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Dearest lliran'Larihei,


The events of late do concern me, as they likely do many in our great republic. We stray far from tradition - the ways that have guided our people for a thousand years.


Never in our history has one dared challenge Elmaheral - it is simply not permitted as they are the embodiment of Larihei herself, the symbol of all that is Mali'aheral - to challenge them is outside any law or tradition we hold. There are other ways to see change in our republic. Our constitution, built upon the tradition of a thousand years, does outline how we may challenge any on the council, even the Sohaer, should we think them failing in their role. We have the power to see change and see progress without the need to ever challenge the Maheral - who is themselves not evel a councilor, but a figurehead of all of Silver. The Maheral is simply here to guide us, and to protect tradition, they interfere not with our day-to-day politics, to challenge them is simply the work of a fool. The ones who encouraged such should be gifted gold for questioning the purity of our Malaurir and spitting in the face of the ways that have guided our people for centuries. It is clear what the consequences of such anarchical acts are - breaking with tradition and Silver Law to such a heinous degree has sent Elcihi'thilln into a state of chaos.


Such is not the way of the Mali'aheral, we must, in these times, remember Elmaher'sae hiylun'ehya, and reflect on all the progress that has brought us to this point, and not look to undo it. I do give a grave warning to those who chant the worlds of the diarchists - do not allow our Silver people to wander down this road. We have for us a Silver Republic, as Larihei intended. We must avoid the oppressive, dictatorial regime that was the diarchy. Democracy is a core value of the Mali'aheral, and we must not surrender this to some ill-fated idea of progress that tarnishes some silver minds. If you want to see change, challenge the councilors and let the will of the people dictate our course, but do not seek to upend the republic, such is not the way to progress.


I hope that this missive finds my people well, and that we correct our course and stray no further from the Path of Silver.


maehr'sae hiylun'ehya,

Avern'dionne Fi'talareh, Malaurir

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Seth Calith can't help but comment at the notice board. "In the olden Haelun'or, we had no Sohaer."

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" Eh, I think I'm just going to stay away from my Homeland, too much of a dumpster fire, as Valah would say. But! maybe I should hang out here in Karosgrad and live in the Silver City? I must think . . . " Alyssa Seregon considered while drinking some green tea in mini-bar a which was located in the Northern Geographical Society Museum. The Seregon, seemingly sadden and hurt by the state of her homeland. Just simply looked out into the night sky, drinking her tea silently and sorrowfully.


" Hope might have already been lost for me, in my heart, is there even a Republic for Haelun'or? " The adult Seregon asked herself after minutes of looking into the night sky, but after this question she would sigh, then commented in a depressed tone." Guess the future will tell if my home falls to ruin or rises from this bump on the road. "


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