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Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Mountain Dwarves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves





Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Mountain Dwarves


Mountain Dwarves, Agnarum Dwedmar in the dwarven language, are a traditionally strong and hardy form of Dwarf which calls the vast mountain ranges of the world home. They often create sprawling mountain fortresses and cities that loom over the world beneath. For a Mountain Dwarf, the fresh air of a mountain summit is the smell of home, and the snow from the thin-aired heights a welcoming sign of hospitality. Mountain Dwarves prefer an axe in hand over hammer or sword and find that mining is not something that comes easily to them, preferring to be in the skies rather than the ground.

Skin Coloration

The skin of the Mountain Dwarves is generally pale in some sense. Some are tanned from exposure to the sun, while others are more pale from living high up on mountains. However, compared to the other Dwarven subraces, the Mountain Dwarves lean very firmly towards pale and pink skin.


Hair Coloration

The hair color of the Mountain Dwarves varies, though the colors are relatively mundane. Brown, black, red, and blonde are all commonly identifiable colors for hair amongst the Mountain Dwarves.


Eye Coloration

The Mountain Dwarves have some variety in eye color, all of which being relatively common. These colors include green, brown, and blue. These are generally the only Mountain Dwarf eye colors, and others tend to denote mixed ancestry with other subraces.



The Mountain Dwarf height range is 3’5" - 5'0" ft. This range is somewhat wide, and the Mountain Dwarves vary in build. However, they are almost universally more bulky than the other subraces. This range ecompasses most all Mountain Dwarves, with few exceptions. To be above this range is virtually impossible given that it’s the upper cap of Dwarven height. Additionally, being below the 3’5” height minimum would be very unusual and strangely built for a Mountain Dwarf.

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