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  1. Varon invites the man to a meeting of OMG (orenian mustache group) @aiden0023 @venstreni
  2. "No" says Varon "I dont think you will." He then strokes his mustache aimlessly.
  3. "sht up" says Varon before laugheing
  4. Baron Varon sneezes, "war season? but the social season isn't over yet!"
  5. skin: Brooding bid: 350 mina discord: thatguy#2345 @biggestdon
  6. Varon Draskovic is excited for all the chefs of Providence and Almaris to come out!
  7. Varon Draskovic approves this message.
  8. Full Name of the Mayoral Candidate: Varon Draskovic Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 25 Street Address of the Mayoral Candidate: 1 Basrid Circle
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