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The Trial of the Fox

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“A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.”


The Trial of the Fox







Upon the forest floor lie trees of old, fallen in storms long forgotten. The seasons have been harsh, stripping away the bark and outer layers, yet rendering them all the more beautiful to the Druid. Suddenly, there was a crunch of twigs and leaves beneath the ginger's feet, his footsteps coming to a complete stop as he froze in place. He clenched his jaw shut as he hoped it was just his imagination and nothing more, however, he was unable to tell the difference at this point. 


It was only morning-time and no one expected Becclain to be home until at least nightfall. Perhaps it was because of the distance from the forest that he was in to the Druid Grove or because of the mental state he was in due to some strange drugs. Nonetheless, the Hummingbird Druid was determined to complete the task given to him by the Fox Druid and committed to joining the Vuln’miruel Seed as to reconnect with the little bit of family he had left. 

Becclain continued down the winding path of the forest as he brought his fingers to his mouth, pressing the tips of his fingers against the underside of his tongue, letting out a ringing whistle as it echoed throughout the thick forest. Moments after, a small red fox would come skipping out of the bushes as it stood near the Druid, it’s sharp gaze piercing him. “W-What… Are you doing? C-Come now… Let us get out of this forest… The others… Are waiting…” He muttered under his breath, a sigh escaping him once more as he appeared exhausted already. The red fox seemed amused by the state of Becclain, simply watching him for a few more moments before dashing off. “H-Hold on! Dammit! I hate these drugs!” He’d call out before going to chase after the fox, attempting to follow his newfound companion out of the forest and home safely.


As the Druid chased the red fox through the forest he would then suddenly hear the whispers of a voice in his mind, ringing through as it began to grow louder and louder with each passing moment. The voice seemed to repeat the same phrase over and over: “Where are they?” Becclain was confused by the phrase as he wasn’t sure who they were referring to or if they were even a real person. He’d then call out to the voice “Who?! Who are you?!”


All of a sudden the voice disappeared as it fell silent and had no further presence in his mind. With the voice now gone, It gave Becclain a sense of calm as he offered a small sigh of relief. “T-Thank the Aspects… W-What… Was that anyways? Oh! The Fox!” He’d whisper to himself before remembering the red fox that he was supposed to be following out of the forest. He then began dashing through the forest, trying to pinpoint the path that the red fox took while he was busy with the voices in his head. Though, as the Mali’tal was running, he would seem to have lost his footing upon one of the large tree roots from a nearby tree. He would be sent rolling down a hill as he crashed through branches and bushes before finally hitting the base of a tree. He’d groan loudly as he tried to push himself up to stand.


“Zippel! Where are you!” The Druid called out once, going to continue down the path and through the forest, blindly making his way to what could be his doom or savior. “Why do I always get stuck with companions like these!” He’d shout again. His vision began to get blurry, his sight in the forest getting dimmer by the second. He could feel a sense of pressure upon his chest and a stabbing pain in his throat. The pain was something almost familiar, something he experienced before. “A-Agh!... W-What’s going on… I-It’s all in my head… It’s all in my head...“ He’d repeatedly tell himself, trying to gain his footing back in the real world.


Everything around the Hummingbird Druid appeared distorted or different from how he remembered it before the start of the trial. He was slowly losing his sense of reality as the effects of the drugs persisted. Throughout his time in the forest he saw shadowy figures, heard unknown voices and noises in his head, etcetera.


As nightfall grew closer and the blackness began to take over the forest, Becclain had almost lost all hope in his situation before he heard the faint rustling of leaves behind him. He swung around on his heels as he called out towards the noise, preparing to defend his position if need be “Who goes there!” A few more times the leaves rustled and twigs broke under the weight of someone or something. The Druid had thought it was something malicious out to get him or only another hallucination, but it turned out to be his new companion, the red fox. The red fox, Zippel, had come back for Becclain as it dashed up to him, scratching at his legs before turning to dart off in the opposite direction. Becclain had no choice but to follow the red fox as he turned about on his heels and followed. After some time following the red fox, the crack of sunlight touched upon his face as he felt the warmth of it. He quickly continued forward and after the fox before he finally made his way out of the forest. 

“We made it out! Zippel, you did it!” He’d call out in joy, a bright smile forming upon his face as he looked out towards a clearing. “Now we must only make our way back to the Grove, it should be easy enough… Right?... Could you lead- wait, hold on!” And before Becclain could even finish, the red fox dashed off once more, leading the Mali’tal to his desired destination.



I'm not the best at writing so, if something is off in the post then yuh~ This is how the trial went for Becclain. 


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The Fox waited at the foot of the new Vuln'miruel hall, golden ink and several needles in her lap. She gazed off with a slight sigh, placing her head in her hands as her eyes came to a gentle close.

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