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Providence master chef night

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[!] You received  an big envelope with a paper shaped like a pan inside this is what is written in the paper:

Providence master chef night!
Varon Draskovic has decided to organize a live cooking event where the best chefs in Almaris will cook food for everyone! Contact Varon Draskovic or Emerentia de Falstaff if you are interested  to join the event as a chef! The event will be in front of the city gates




OOC: the event will be  this Friday (9/4/21) 6:15 pm est!

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Sir Leopold Draskovic-Kovachev would look at the paper inside the pan shaped envelope "Since when does Varon care about imperial cuisine" Hed state before going back to his duties

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Varon Draskovic is excited for all the chefs of Providence and Almaris to come out!

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