasures.



Goldhands follow the usual dwarven clan structure of a beardling, member, elder, and clan father hierarchy.Beardlings are those who have not completed their trials, and upon completion are inducted into full memberhood to the clan.


Ascension to Elderhood would entail an appraisal of the potential elder’s hoard from the Clan Father. Should he be deemed valuable enough, the Clan Father will publicly announce his inherent value and promote him accordingly, giving him his Elder gear. Clan youngers would be expected to listen to the Elder on the basis of monetary topics, as that is what the clan revolves around, but it would not be mandated that they listen to their elders at all times. Elders are decided upon NOT by how rich they are, but for their ability to stay rich and their mercantile skill. Any lucky dwed could come across good fortune, but only a Goldhand elder, a truly upper echelon of dwarven civilization, knows how to retain and grow such fortune.


If there is a disagreement within the clan, it shall be resolved personally. To take it publicly would be an insult to the Clan Father’s ability to resolve internal affairs, as well as an insult to Grimdugan, who is worshipped by dealing in the shadows. Do not respect your Elders because of the gray hairs on their head, but because of the experience they have and the proof of it through their Hoard. When it boils down to it, the one with the greater Hoard has more say, as they've physical proof of being wiser. 


If a Clan Member slights the clan, but the Clan Father deems it not worthy of the high price of expulsion from the clan itself, there is an alternative. Punishment without expulsion from the clan is to cut one’s hand and cast it in gold, giving it to the Clan Father as a purging through gold of one’s sins, washing away any transgressions with the flow of gold.




  • Trial of Armakak: A Goldhand is given the task of turning gold into gold. They are to multiply a set number of minas by tenfold, such as turning 100 minas into a 1000, or 10 minas into 100. They are to hold onto their first coin they accrue for later trials.

  • Trial of Grimdugan: A Goldhand is given a list of things to gather for a hoard, and make a proper shrine to Grimdugan out of it. (Like one of every jewel, a weapon from each city.) This will be the start of their Hoard, and they will protect it with their life. Worship of Armakak is in public, while Grimdugan appreciates worship done in the shadows.

  • Trial of Balance: The nearly full-fledged beardling will undergo their last trial. With the minas accrued from their first trial, they will gamble with the Clan Father himself, in an ultimate test of their ability to balance both greed and mercantile wisdom. 

  • Once a Goldhand has completed their trials, they will be taken on a pilgrimage to a shrine of Armakak and Grimdugan, to pay homage and leave an offering. Following this, they will undergo the Coin Ritual, which is a secret tradition amongst Goldhand initiates and the Clan Father. 



Officiation of the Contract: 

It is typical for a Goldhand to bless the contract before both parties, saying along the lines of “In the presence of the Merchant Brothers Grimdugan and Armakak, I declare this to be a fair deal. Let both parties prosper from it.” Publicly pronouncing such presents favorable worship to Armakak, and is viewed with great esteem within the clan.


Goldhand Coin:

A Goldhand’s personal coin that signifies their membership to the Clan. It stands as proof of their word, proof of their allegiance to their clan and their honor to their work.


Elder Pen:

Seemingly mundane, this elder-exclusive quill pen would be a token of their status. Excessively expensive, and intended for use of signing contracts, it shows that an Elder Goldhand takes pride in their work and officiates their contracts with their own pen, therefore their own word.


Clan Burial:

 A coin is put on their tongue, and they are cast in Gold, a summation of their value in life, with a large portion of their wealth being entombed with them, as they die like they lived.


The clan is not a warrior clan nor one renown for smithing, but they take pride in what they do make.


Goldhand Blacksmithing 


This is for Goldhand usage, specifically new inductees to learn the ways of the clan and its style and ways of doing things. 



It is believed by many foreigners to Dwarven culture that Goldhands never deal in hard labor, simply counting the number of coins they’ve accrued in their ledgers and calling it a day. The truth is that oftentimes smiths will arise from the clan to make their own goods to sell. This of course is a means of cutting production cost, but sometimes decides to make a craft for themselves. A Goldhand’s personal craft is nonetheless exceptional and is very different from what they sell on the market. It is of extreme value and made of quality worthy of being a human heirloom, as this is a Goldhand’s opportunity to use their acquired wealth and make something memorable out of it. 


For most mundane smithing, Goldhand smiths have to learn quickly the ways of other race’s crafts, as they are often making commissions for them for astounding profit. Making one’s own profit, and therefore being self-sufficient is a Goldhand’s dream, and is to truly embrace the patrons of Grimdugan and Armakak, utilizing the blessed Greed of Grimdugan to make everything themselves, for maximum profits.


Most of what a Goldhand makes for others tend to be consumable, whilst what a Goldhand makes for themselves is rather unique and custom-tailored to the dwed, as it is a testament to what a Goldhand is capable of. 


Dorimnur Goldhand leads the modern-day revolution of Goldhand smithing, and his innovations aided the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in their fights against the Inferi, providing finely crafted steel for the Legion in an efficient fashion only a Goldhand could do. Along with the help of Nara Starbreaker, his greatest advancement in metallurgy was the invention of what the two called mangalloy, an alloy of manganese and steel of composition he keeps a closely guarded secret. 





When choosing the ore to smelt, Goldhands find certain ores more valuable than others, and not just monetarily. Underground water is a sign of blessed ore, a providence from Grimdugan providing them sustenance for digging so deep for their desires. 


The production of most wares from Goldhands includes crucible smelted steel, as Goldhands value efficiency, which directly leads to more profits. Their method of choice for creating a product is casting, but if a Goldhand wanted to make a personal craft they would hot work and anneal the metal, putting in the appropriate amount of detail for such a prestigious product. 


While smithing a product with a smaller hammer, Goldhand smiths are taught a rhythm. “Strike once hard, and rebound off of the anvil light, and you shall do the same in life: Strike a hard deal, and let the details be subtle, but without strife.” This also represents the more apparent Armakak and the subtler Grimdugan, and teaches the balance of the two: you cannot have good business without tapping into one’s inner greed.


During the quenching process of their ware, they dip their blade into their quenchant of choice, with coins littered in the bottom of the basin, figuratively imbuing the result with a good value. If the blade cracks, it was not deemed suitable for coin. If it doesn’t crack and rather cools thoroughly, it was approved by Armakak and Grimdugan for sale and worthy of praise to their name. 


The average craft made by a Goldhand ends here, but for their personal works they often inlay silver or other precious metals like platinum into their product, or they create a filigree to accentuate the regal aspect of what they have accomplished. Oftentimes deep purple cloth is employed to wrap and protect Goldhand goods until they are ready to be used.


Goldhand Weapons:

There are two types of Goldhand weapons, Armakak inspired and Grimdugan inspired.


Regardless of how it is made, whether for or by a Goldhand, there are certain parameters that all Goldhand weapons feature. Goldhands weapons are not blunt; rather they are sharp-edged, as a Goldhand means to get to the point with finer means of converse in their trades rather than brute force. There is also a theme of lavishness: Whether an Armakak themed weapon or a Grimdugan themed one, the weapon will feature embellishments and gems of all kinds, to make publicly known the wielder’s wealth and splendor. It is of tradition to have a shortsword of Armakak theme along with the Goldhand, to signify their willingness to protect their contract, and Grimdugan weapons are most often used for warfare.


Armakak weapons: These weapons are the opportunity for a Goldhand to pull out all the stops and not focus solely on efficiency, creating a weapon to signify their wealth visibly. Traditional Armakak weapons are of silver, or shining steel alloys with golden filigree, and feature a blue tassel/pommel/haft, with a blue and gold tassel on the pommel. The pommel and crossguard are adorned with sapphires, garnets, and diamonds, catching both light and the eye of any who would see the fortune upon the side of a Goldhand’s hip. Upon the intricate sword’s guard is the phrase [                      ] The blades feature a more ornate design, with a straight design signifying the sleek noble flair of Goldhands while they work. Usual gear includes shortswords and buckler shields, rapiers, and other weapons more royal in design.


Grimdugan weapons: These are the efficient and more practical side of the Goldhand armory.  Featuring simplistic, more functionality over flair designs, these weapons are more often seen in actual combat than those of Armakak Theme. The most common steel used for such are Daemonsteel or Black Ferrum. The blades feature jagged, rough, and crooked designs, signifying there is more than one way to get a deal. Oftentimes Goldhand smiths wishing to praise Grimdugan by their craft will feature Adfectio stones in their blades to publicly show their giving into their greed, embracing what the gods have given them and to channel it properly. The usual gear of this theme are daggers, spears, tower shields. Does not have the fancy metal inlay like Armakak weapons as these oftentimes need to be more expendable, but those of a more ceremonial stature (or just made from a filthy rich Goldhand looking to show off his wealth) instead of features many gemstones, and dark purple lines going at messy lines across the design, all reaching to the same point. Weapons with wooden shafts would be stained black, and feature the messy purple line design running along its length. 



Goldhand Armor:

Being in business means getting on people’s good and bad sides. Because Goldhands are cutthroat in their commerce, it is guaranteed that a Goldhand has enemies, from competing merchants to those who feel they have been cut a bad deal. Goldhand armor reflects this, being made with maneuverability in mind, as Goldhands are on their feet traveling often, and must not be laden with plate armor. The traditional armor a Goldhand would wear is that of golden scale mail with an amethyst tunic underneath, signifying their presence in a city as Goldhands while also being light enough to move around without fatigue.


When a battle is guaranteed, heavier defenses are needed. Goldhands wear plate armor, with each rank having their own suit. The general clan member wears a bright golden plate, while the Elders wear a darker bronze color to signify their age in the clan. The Clan Father wears a unique suit of mangalloy steel, stronger than that of normal steel under the impact, and featuring an addition of dark purple to the suit, to signify their truest balance between Armakak and Grimdugan.



There are few, as this is a new slate for the Goldhand clan. The history has been tainted by Anvilaxe interference, and so we cannot trust what has been said of our forefathers, only what lies ahead for us to dictate as relics. We shall forge when deemed fit what our descendants will one day call great Clan Relics, reclaim what has been lost to time, shall be credited to our legacy.


Scales of Tungdil

The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong



"May our history be etched into the stone

so it may be as everlasting as our race,

and so our deeds may never be forgotten."




The Noble House of Goldhand extends far back into Dwarven history. The line goes back originally to Tungdil Goldhand, the fifth son of Urguan. The house originally began in Kal’Urguan where the sons of Tungdil Goldhand proudly and honorably served the nation. As time went on the size and prosperity of the house grew. Sons served in the military or the mines, and daughters married well, solidifying strong political alliances. Many of the stories of the individual house members have been lost over the years to the wear and tear of time, but several journals remain to chronicle the participation of the family in great wars and the proud service to the Dwarven crown.


The Archives of Aegis:

 With the building of Kal’Alras, several of the Goldhand’s saw an opportunity in the making. The fledgling city would need wealthy and powerful Dwarves to make it prosper. Virtually all of the members quickly joined the Guardians, the military of Kal’Alras, to help fight off bandits and other undesirables while the city was formed. As time progressed the family became more deeply rooted in Kal’Alras. Friendships were formed between the Baron and Overseer. The family also had high ranking positions in the military and a spot on the Council of Kal’Alras. As tensions against the mother city of Kal’Urguan, Kal’Alrasians prepared for a fight against the capital. The city had grown into a multi-racial area, and a war between the Humans and Dwarves put everyone on alert. During the attack by the humans on Kal’Urguan, the Goldhands turned out in great numbers to defend their Dwarven home. But when the dust settled it was clear that Kal’Alras was going to secede. A division in the clan was formed as the Alrasian Goldhand’s who had grown in power in Alras decided to stay, and the rest of the clan who felt stronger ties to Kal’Urguan. This division has lessened over time, and while House Goldhand is once again a solid family, many members have not forgotten the disagreement. Forgiven but not forgotten. With the war over, and Alras declared a new nation, the Goldhands in Alras hung up their axes and turned to the merchant business. Their business flourished and they soon became one of the leading merchant families in the area. Stores opened in Kal’rog, Kal’Urguan, Alras, and Al’Khazar. Business in all of the stores flourished especially the store in Al’Khazar. The Goldhands became some of the richest Dwarves in all Aegis. The focus on merchant affairs led to political life falling by the wayside. The new Alrasian Council was formed leaving out the majority of the old Alrasians, Goldhands included. The name Goldhand diminished in Alras, where once it was a well-known name. The family fell upon hard times. The vast warehouses in Al’Khazar fell to the noxious cloud. Troubles between parts of the Dwarven nation and Alras made the once-great merchant city unpleasant for Dwarves. Many of the Goldhands had to choose between their city and their dwarven brethren. The choice was easy for most: honor-bound to the Dwarven nation, dismayed that Alras had forgotten its roots, and disgusted by some of the blatant discrimination in Alras, all the Goldhands returned to the home of their forefathers. The halls of Kal’Urguan once again rang with the jingle of Goldhand coins. The return to Kal'Urguan was short-lived. It was not long before the reach of the undead extended to the mighty dwarven capital. Lava fell from the ceiling and over the great fortress. Undead poured down the grand-stairway and flooded from the mines. It was all the Goldhands could do to carry their clan's sacred items from their clan hall. Soon the family became separated as the survivors of Aegis retreated into the verge. Amongst the masses of refugees, it was difficult to stay together and in the rush of people to the boats, the clan was split.


The Archives of Asulon:

 After finding the new Dwarven capital, the clan was reunited and a clan hall in the city. Gone were the vast sums of wealth that the cousins had held back in Aegis, but the clan was happy to have good solid stone over their heads and dwarves to rely on. Once again they had a starting point to build up their business once again. Gulroid stepped forward as clan leader and attended many meetings of the dwarves at this time, representing his clan to the best of his ability. He was disgusted however by the lack of productiveness that the clans had, and that none of them seemed to be able to agree. Just when the Goldhands thought they had a stable place to live once more, a dragon forced the dwarves out of Karik. The clan splintered off, with Rasun and Gulroid heading back to their ranch in the wilds, and Dunhagen and Delios heading to Salvus where the clan owned a small shop. The war with Salvus has hurt the Goldhands as much of their stock in the city has been pillaged or has gone unaccounted for. More recently there have been new additions to the clan. Algoda Goldhand survived the flight from Aegis and the undead threat and was welcomed with much feasting and ale drinking. Moruk and Gorum Goldhand married into the clan helping to solidify the strong dwarven blood as Frostbeard and Goldhand blood were merged. The clan has retreated to their holdings in the wild as plague has gripped the land. Having found an abandoned fortress, the clan is restoring it and giving the Goldhand heirlooms a proper place of honor once more.


While the Goldhands were constructing the fortress the situation in Alras deteriorated. The death of High King Syrio sent a shockwave through the members of the clan who had once called Kal’Alras home. Suddenly there was hope kindled as it was clear that Alras was fading quickly. The reign of High King Aislin was short. Gorum and Moruk were present when the new High King succumbed to madness. Through diplomatic and military strength the Nation of Alras was once again under Dwarven rule and in the hands of the Goldhands. With the power of Alras given to the Goldhands by Paragon Kjell, the Goldhands went about dismantling vast parts of the city that had long been abandoned. The underground Dwarven District would become the new Goldhand Clan Hold and the outer city would house the inhabitants of other races who had long called Alras home. There were other changes as well. Under Rasun’s rule, the city restored its old flag and colors and reclaimed its long-abandoned name: Kal’Alras. Not all was easy for the Goldhands during this time. There was unrest among the clans and the Dwarven nation was under severe strain. The Noble clans ended up in a position where they controlled and ran their own holds as city-states, each having separate representation, militaries, and social structure, but uniting when there were outside threats. And these threats did rise. Most recently a long and bloody war with the Orcs cost the lives of many Dwarves. The capture of the farms by the Orcs forced the Goldhands to relocated the farmland. This area was eventually recaptured but scaring to the land due to the tolls of war were immense.


The Dwarven treaty with the Orcs, ending the bloodshed between the two races did not sit well with many Goldhands who felt that the other clans were dishonoring their ancestors and the dead who had so valiantly fought the Orc scum. But in a meeting with other clans and the new Rex of the Orcs, the Goldhands were outvoted and the Dwarven Nation as a whole declared a truce. This was partially due to the threat of the human nation and also a rising sense of darkness and foreboding coming from the sightings of necromancers roaming 


around the reaches of Asulon. As the ink dried on the truce between the Orcs and the Dwarves, a war began in the south. The insults of the Teutans could not be ignored and a  

bloody battle was sparked that ended in catastrophe. The battle left the Dwarven army in retreat and the whereabouts of many Goldhands unknown. During this tumultuous time, the Goldhands were approached with an offer that they could not conceivably refuse. Queen Kyral Hightower brought an offer to buy the city of Kal’Alras the much of the surrounding land. Due to the relocation of the Dwarves to Kal’Karik, and the geographic location of Alras, the Goldhands accepted the trade.

Most recently the Goldhands have supported the dissolution of the Noble Council with the election of King Hiebe and the restoration of a powerful monarchy to once again lead the Dwarves to a golden age. After the trade of Kal'Alras, and the Dwarves returning to their ancient city of Kal'Karik amongst the mountains, the Goldhands resided in the noble district of Clan Goldhand. There housed many of the Goldhands that came on the journey to their ancient home. After years of peacefully residing in Kal'Karik, Gulroid the former Clan Father has fallen ill and sick. He retreated to the ancient hold of the Goldhands near Kal'Anart and lived there for the time being. During this time, the Goldhands had fallen into disarray as the leadership of the clan slowly deteriorated. In this time Rasun Goldhand also vanished. The knowing of him being alive or dead is not known, and the only note of Rasun is that he vanished into the wilds and was to be never seen again.


The dark days of the Goldhands loomed over the clan and the clan fell into darkness without leadership. The Clan Father Gulroid had fallen ill, and the one who many Goldhands looked up to, Rasun has gone missing without a trace. The remaining Goldhands that still reside in the grand halls of Kal'Karik grow weary of the disappearance of leadership among the clan, and soon later William of the Goldhand Clan called forth a meeting with his kin to discuss the current happenings of leadership and the future of the clan. After days of discussion in the Goldhand Hall in Kal'Karik, it was decided that Thoak Goldhand would venture forth and make way toward the ancient hold of the Goldhands, and consult with Gulroid in his current state about the future of the Goldhands. There it was decided by Gulroid himself that Thoak becomes the new Clan Father and that Gulroid would step down because of his current state of illness. Thoak Goldhand himself promised that he would bring back the nobility of the clan, and the pride and honor that the clan once held.


The Archives of Anthos, and Elysium:

Nothing much can be said about Elysium. It was said that Thoak Goldhand established a small settlement outside of the Urguan Hold near the mountains for those seeking work outside of the small hold. It was great while it lasted, however, most of it was wiped out due to the great volcano nearby erupting and sending the village to its fiery doom. After the destruction of Elysium the Clan found themselves on the shores of Anthos. Thoak with the help of Rasun, and Gulroid’s son Hoff managed to strike great trading deals with the humans of Oren and neighboring clans within Urguan. Because of these deals, the clan managed to purchase the largest, and most opulent clan hall within the city of Kal’Azgoth. Not only did the clan manage to claim the largest piece of property in the Grand Kingdom, Thoak also managed to secure the position of Yemekar’s Pick, and lead the workforce within Urguan. Because of Thoak’s status within the Realm he was able to claim both Blacklight Hold, a farming fortress within the depths of Kal’Azgoth, and Kastoria village after disposing of a heretical and treasonous group of elves that resided within the village. This prosperity did not last long, however. After being overburdened with work commissioned by the Grand King, Thoak decided to step down from Yemekar’s Pick, and hand over his holdings to someone more ambitious. 


After several years of seclusion, the Clan saw little productivity during this time. Most clansmen had gone missing or had died due to natural causes. The long drawn-out war between the Grand Kingdom and Oren had stagnated trade and reduced it to nothing due to how dangerous the roads were. It wasn’t until much after the war that Thoak emerged from the shadows and struck opportunity where he could find it. With the help of the Ironguts, Thoak established a small hold outside of the relocated capital of Urguan and attempted to pursue a political position within the Grand Kingdom. However, because of Thoak’s close ties with Oren and his fondness for their architecture, he found it rather hard to find any position as his fellow cousins viewed him as a traitor. Before the second started between Oren and Urguan, Thoak established talks with King Heinrich of house Carrion in hopes of bringing the war to an official end. Not only did Thoak seek peace, but he also wished for a reformation within the government of Urguan. Due to these two factors, the Ironguts sided with the Goldhands and their hold remained a neutral hub for most of the war.


The Archives of Aethera:

 The history of Aethera could be seen as short, and tumultuous. Before making landfall on Aethera, Thoak won the election of Grand Merchant within the Grand Kingdom. Many cousins of Urguan enjoyed the idea of having a Goldhand as the Grand Merchant and had high hopes for his work. Thoak began his work shortly after the election and began planning how taxes would be handled. Having learned how the humans of Oren handled taxes, and how automated things to be he thought that it would be a great idea to implement this system into the Grand Kingdom. The system worked great within the kingdom, and Thoak won the praise of Grand King Fimlin Grandaxe as this system proved to bring in the greatest amount of wealth. Not only did Thoak bring in a flow of wealth for the Grand Kingdom, but he also brought in a large sum of wealth for the clan, and himself. These times were short, however. After a short time of settling in Aethera, the city was besieged by a cult of Iblees worshippers emboldened by Iblees return after the events that took place in a far off distant dwarf hold. Much of Thoak’s wealth was taken after the siege by this cult, and not much is known of what had happened to it. After the cult was destroyed and the city reclaimed, an Irongut settled in Thoak’s old manor however it is unknown if he himself had recovered anything belonging to the Goldhands.


The Archives of Vailor:

 The clan, though small, was lead shortly by Finian Goldhand, his age of revival hitting its peak before departing on pilgrimage. After many passings, the title of Clan Father was held by Conan Goldhand, whom lead what was left of the once again splintered clan. After some time, Durack Goldhand would arrive and take over the clan with a new age of reformation, later to be labeled, "The Age of History", where Durack would turn the Goldhands from merchants to treasure hunters. As Durack took the mantle of Goldhand, new blood began to come back to the clan. With new Goldhands beginning to reassemble the clan looked to be hitting a period of growth as it did with Finian. After a few months of staying idle, the Goldhand clan begins a great movement, one wrought in thievery and deceit. A dwarf known as Azaghal Doomforge was searched on orders of the Grand King in hopes of uncovering a conspiracy against him on the grounds of stealing clan relics. It came to light that Azaghal held the Scales of Tungdil, and after it being returned to the Goldhand clan, Durack Goldhand saw it fit to get even with the dwarf. He decided to speak to the Grand King to completely destroy the Doomforged clan, and after being denied that out right, the Grand King told Durack instead to create a grudge against him, in hopes of not having any Dwarven bloodshed within the land. Durack, still fuming over his denial, reluctantly agreed, and began his journey to make the Doomforged clan pay for their dishonorable conduct.


The Archives of Axios:

Not much is documented of the escapades of the Goldhands during the realm of Axios, but In the twilight days of Axios, the Goldhands sided with the Frostbeards in the War of the Beard’s, joining them to found the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah.


The Archives of Atlas:

By the time that the descendants had arrived in Atlas, the Goldhand clan had been in severe decline for many centuries, this was remedied by a revival headed by a newcomer to the clan; Dwifur Goldhand who had only recently arrived in Kal’Tarak. The dwed, already making no small name for himself by presiding over the Mining Guild of Kaz’Ulrah, was also simultaneously elected to the position of Grand Merchant. He would hold this post for many decades. Dwifur met with older members of the clan; Ogdan and Thoak on many occasions although the pair never stayed in Kal’Tarak for long. It seemed that his fortune was turning dry in his efforts to restore the Goldhands, when he met a beardling; Hakkaes Anvilaxe. Inviting the young dwed to his clan, Dwifur found that he had many cousins who quickly bolstered the ranks of the clan with dwarves. Although, their friendship would not last for long, as Hakkaes betrayed Dwifur. Abandoning the clan, Hakkaes chose to secede from Kaz’Ulrah with his Anvilaxe followers retreating off into the cold wild to play a petty king with his kingdom of ‘Kaz’ad’Hakkaes’. The Goldhand Clan Father declared a grudge on the Dwed Hakkaes Anvilaxe for his crimes against Dwedkind, absolved only by his death. Years later, Hakkaes came forth and offered to absolve the grudge by an honour duel, as his champion Gildroc chose one of his elders; Morug Goldhand, a legendary dwarf. Hakkaes would fight on his own behalf, a mighty duel ensued despite the absence of Dwifur to oversee it. Against all odd’s, Hakkaes prevailed, and the grudge was declared null despite the Clan Father’s own private misgivings. Still, the treachery of Hakkaes echoes painfully in the annals of the Goldhands. Dwifur endured as Clan Father for several more years, even reconciling with Hakkaes. It was under the reign of Edel Silvervein that thing’s changed, elected in part due to the massive numbers his clan possessed, the new leader was deeply unpopular within the political elite who sought to oust him. At a council meeting where this matter was bought forth, Dwifur stood up for Edel alone. Though he was shouted down, the worst crime would come later. As the Goldhand sought to leave, he was blocked in by Hamlin Frostbeard, Yunmat Starbreaker and Jakhatir Anvilaxe. The first two then withdrew daggers and stabbed the Goldhand to death upon the council floor. He collapsed to the floor, then drew his cloak over himself to preserve his dignity. Dwifur was dead, and Edel was deposed. In his place Thoak Goldhand reigned, as King and the Clan Father of the Goldhands. The dwed reigned for many years before he incurred the wrath of Oren and Kaz’Ulrah was besieged, he fought valiantly but fell. 


Since then, the Goldhand’s have been broken. They have had no new history, as what has been recorded stinks of Anvilaxe taint. 





Applications to the clan are held through a meeting with the Clan Father.

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