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Crown Ave I


Over the last few months since opening, we have been getting a new set of pets to put on the market! We have a feeling that these will be some of our most popular yet!




Our Newest Listings:




 One of the chubbiest yet cutest animals on the block! With soft fur and a loving attitude, this little one will surely bring some light into your home! They sure love to cuddle! Though they might choose to hog up your bed! There is a reason these creatures are considered  man's best friend!


|Golden Labrador|


This floppy-eared friend is the perfect companion for anyone who needs it! With their extreme loyalty and love for the humans around them, this growing pet will keep you safe and happy, all at the same time! Though they can be rambunctious, it is all worth it seeing the happy grin on the dogs' face!


|Calico Cat|


 With it's spotted fur and skittish personality, this pet could be the perfect one for you! He or she may be prone to scared-ness, and not react well to newcomers, but will absolutely adore you! In their own subtle ways of course! They are great for cuddles, and enthusiastically accept the love you may give them!


|Persian Cat|


This lounging creature is quite calm and peaceful, making him or her a great pet to keep in the house! Though a bit stand-offish, they will sure love the people around them most! You, for one! They are generally sweet, and will just be an adorable thing to look at and care for!


|Ginger Cat|


This active bundle of love will sure make some noise! Though creating constant meows, we here at, The Vanir Variety, are sure that those sounds are out of pure love for their owner, ALL the time... heh. With their beautifully soft fur, and tanned color, they are sure to be the most beautiful creature in your home! Other than you of course!




Check out our other listings here!



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