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(Poster) In Need Of A Guide!

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[!] A poster is pinned to the noticeboard of the Tipsy Tree Tavern


For the past two elven days I have been in search for a guide within the Mothergrove. As the Teacher Availability logbook grows shorter and shorter with each passing hour - I wish to nip it in the bud and claim my place as soon as possible. You should find me in the main square, the library or wreaking havoc in the streets of Elvenesse.


- Gaehr'ee, an aspiring and hopeful student in the Druidic arts.


discord : bloodshedchan#4742

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The poster is taken down by a particular 'aheral druid,  the woman frowning.


"Just.. Talk to people. Don't just put notices in the tavern without asking."

The woman mumbles to herself as she returns behind the counter, going back to her place in the ledger.

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