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Sowing of the First Seed


With the Imperial Fields Society having been announced, it is deemed fit to organise a first and official event to get the ball moving.


To mark the beginning of this society, courtiers of the Augustine and those who take part in the High Society of Providence, are invited to a flower planting event within the confines of the Imperial Palace.


With the threat of Nordling raids apparent, we must take extra-precautions before allowing just anyone within our ivory halls. Any that may wish to attend, must sign up in advance or be turned away at the doors.


((Pm K3#4883 on discord if you want to attend but are not in the Palace Discord Server))





  • The parcticipants and new members will be educated by the Head of the Imperial Garth on purposes and objectives of the society and all it hopes to accomplish.


  • The party shall head to the Gardens of the Augustine, where the 'Rose Project' shall begin.


  • As the session ends, Lady Ofelia will ask the partakers for suggestions for what they could do for the next session.




Her Ladyship, Ofelia Maria de Savin, Head of the Imperial Garth




((OOC: Friday 7th May, 5pm est - Augustine Palace))

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